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Dream About Grappling Hook meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream Interpretation: What does a snake, a church, and Chinese dragon mean?

This dream was in 3rd person. So the dream was in 2 parts:

Part 1:
I arrive inside a large church - ceiling probably 60 feet tall. Well light. I'm going down the center aisle towards the cross. No one is around.
- I see one lone figure to my left, it's hooded and covered in a long black cape. I walk up to it and say "Jerryleen?" (female friend of mine)
- Suddenly the figure turns around and erupts into my face. The figure that shoots at me is a black banshee! Think the dementors from the Harry Potters movies only they have long hair, womanly features, large hollow eyes, large sharp teeth, and short but sharp nails.
- The church suddenly grows dark when a dark mist fills up the church, turning the ground floor into a black soup with only a few radius around me that's not affected. More of these banshees erupt from this mist and come screaming at me, going through me!
- I turn towards the entrance hoping the escape but the it's blocked by three of them, I bust out my sawed off shotgun hoping it's supernatural ammo would kill them - to no avail.
- I turn around facing the cross and a large banshee is floating in my way. Suddenly a large snake erupts from its head (measuring 5 ft across). It coils temporarily and then it strikes. It swallows my upper half but for some reason it lets go and my body is spit out.
- I had already pulled out a Katana and apparently it had gotten stuck in the snakes throat. The giant snake recoils to strike again but I step off the line (classic Aikido move) and I let my katana come down on its neck, decapitating it in a thunderous crash!
- I plunged my Katana into its head just for good measure, after my brief Aragorn moment, more banshees rip through my body until I collapse. Then a voice cries out:
"Do you love me? DO YOU LOVE ME!?"
- This was in the voice of my mother. This voice kept on screaming this phrase over and over. I was laying on the floor of the church, "wounded" by the banshees entering my body and out. I then suddenly say: "I love you" while the black mist was closing in on my position.
- As soon as I said "I love you" however, the mist receded with speed. The same voice cried out "You love me? How could you?! You can't love me!?"
- Whatever that was it didn't matter, the mist continued receding and the voice and the banshees (and the body of the snake) disappeared. Only the revel the church.
- I stood up, healed apparently, I take a look around and the church seemed normal as ever, as if nothing happened.

Part 2:
- I'm flying in the sky, through the clouds on Da Vinci's winged flying machine(complete with twin mini propellers facing the back). I'm flying through a cloud bank and suddenly I hear a roar behind me.
- A giant (40 ft in width) set of jaws complete with teeth appear behind me and come down, trying to bite me, but they miss by a few feet.
- I bank right and curve top left. A large green serpentine body with fins (must have been 40 feet in diameter) was rolling through the clouds. I hang around the left side of this giant thing and it flies into a break in the clouds and I see that it's a giant, GIANT Chinese green dragon. I never got to see the entire length of it, but I'd guess it was at least a mile long.
- The dragon continues to fly, I hang on its left. The flying machine suddenly shrinks, pulling itself back into a shape roughly the size of a backpack and fall on one of its fins. I hang on tight. The last thing I remember is shooting grappling hooks on the next forward fin and inching my way to its head.

...And no I have not seen Harry Potter recently. So what does this strange dream mean?

First, you might have a good career as a writer of fiction since your ideas are very "fleshed out" and your explaination was articulate. Your spelling is superior to mine ~ every other sentence the spell check pencil drives me crazy. Sorry, back to the actual topic.

I am going to just ignore that pencil.

In both dreams, you take action, you say what needs to be said, and you show that you have many tools at your disposal to cope with these situations. You are fast on your feet or at least fleet of mind.
The next step is to open yourself up to the emotions involved other than fear, fight or flight and basic adreniline rush. We all are exposed to imagery and symbols like this from movies, tv or books. How we integrate them into our psyche or reference them to our life experience is very personal.

If the dream were mine, I would assume the two parts do refer to my folks. We all go through our own personal ways of cutting the apron strings and empowering ourselves to set up our own lives while we still wish to maintain or build more loving realtionships with our families. I do not know if either you or your mother have more fears or guilts about your roles as mother and child than average. It would be completely weird if you didn't have any at all - that would be superhuman indeed. All moms go through needy periods and bash themselves wondering if they have done right by their kids. The kids think they may be loaded down by guilt tripping parents ~ totally normal and yet many parents suffer terribly and feel inadequate to the task of parenting especially as the time for kids to leave the nest nears. What was difficult in person will soon be conducted at a distance as kids enter the big, bad real world. So a mom being in such distress, whose soul screams like a banshee, and who may be trying to exert more control over her child than ever before is not really very weird.

It is good that you acknowledged your love for her ~ she will probably need regular reassurance for a while until she can trust that you will be OK. If you are indulging in any risky behaviours, well you can forget getting her to be more relaxed. Even if she is completely wrong in how she judges your capability to achieve independence, she is still justified in being so stressed. The world she grew up in no longer exsists and it is a very scary world that you will enter when compared to hers. Go away you stupid pencil - I am busy thinking.

If the above might be somewhat pertinent to your mom, it makes sense that your brain might balance this with something about how your feel about your dad or manly issues.

The dragon is frightening but after a while it seems you are getting a handle on how to ride it. Your own flying apparatus becomes portable (knapsack) and you tackle the effort of staying onboard more than fighting with the dragon. You cannot see it all. Well we can only take our challenges one day at a time.
In any case, you seem to be holding your own.

Try to be sensitive to the fears those who love you cannot help but feel. Although we leave home far earlier, it is normal for parents and children not to feel like they have worked through it all until sometimes as late as the mid thirties. Some of my worst dreams about my folks did not happen until I was 32. Same for some my siblings. Oh, and it does not rmagically resolve just because you eventually have kids of your own. I did not get around to having a family till I was in my 40's.
Good luck and blessings.

Example: Did Anyone See The New FINAL DESTINATION?

What happens? Was it good? Does everyone die?

Example: What's your favorite sandbox game?

Don't get sandbox confused with games where you create things though.It's where you can run around and do anything you want but you still have things to do but you choose how they happen.

My favorite is Crackdown.

Example: Strangest dream ive ever had in my life it must have some meaning?

ok so ive posted a fair few things on here about dreams, and ive been told they don't have any meaning, but I know that this one does. This is the dream, I dreamt that I was stood next to Marsden
park, and that there were people there who had been trapped in a forcefield and could not get out,
In the dream, they wrote a message on the hills by holding their hands out to do it, the message was
help us, right after that was wrote, I got teleported to this desert where the sand was red, and I
saw the boy from the karate kid film, in that part of the dream, me & him saw 2 tigers, and we
ran to this spot where there was a hole with 2 dustbins in it and a canal lock next to it. I jumped
over it, but this boy jumped down and pulled himself up with a grappling hook to the other side.
At the end of the dream, this gateway opened to china, and he walked through, he disappeared

then i woke up

could this possibly represent some moment in my life that is forgotten about?

Example: I had this dream, what do you think it means?

I was assisting a big group of politicians..we kept going around to different restaurants but everywhere we went we kept getting refused. Eventually we stopped at this one and they all decided to sing a drinking song to get on the owners good side. This worked, but when they went to get their wallets and such from the car they were attacked. The group of attackers were yelling at each other to just kill the politicians. One man obviously was not paying attention to that as he threw a grappling hook and caught it on my head, sinking the skewer into the back of my neck ... I was trying to ask him why and he just said he was sorry. At first I kinda freaked out because I was dying, but before I did I ended up feeling really happy and just downright glad that my life was over

Example: Pirates all bad?

I always wanted to become a pirate when I was little, it was my dream. I always though of them as brave warriors of the sea, not robbers at all. Then when I start growing up and understanding the meaning of pirates, I was real sad. All the daydreams I had, thinking of having my own pirate ship and my crew, meeting people all over the world, having too much adventures with my crew was just fake... I don't want to belive that all pirates are robbers but is there such thing of good pirates? Like pirates that don't rob people or distroy stuff, insted there looking for adventure?

Example: Please give the review of one of the games-- JUST CAUSE 2, RESIDENT EVIL-6, COD BLACK OPS 2 or FRITZ 13?


Example: Who agrees Pacquiao vs. Hatton?

Ricky Hatton along with Mayweather Sr. will exploit Pacquiaos' inability to box while going backwards. The 1st Eric Morales match which Pacquiao loss by unanimous decision is a great example of this effect even though being avenged twice. Shutting off his forward momentum and staying away from the left punch. When against the ropes or forced backwards Pacquiao just becomes defensive an easy target and it takes away from his punch. Hatton being the stronger of the two will backup Pacquiao. Mayweather Sr. unlike Billy Graham is much more of a technical trainer and has turned Hatton into a technical boxer. Evidence of this is the Paulie Malignaggi match. Hatton did not tie up or grapple at all. Showing lack of this trademark style is a sign of change. Pacquiaos' frequent loss of balance due to constant bouncing and wide leg stance will too be exploited. Always ending his left power punches only on his lead foot. Making it key to counter punch when he misses. Pacquiaos' 1-2 and speed are his only real strengths. Also lets all just admit the De La Hoya match was fixed so the real "Dream Match" could exist. Coincidence Pacquiao's partially promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. De La Hoya was guaranteed $20 million, and Pacquiao and his other promotion company Top Rank, Inc. were guaranteed $11 million. Styles make fights and alot of money. Boxing will respectively regain its glory through this. I predict Ricky Hatton will knockout Manny Pacquiao in the late middle rounds. Hatton just needs to watch his weak chin.

Example: How to get into the UFC?

soo im 17 and iv been in martial arts my entire life off and on, tae kwon do, boxing and mma classes.My pipedream is the UFC but ofcourse im going to college so ill have something to do if my dream dosent work out..but my question is, how do you get into the UFC?

Example: Can you help me with girl troubles?

So I went to school, as most people do. In first grade, I saw bobby fenderson. A total angel. He was with another man, so my dreams of being with him were crushed. I've preferred the male side of things up until the 7th grade. Larisha Manlym. Larisha was the manliest "woman" I've ever seen. My mom said she'd make me sleep in the garage unless I changed my preferences. Once I slept in the garage for accidentally killing my brother. I didn't like it in there. It was cold and dark and there were rats everywhere. Seriously there was like 900 rats. I really don't know why. There's usually a few in the day time butt there was like some form of rat party in there. There were so many rats that they climbed on each other and made a 5 foot tall human hand. It grabbed me. I'm extremely traumatized. You can see why I don't like the garage.

Anyway, while still on the topic of rats, Larisha was in my health class. My favorite part of health class. You know what I mean. Yup. Social and mental health. After class one day on the health triangle, on my way out of class, Latoya came up to me.

"I don't have any friends," she said.
"No you do not," I remarked.
"Will you be my friend?" she asked.

At this point I had only ever thought about being with men. Now Larish was very manly, so this wasn't so much of a shock, but just the thought of someone that wasn't homosexual was mind blowing. She was persistent. Kept asking me if I wanted to be her friend. I said "I'm gay, and proud of it. Go die" at least 12 times. She didn't leave me alone. I ran. She chased me. I feel kind of bad for allowing her to chase me, since she was quite fat, and she did jiggle quite a bit. So much so in fact, that the ground trembled, like an earth quake. Shing quan hong yo, a japanese kid, even fell over. Get it? Earth quake? Japanese? Too soon?

Any who, after knocking down half the school in my attempt to escape her clutches, I finally made it out the door. The janitor was getting the puppies off the roof (many young puppies [as opposed to old puppies] had taken refuge on the school roof) and was using a ladder to get up. There was also a tree with long limbs that reached the roof. There was also a huge trampoline. There was also a museum across the street that had cannons. There were also 3 very strong high school seniors that came over to the middle school to smoke. Which to choose? I personally am a fan of the cannon. I was shot up to the roof by the time Larisha bustled out. She chose the seniors. One of them broke his arm. She fell on another one who died. (of lung cancer) The third killed himself right there.

So she then chose the tramp. She jumped, tore through the trampoline, fell to the ground, tore a hole in that, and fell. Through the earth. I didn’t like her, but I didn’t want her to die. I cannoned over to planet Romulus, and borrowed one of their giant to-the-centre-of-the-earth drills. Yes, I said centre. We’re going with the British spelling here. I took the drill, and drilled it down to her. There are two problems with this. Number A, she already made the hole. So there was no reason to have a drill. I was just drilling through thin air. And 3rd, It’s a drill. Not a batman grappling hook. Or a Rorschach grappling hook. (watchmen rules!) So when I reached her, the drill was useless. She fell to the other side of the world, and popped up in japan, because of where we were. (you can figure that out) Turns out, she caused the earth quake in japan. And Global warming. And Cain becoming black. But that’s a different troll, for a different website.

I don’t remember her name, I typed it like two paragraphs ago and I’m too lazy to look back. In any case, she was dead. But it’s not until I’m writing this that I realize I loved her. Seriously, I just realized this now. Like seriously. There rest of this question was going to be about how I started murdering fat people, but no, It should be about me not being gay. I love women. And men. Ooh. *licks lips* I’m gonna have some fun now. I was gonna make this take up all 5 thousand characters, but I don’t think the bible and the book of Mormon combined have that many characters. I’m gonna go be gay. Bye.

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