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Dream About Great Bear meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I am camping with my friends in old cabins. None of the friends are my very best friends. We are all supposed to watch out for the bears that have rabies. Suddenly I am by myself in the cabin and a bear comes in and starts to bite my leg. I scream and kick him and he leaves. Then he comes back! and this time he is really biting my whole foot. So, I take a crock (a kind of shoe) and put it in his mouth. He thinks it is interesting the texture and starts chewing on it like a bone. So I run out and tell my friends and they cant believe I didnt scream or something to get help. Then they worry if I have rabies. Then I wake up.

I never remember my dreams but this one I woke up and felt my leg hurting a bit. What does this dream mean?

My mom had a dream that she was in a cabin w/ an old lady that she worked with, she looked out the window and a bear was lurking-trying to come in, Pushing on the door- Mom was holding the door shut, the lady seen the bear and yelled and was scared-mom went to go and the lady said where are you going, mom said I am going to put something in front of the door, in the dream when she went into the next room to get the talble in the cabin-it wasn't the next room it was outside-she turned to look and she was looking at the front of the cabin. The bear went inside as she watched this and the door closed.

My Mom took this dream to the Pastor of the church-because she was greatly moved by it, her arms were sore the next day too.
The Pastor interpreted the dream to her and said the bear represented death, and the door closing was the end of the situation. the soreness was because it was spiritual and that the woman would die.

3-4 months later the woman died.
Dreams have meaning.
Your dream I don't know- but I thought it was close enough to your dream to mention.
Who you were with, lead them to the Lord, I would say that because you would hate to know that they may die and not do something great for them. You can't be saved after death. tell someone you both you that can talk to them...about it...really.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a large wild Bear?

It was in my family home with me and my mother in the house and it kept following us but was not aggressive. We were trying to trick it out of the house by throwing food out in the backyard and front yard. It would come out and manage to get back in again because my older sister kept carelessly leaving the patio door open. There was a moment were I locked the bear out and gave it the finger, it gave it right back to me lol ^_^. Me and my mom are not in great terms with my sister in real life.

It was a Grizzly Bear.

Example: What does it mean to dream a lot about grizzly bears or brown bears?

Example: Interpretation of weird polar bear dream

i dreamt about a polar bear gorging on pizza two nights ago what could it mean?

Example: What does a dream about being a Polar Bear mean?

Last night, I had a dream that I was a Polar Bear.
I remember swimming through the water underneath the ice, and it was very cold and very blue, and it was also very realistic-looking.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea of what that dream could possibly mean?

(I looked around online, but mostly all I found were dreams about being *attacked* by polar bears.)


Example: What does it mean if you dream that a polar bear is trying to kill you?

I had a dream that a polar bear was chasing my ex husband and he got away and then the same polar bear was chasing me relentlessly and viciously. He wanted to kill me and I kept trying to get behind a door and get it barricaded but he was quick and I found myself in terror and having to push the door shut with all my strength. Any thoughts on this dream?

Example: What is the meaning of a dream where I am climbing a tree that was bearing two kinds of fruit?

Example: What does it mean to FLY in your dreams? And run from a Bear?

I know someone told me something a long time ago, but I don't remember. does anyone know what it means when you fly? I take a running start which cracks me up. How 'bout when you fall? Oh man that's weird!
And I have this problem where I try to hit somebody and it goes in slow motion...really takes the UMMPH out of it so I wake up most times. Then that da** Bear chases me too and that's the worst, slow motion too! Just thinking about it pis*** me off! Do you have dreams like this? Does ANYBODY have a clue what they mean?

Example: Dream about a bus, makeup and grizzley bears...I wonder what it means?

my daughter and i were on a bus going somewhere then we got off the bus in the middle of nowhere. I think we were on the wrong bus to begin with. then we met a woman and 2 girls that we got along with well. the woman used the same makeup as me and we sarted talking about how great it was. then we went to their house for dinner. after dinner i but my daughter to bed at their house and I watched tv with with the woman, kids and her husband. there were bears all over outside before but while we were watching tv an angry grizzley climbed up the fence and opened up the patio door and came in. we were terrified...then i woke up

Example: What did this dream mean?

So basically I'm climbing a wall to get to the top of a mountain with my family, I'm really petrified because there's nothing there to support me and I could easily fall and die. So then I climb to the platform to start out work. I found out the 2nd time round she had at win harness, and my mam, aunt and cousin just had to walk a path to get to the bit we wanted to be. So the third time round I've walked the path and my camera is near the edge which has a wall but I'm scared to get it incase I fall. Then there's a massive caterpillar python who's made a pink cocoon I decide to get in that to fly further up the mountain as we've decided to climb that, but it gets tighter so I climb out of it. What does the dream mean?

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