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Dream About Green Fields meanings

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Example: Hmmm whats my dream mean?!?!?

Well this is a dream I had for a year straight and didn't have any others.

So I am standing in an open field of thick knee high green grass as far as the eye can see, just beautiful. I get all excited and start running, I am running SO fast...faster and faster every second it felt like. Then I start to jump. The first jump is always a little one but i still got like 50 feet. but I feel like I am going to float away if I do it too hard. so I do my first jump I am all gravy I got real high and descend slow...so I try it again this time all my might. BOOM I am high as hell slowly descending back down from a good 100 ft in the air but still going just *** fast in a forward motion from me running. I get ecstatic when I land I go to jump again then somethings wrong. i get like 20 ft. but land fast as hell, it kinda makes me stumble. I get mad and jump but nope a normal human jump maybe a few feet. i say one more PLEASE! and boom i jump a normal jump but bam right into a bushy freaking tree and fall down and right before i bust my ***, i wake up.

I don't know its random. It happened when I was probably 12 years old I am 20 now. Its like a movie scene I can never forget. but anyways, any info on what it meant would be great fully appreciated. later.

To dream of a field that is thick of green grass, this means Enormous potential for growth.
Running means, Do you need to pick up the pace somewhere in your life? Are you trying to keep up? Things may be going too fast. Slow down.
When Floating it's the ability to rise above the ordinary or to rise above a tough situation. If floating and can't get down could be you subconscious telling you to come back down to Earth, ground yourself, stop hanging around, etc.
To Fly=Ability to break freee from Earthly woes, things that bring you down and make you feel heavy, ability to soar to new heights. Can be a pat on the back from you subconscious for doing a good job.
To Fall down=Fear of failure, of losing status or of losing control.

Tree=Family. Branching out. Going back to your roots. Aiming high while remaining grounded and down to earth.
Hope that helps, good dreams to you :)

Example: What does riding a dark brown horse in an open green field with a male passenger mean? My husband dreamt this

Thank You.. any good sites, also?

Example: What does this dream mean..?

The dream was that I was in an open field, with several ruined ruined, small grey buildings in the distance. It was quite sunny and relaxing, although suddenly it became cloudy and darker, as if it was about to rain. Then a bird fell out of nowhere and landed dead at my feet.

Got any idea what it means? I think the bird was a Raven or something, because I remember seeing it as black and about the size of one.

Example: What does it mean to dream of green eyes?

I also saw a pair of purple eyes. Two different dreams. The green eyes belonged to handsome man and he was just walking with me in a grass-field. Though I must say the scene was blurry, like a darkness was covering the scene and his eyes shone through.

For the purple i Just saw the eyes. ANyone know what this could mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

At first the dream started with, I was running away from an evil force. I was with one of my friends. I climbed over a fence then he did the same. I had a gray back pack with me for some reason. I was carrying it. Then we ran on a road. Then another clip follows after this. I dreamed of sitting in a flying chair. I floated out of the old castle by sitting of the flying chair then i saw the most beautiful natural view. It was a field full of green trees and little small houses. I felt like I was dropping but then I got a hold on to the electrical wire, then I was swing it around to keep me from falling off.
I really want to know what my dream means. If anyone can help that would be great. Thank you!

Example: What does the color green mean in a dream?

My dream is not clear...a few seconds after waking it seemed to evaporate into thin air. But I do remember the feeling of the dream and two details.

1)A book of passages, the book held a lot of value though I could not tell you what the passages pertained to now.

2)The color green. It really stood out, I even used a green hi-lighter to mark the passages.

Does the color green mean anything?

Example: What does it mean if you have repetitive dreams about dark fields?

the field is just dark and there isn't anything around it. Does this symbolize something?

Example: I had a dream that i was walking down a field and fell down a never ending hole. what does this mean?


Example: I feel these dreams have meaning- dark evil forests and trees/nice sunny hills and green grass? please read on

i keep having dreams where im in an open sunny field and then some force pulls me into the woods and only bad things happen. i cannot get hurt in the wide open field, but anything goes on when you go into the forest. its wierd to me but i feel it had meaning! can you please help me out?

Example: What does my dream about a green Antarctica mean?

I dreamed I went to Antarctica, a place where my ex used to work (in real life). I went there on a field trip with my high school class. I immediately deserted them to look for my ex. Antartica was amazingly beautiful and green. It was like a whole nother world! i wandered around then i saw my ex who was amazed at my new long hair. he really liked it and didn't seem to notice that i gained 10 lbs, even though i was really self conscious about it and kept slouching over. we hung out for a bit then i scarmbled back toclass. What does this MEAN?

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