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Dream About Grass meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Okay so last night I had a weird dream. My friend, Troy was standing at the sidewalk, petting a baby rabbit. Then he let the rabbit free and it went to the road. A car came and hit the baby rabbit and it started to bleed. When the car was gone, he went to the road and picked up the baby rabbit while it was bleeding. Then, he broke it's neck and it started to bleed more. He then turned around with the rabbit in his hands, with blood dripping down and smiled. He then said "Here you go" with a smile and walked away with the bloody rabbit in my hands.
Then there was one with my friend Maddie in her backyard with a bat. I thought I saw a stuffed animal but it was actually a kitten. Then I saw blood splattering on the grass and saw that she was killing the kitten, she then got out of her backyard and threw the kitty on the road.
What do these dreams mean?

Hello, wow. They are very imaginative dreams lol.
I have read a very good book on the meaning of dreams, and I believe that your dreams have more than one meaning. You say these people are your friends, and so they are seen as very positive people in your life. However, in your dreams they are the opposite; nasty, horrible, cruel people. This may mean that without realising, you have a fear of your friends letting you down, and suddenly turning. That is a fear I suppose most people will have. Also, because there is lots of animals in your dreams, you are obviously very caring towards them, and have a fear of animal cruelty. To put it all together, your dreams all mean the same thing. That you have a great fear of your friends letting you down, and doing horrible things. It may even have a meaning of vuneralbility. The animals are very vunerable, as are you because you are helpless. Dreams can have very strong meanings, but you should never look too far in to dreams like this unless your friends really have let you down recently. Otherwise, it is just a dream. And I am sure your friends are not nasty people in real life haha.
That is my interpretation anyway :) I hope that was useful x

Example: Dream meaning?

I've been having a couple of weird dreams this week. The first one was that I was in hiding because the a coup d'etat happened and they (the government) were looking for me because they wanted to execute me (pretty weird huh?) and yesterday I dreamt something that made me feel really good when I woke up. It was about me meeting this girl on a Depeche Mode gig and we totally connected and as time passed we would be together and she would say that she loved me. I kinda remember the face and she was really pretty. I've had this kind of dream a couple of times but in different circumstances.

Does it mean anything?

Example: Last night I dream with three black bull, just eating grass. What that can mean?

The three black bulls were in a country area, eating and also I see some people passing by.Feels calm, relax. What that could mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream a few weeks ago with one of my guy friends. We were alone in this grass area and I was sitting inbetween his legs and he had his arms around me. I was playing with his hair and my friend was telling me how happy he was when our friend told him I liked him. What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream that me and my family were checking put the new house we were going to live in, it was night time and a bit scary when we walked out looked up at the window and a light turned on and there was a shadow, what could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream a scorpion in grass?

My mother dreamt a scorpion that was on the grass...serious answers only thanks

Example: Dream meaning?

I keep dreaming of the colour green- what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of green grass?

I had a dream of falling on the ground and some grass & leaves were stuck to my hand, in the dream someone in the dream told me to pay attention to it. What does it mean to dream of healthy green grass and green leaves? (Please dont comment if you dont have an answer)

Example: I feel these dreams have meaning- dark evil forests and trees/nice sunny hills and green grass? please read on

i keep having dreams where im in an open sunny field and then some force pulls me into the woods and only bad things happen. i cannot get hurt in the wide open field, but anything goes on when you go into the forest. its wierd to me but i feel it had meaning! can you please help me out?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well basically I have a Grandma that is dyeing and she has been like well clinging onto life for a while now. And I had a dream last night were I was like flying with my step sister and I saw my kitten in the grass( we was flying over a jungle) and we waved. The next thing I know is I'm in a house with my granddad (grandmas son ) and few other blurred people. And everyone starts coughing and someone tells me the air is poisend. Everyone runs out and forgets about my grandma, So I run in and like pull her , she says ''no leave me , just leave me to die.'' and because the air was poisoned I ran to the window and took a breath she went''why did you just do that i didnt say you could you have just delayed a baby been born , just let me die and then a new baby can be born'' then I woke up. Do you think she came to say goodbye. Because she doesnt remeber me in real life?

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