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Dream About Grass Pea meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: If you believe in faeries...do's and don'ts?

1:I've been trying to see-contact faeries is it common to see them?
2:If I ever see one would it be okay to tell my friends?They are faerie-friendly people.

Thank you!

yes i do, but faeries are very mischevious [ wiccan/pagan beliefs.] I have never seen one or communicated but i suggest not to because of the fact of the whole mischevious thing. If you do try to have a witch with experience[wiccan/pagan/etc] with you and to do everything.

Ways to attract faeries.

Water: Fairies rely on humans for water, if it's not already naturally available. Place a beautiful dish of fresh water in your garden each evening or consider building a small fountain.

Trees: Fairies love apple trees. If you don't have one, plant one! When it's big enough, nap underneath it for lovely dreams.

Plants: Flowers and plants that fairies particularly love include: foxgloves, bluebells, roses, tulips, cowslips, delphinium, violets, honeysuckle, clematis, sugar snap peas, nasturtiums, raspberries, blueberries, ragwort, and rye grass. Plant them and let them grow wild.

Music and stories: Fairies love songs, music, poetry and story-telling. If you sing or tell a story as you walk through a forest or garden, fairies may gather round to hear you.

Something sweet: It is said that fairies particularly appreciate a sweet present left in the garden: cake, a cookie, a dish of honey, sugar and cinnamon sprinkled over bread.

Friends of fairies: Anything you do to attract birds and insects will help make your garden home more attractive to fairies; think of bird feeders, a wild patch of garden, flowers, and berries.

Respect and cherish: When looking for fairies, please keep a respectful distance. Don't try to communicate or get too close or you may get an annoyed fairy--and no one wants that! Enjoy the beauty of their presence in your life and know that it is an honor to see them.

Example: Dream interpretation anyone?

I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately, but two stick out in my mind. I'm hoping someone can tell me what they mean.

In the first one, I'm in an Adam and Eve style garden, and there are lots of snakes in the grass. The snakes are very well camouflaged so you can't really see them too well unless you look. A very shimmery lady was there trying to help me not be afraid of the snakes. Once I looked at three bamboo logs standing upright in a patch, and the middle log turned into a really big snake. I was very scared, and the lady took up a smaller snake and tried to get me to put it around my shoulders, and make peace with it. At that point I it was like I could see my Aura, and it was bright red. I was very scared, but after a while I got used to the snake being around my shoulders, and it became a flower lei. Like the kind they give you in Hawaii. My Aura then changed to a white striped with pea green, and I felt really calm.

The second one is that I was on the family farm with our animals. One of them was our old sheep dog. backed a while it was like she became rabid, and started to attack me. My aunt tried to stop her, and she backed off for a minute but then she attacked me again. I remember thinking that's strange, why would she attack me. Then I woke up.

If there is anyone out there who is good at interpreting dreams, please let me know. They've been bugging me a lot.

Example: What does my dream mean? Really unnerved me?

In this dream, I was this woman and she was late to work. So she was rushing around her house to get things ready and as she stepped outside her house (she had a huuge stone porch with stone steps about 10 yards away, with lots of grass behind it) there was a man with dark hair in a pea green tracksuit just staring at her. Recently, in my dream, the woman had a stillborn birth, or a miscarriage, or something but this guy kept staring and then started saying stuff like "We've got to get rid of your baby, I've got to take it out" and stuff like that.

So the woman ran to the right and jumped off her porch, ran along the side of her house, but everyone time she looked back, she never managed to lose the man, despite him walking at like, a zombie speed and he was just repeating himself about getting rid of the baby.

It was really unnerving :/

BTW, I'm not and never have been pregnant.

Example: Yo dis yur boy Soulja Boy Tell''em, check out my new freestlye?

Lace the macy's don't have it
A hatred addict
I need faces mad with frowns
When I'm around
Or I wasted fabric
I don't feel greater
To my plush pieces
'Cause you to suck your teeth
So mean-mugging on my clean-thugging
Mean nothing
Women dream I'm your husband
I'm Alex Pushkin
The black poetry-writing Russian
Ice disgusting
I started bling
How could you question my direction
Or my time for collection
Gangstas two-steppin'
You hate me
Should thank me
But lately
I burn so much trees
I keep environmentalists angry
I'm a rare dude, I'm a wonder
Your best success is my worst blunder
Y'all living trendy on pennies
I cop plenty Fendi
Vivienne Westwood, I'm good
Get the whole Trump Tower top floor for the hood
Dre & Cool, we riding heavy
And why to Miami?
I see the haters on the floor jockin my swag
I'm popping Ralph Lauren tags
I'm pouring champagne inside a polo glass
Model b'tches rollin grass
Escobar folding cash
toasting wit my entourage
went from robbing armored cars
to armored stars
red carpet to the Larmitage
To throwin red dice
at the Mirage
I pull that red Lamborghini
on twenties out my garage
tell em shop at South Beach like Khaled and Terror Squad
We the Best! big pimpin
Top down chrome spinnin
Top Gun Tom Cruise
Tucked inside my Gucci linen
No homo
Just Romo you tryna shine
I put the nine on your jersey for promo
Jessica Simpson that's so-so
Nick want his baby back
but thats low so.
Tell Hawaii 5-0 to catch me at the pro bowl
on the field diamonds choking the jockey on my polo
We make the world go round
From my town to your town
We on top no stopping us now
We got patron to ballers two steppin
Ladies on the floor and all em two steppin
From L.A. to Harlem two stepping (echo)
So iced up cause we need to put em haters out
We start with Bellini's and end with Patron shots
H. Lorenzo belt buckle from Chrome Heart
A-life tag popper
It'd be sad not to walk out the store with bags
Worth a 100 cash, shopping
Balance only would hafta
Hafta to swell you up
before a pea snaps as you wet a vanilla dutch
Mets cap, that's Queens, I'm a vet
Bet that, 300 carats the average up on the neck, black
Paid the cost, be the boss, Black Caesar floss
Weekends at the Venetian, pull up in that black Porsche
Top down, new fashion
Seeing me is like seeing through the lens of Helmut Newton's camera
Light flashing, and I'm laughin'
My plaque's from album sales
Y'all is ringtone platinum
But .99 cents adds up
I don't hate 'em, I congratulate 'em
The new young Prince with young Mike Jackson on the same track, what!

Example: This dream is really bugging me. Does it possibly mean anything?

First it starts off as me and my cousin driving alone on a really long highway. Then a random guy drives next to us, and points something that I think was a gun at us. My cousin tries to drive faster, but he keeps up with up. Then all of a sudden we stop near a huge field of grass. Tall grass. We get out of the car and run. The guy gets out of his car, too, and runs after us. Somehow me and my cousin find this creepy barn type place, and we try to climb this wall in the barn, and it on an angle. Why there's an angled wall in the middle of the barn I don't know, but she climbs it with no problem, but she has to help me get up there quicker because I'm having trouble, and the guy is coming. So I get over it just in time, and we hide on this little shelf type of thing. The guy is in the barn and he's walking around trying to find us.

Then my dream turns into this different creepy dream. There are three barbies. Two regular Barbie barbies, and one kelly. One barbie is standing at a sink, and the other two are naked in something that looks like a tub of water, and it has peas settled at the bottom. They're all stiff, but their just freely moving, and their faces don't move. Just that big painted on smile. They were talking, but I don't remember what they said. The only thing they said that I remember is "If I die before I wake, I'll crush you on the first of April." It was so creepy, and then the barbie in the tub takes the kelly doll crushes her head, and blood comes out. Then I woke up.

Example: Help with a rock song.?

This is a tough one. I don't remember a single lyric, only the beat. It has a Latin flair to it with a flute butting in every now and then. It's always on rotation on the local station so I know it has to be popular. It's kind of a trippy song, it's very unique. Any clues? I really want to know.

Example: Cute Owl City Quotes for a Facebook Status?

Please pick some cute quotes about love and not vanilla twilight

Example: Does anyone know any good quotes about brothers/ growing up with them?

famous ones would be nice

Example: How did your boyfriend ask you to be his girlfriend? Stories and the best gets 10pts.?

My guy friend (now boyfriend) and I were hanging out with one another in the basement. He got up and went over by his big TV and bent down to put a movie in and I was holding onto the blanket and he came back over to the couch and laid down. He put his arms out and I said, "What?" he goes, "Do you want to cuddle or not, while watching this movie?" and I laid down next to him and I was rubbing his chest and he was running his fingers through my hair and kissing my forehead with light pecks and I leaned up and looked over at him and I said "I don't want the FWB thing, you know." He goes, "I know." and then we started kissing. He got up and I was laying on the pillow on the couch and we started making out and he took my hands and put them up over my head and then smiled and started kissing my neck again. He had very dark jeans on, black tank top, and black baseball cap on backwards and he took his hat off, then he laid his head down on my chest and started playing with my fingers in between his like a flirty way and he leaned up and kissed my chin with little pecks and I ran my fingers in his hair and he had this huge smile on his face and he went, “I love you sweet-pea” and I said, “I love you too” and then we started getting really sneaky with one another under the blanket, then he put his head down on my chest and just laid there. After the movie started, he laid down behind me and put his left arm under my head and his right arm over me and we snuggled with one another until the end of the movie. After the movie was over, I had to head home, so he walked me outside to my car and he goes, “Do you want to go out tomorrow night for dinner and just hang out alone for a while.” I said, “Yea”, he goes, “how’s 6:30 then” and I said, “Alright” and I looked at him and I said, “I love you” and he goes, “I love you too sweet-pea” and then we kissed and this time, the kiss was intense and just really romantic. The next night, we met at this very nice restaurant and he had parked his truck by the window and I went, “hey” and he goes, “Hi beautiful.” And got up and gave me kiss on the cheek and I said, “How fancy are you tonight?” and he goes, “These are for you.” And I looked and there were 12 dozen hot red roses. And I went, “Aww thanks.” And he goes, “No problem just wanted to show you how much I love you.” And I said, “Well it’s working very well.” He goes, “Really?” and I said, “Yea. Plus anytime I’m with you, it’s going to be a romantic night for sure.” And he goes, “What do you mean by romantic.” And I said, “you know what I mean.” And he goes, “We’ll talk about that later.” And then I just laughed and he went, “I swear we will talk later about that” while drinking his soft drink. He goes, “Well this date is not over after this” and I said, “What” and he goes, “I have a boat launching out at 7:30 for star gazing” and I went, “No way” he goes, “Yup” and I said, “you’re up to something” and he goes, “We’ll talk about that later after star gazing and dinner.” And I laughed and then dinner came and we shared a bit from each other’s plates and he goes, “Well you ready to head out of here?” and I went, “Are you?” he goes, “yup” and he goes, “Alright, drive back to my house and I will be back in like 10 minutes to get you okay.” I said, “Alright” and then I left and he supposedly went to the boat launch area. He came back and I got in his truck and he goes, "Well..." and I went, "OMG! you're so romantic." and we got out and walked down to the boat launch area and on the grass he had candles lit and the candles read, "Will you be my girlfriend?" and I went, "No f@($in' way" and he goes, "Well will you?" and I said, "OMG Yes I will be your girlfriend." We kissed and hugged, then we got on the boat and watched the sunset and went star gazing.

Example: I need help with abusive parent?

Okay, I'm 15, male, and living with my mother and 9 year old sister. We are one F***ed up family.
For a brief recap, my mother and father were polar opposites and peas in a pod at the same time. The father being manipulative with honey coated words, while the mother flat out dog cussing and undermining. They divorced 3 or more years ago. When They weren't at each others necks, I was the middle man or the target.
After fights when they were still married, I would have to listen to the honey coated words from pops, or the dog cussing and 'come to jesus with oprah' talks with mom. Thankfully my sister was young enough to stay out of it most of the time.
Now, while pops is gone, all the hatred, scorn, and BS was dropped in my lap. Mom gets worse every year. I play tennis to, and I have the chance to go pro if I could get a grip on MY life. But, even on the tennis court when I was young, (4-12) I got to listen to how much of a failure I was while pops put down mom, which caused all night arguments. Let's just say I never got any calm practice in.
When I was put in tournaments from mom, I choked, or got mad at myself for being just like my mom said I was. (Like she expected me to play good after all week of BS) A lot of arguments about how I wasn't a real man or champion or 1 percenter.
Now back to the present. Oh, did I mention that along with the 'talks' I get B**ch slapped by my mom because she isn't Oprah?! She get's worse all the time, ever since the divorce in 09 or late 08.
And I'm not allowed to have anything or do anything outside of school or tennis. I'm freaken home schooled, so no friends. I do see one guy I play tennis with, but that's just about once a week for maybe 2 hours best. And we are playing tennis, so we aren't talking much. Not that I tell anyone wtf I go through.
My only concern is that, mom is right. Or in other words, she MADE herself right. And I can't do crap about it. I'm slow to speak my mind, or talk back, but when I do she gets all self righteous and tells me to shut the f up and I'm disrespecting her.
Also, the VERY few times I push her away or defend myself from a lethal hit with a hard object other than her hand, she bruises like a freakn' balloon expanding, and takes photographic evidence of it! Not only that, she tells all her friends and family her side of the story so in everyone's eyes I'm Satan! Last thing, I've when I disagree with something or she's not happy. She will make me walk home from somewhere. One time she left me at 9 pm and I didn't get back till 3 am.
Mom has full custody of me, so I can't go visit (vacation from her) pops. We can't even be in the same car as him! Not that the grass is any less brown on his side, he's the other extreme. (He married the day after he divorced mom.) But I told her I was going. She started crying and spewing that she talked to all these people and they said It would be the worst choice I ever made, and I wouldn't be a real man if i did. She painted this beautiful picture of what she envisioned for me and how things would change.I choked, and fell for her sob story. Well that picture was smeared with Sh**.
I can't do anything. I hate the sport I'm great at half the time. She belittles me daily, though denies it. I'm having suicidal thoughts and last night I experimented with cutting myself. I have no freaken life and I'm tired of it! The people I could be friends with are pushed away because sometimes I give them small details of my life. I pretend to my a happy, comedic person with a smile on my face, but on the inside I'm slowly dying. Recently mom is telling my that I smile like a sick mental person when we argue. And she's right again. If it wasn't for my sister, I would have done something unimaginable. But, somethings holding me back from destroying everything around me. Maybe it's the false thought that someone will come the the rescue, or things will get better. I just don't know anymore!
I can't call CPS, cause I'd probably lose my sister. And I don't want pops to sue mom and start another war in court. It's not worth the result. The only reason my sister isn't in the same boat as me is because mom treats her differently 'cause she's a girl. I'm a man, just like my father. I've heard every single word in the book frequently and in front of my sister. But in the end, all the evidence goes against me. I'm trapped.
There probably isn't anything yous guys can think of to get me outta this, but at least people know. I needed to get this off my chest. There's a boatload of other details, but you'd be here for another hour. Thanks for reading.

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