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Dream About Grill meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this Dream mean?

okay so i was propelling off a cliff with bear grills well to the edge of a cliff to the side of these pools of water with boards in them i was hoppin from board to board when one foot slipped off and got soaked and i thought smthing was wrong cause grills freaked out but then he pointed to this wolf behind me and it had this structure of a house thing next to it which it was defending and i saw a pile of sticks and grabbed two then tried to give one to grills but then my brother and another random person appeared with structures of their own XD and the random guy or RG took the sticks and piled them next to his housethingy orderly like and i started throwing the sticks one by one at the wolf but they all missed and then my brother actually hit the wolf and it got pissed off an i turned around to look at my bro and saw the wolf behind my brothers structure about to attck him so there was two of the wolf (one across at his own structure and one behind my bros ready to attack) an i knew the wolf had tricked us ,and i tried to warn my bro and was like "TYSON!" and screamed his name but my voice came out as a whisper and and all of a sudden everything became really loud an i couldnt get the RG to shut up an i kept trying to scream his name (came out as a whisper) so i couldnt be heard over all the noise and i woke up whispering "tyson!" so for fun~ what does this mean? an yes its long so dont be a smarta$$

(Do not be afraid to give a long dream... -at least, don't be afraid of a long answer to /me/ since clearly some people freak over long messages/dreams *rolls eyes*-) The more detail, the easier it is to interpret becuase you have more specific details to decipher and connect to the dreamer specifically rather than just giving spit-balled guesses or beliefs from what the interpreter knows that may or may not be accurate.)
Dreams are very personal; they have different meanings for everyone. For example: A wolf may mean a teacher to one person, a pack animal to another, a vicious monster to yet another, a sly creature, a dangerous creature, and so on and so forth... So you have to know what something means to the dreamer in order to give an accurate-for-them interpretation... otherwise you are going by what something means to the interpreter based on their knowledge about dreams and what they think it means to the dreamer... which is why I am going to ask a bunch of questions... some of them may seem irrelevant and meaningless to you (because it doesn't seem very symbolic or important to you), but if you are dreaming it, it means SOMETHING to you.
Answer ALL these from your perspective in the dream, and if you can't/want/feel it's significant enough, from how you feel about it in the waking world too.(A long dream, and a lot of questions. ;) haha..)

First question: How did you feel in the dream when you were propelling off the cliff? Were you scared? excited? Worried? Angry? ...?

What does Bear Grills mean to you? Is he someone you look to for comfort and love? Is he an inspiration? Or what? (I don't know exactly who he is, so I'm a bit clueless on this over-all...>.<;; )

What do the pools of water mean to you in the dream? Or at least, what do they make you think of/feel?

Are the boards you are jumping from stabilized and sturdy, or fragile and wobbly?

What does your foot mean to you?

What does the wolf mean to you? And the structure of the house next to it that it's defending?

What do the sticks mean to you?

How do you feel about your brother? (What kind of brother is he?)

Feel free to message me the answers, or add it on here as "additional information." As soon as you answer these questions, I will give you the interpretation. Otherwise you will have an even worse longer message about what everything might possibly mean to you and that would probably get confusing for you and you'll have too many inaccurate hits to what the dream actually means to you...

Example: What does my Dream mean?

Okay, another question for you guys to answer(=

What does my dream mean? Well since I don't have a clue, I'll tell you my dream, and see if you can tell me. (By the way, this dream has occurred more than once!)

Dream: Okay, so I'm in my house, and my brothers are laying down for bed, and I look out my front room window and start talking to my sister and she goes and walks into the street to talk to someone in a car. So I jump out the window to ask where is she going? (I didn't see the car at that time). So I seen the car and well I walked away because I didn't really care. I tried finding a way back into my house & had no luck. So I went to the back of my house and there was a dog and some guy grilling I think...& So I tried jumping the fence but I had to constantly keep dodging the dog, I made it over the fence in one hop & then the next yard had a Bull (Or maybe this animal was in the third yard, idk). I was in mid air and jumped onto the bull and jumped back onto the fence, while I was in mid air, some old man gave me a choice between planks of wood of different colors. I picked yellow I think! & I jumped back and used it as a shield without thought while I ran into the next yard. This time it was like just another vicious animal, again the old man gave me the same choices, I chose a very large black piece. I used that as a shield and successfully got past him with no scratches as well, As I hopped into the next yard there was an Ox! Yeah, a Ox! I while in the air somehow I managed to hop over him and land onto the shed that was there, and then there were no more yards forward. So I just stood there, and the Ox couldn't get me, So someone that was my "friend" in the dream was in the yard, and the Ox wasn't bothering anyone at this time. He walked up and was telling me congratulations, and that I did a really really good job of escaping these animals from harming me.

Please help me figure out the meaning on this dream please & Thank you(=

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

Okay, I have odd dreams quite a lot but most of them make me laugh or think, this one made me scared and cry.

The first bit was strange:

There was a huge house set in old time london, so there were horse and carriages and gas lamps and long dresses. Someone had died and this lady was trying to find something that would unlock her inheritance.

Second bit: I was wearing a long black dress, I was mourning the death, I had a black parasol, even though it was cold and a black bonnet with red trimming, I got off a train, in first class and met this man.
he had taken some money to look after a boy. I had to see the boy to make sure he was being cared for properly. The man stayed outside and I went into the kitchen, the boy looked a bit like a house elf and had what looked like pastry covering his amrs, he gave me a bowl of orange peas and green sweetcorn, I ate it and we talked. I left and got on the train. But then I was still watching what was going on in the room. The man went back it and asked the house elf thing what he'd done, the house elf said he'd gien me the soup thing because he couldn't cook. The man lifted the lid of the grill thing and the house elves arms were wrapped in pastry and they were pasties. He then cut the pastry from the house elves arms that were attatched to him and they fell off. I then woke up crying and REALLY scared.

What does it mean?

Example: I saw Giant (4 foot) shrimp being roasted on a grill alive! in my dream, what does it mean?

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

Last night, I had a dream that my family had a huge family reunion outside. There were tons of cars on this massive campground, and there were people all over the place, fishing, grilling, etc. I went to find my dad, and he was fishing in the on site lake. He pulled his fishing line out of the water, and on the massive hook, used as bait, was MY CAT! We've had him since I was about 6, and I'm almost 17 now, so I'm really attached. In my dream, I cussed my dad out like no other. I hated him and ran away. Recently, my brother's cat had kittens, and the kitten I got most attached to, my dad ended up accidentally stepping on her and killing her. I was completely devastated & I'm now paranoid that my other cats are going to get hurt. What does my dream mean?

Example: Really strange dream? What could it mean?

I had a really strande dream quite recently. I was at home with a friend e there was a small black object near us, it was like a barbecue grill, but then it started bipping, so we ran, but it emitted a light, a really strong one, and it gaves us a shock too. After leaving the hospital because of this accident, there was like a party at home, and there were lots of children there, and I was trying to keep everyone as far as possible from the object, but they wouldn't leave, the last time I got near the object, I've managed to make all children leave, but most adults were still there and unafraid and the men were sure they could fix it. There were only a few seconds left so I ran as fast as I could, but the beam of light striked me again and I also got a shock. Again. What on earth does this mean?

Example: What this two dreams mean?

surveilance on girl
jack bauer has aids
wife, lover and spy woman are shocked -this is the end of the dream below is going back chronologically really images
the cameria zooms in on the shocked women and wife who dodged a bullet, phew. May not jb just a generic spy
his lovers were hottta and polter the note says
I get some enemies and grill them for information and documents on a battleship
175 dollars
mission to kill father
cause is threats to security
I'm pretty sure this person is not jack but it could be
2nd dram
walk across raolroad track to the other side station
nareowly dodging the upcoming train
trip to rockyland
trip to state seomwhere
trains a recurring theme
other details in between are forgotten

Example: Dreamt about this what could it mean.?

I had a dream that truly has me thinking about.
I was watching unnoticed a young eastern man (Pakistani or Hindi,) begin to butcher a dog for a meal preparation. An Unknown figure sat in front of his slab as the young man spoke words of his work to begin. I noticed the dog was well plump in the thighs, and noticed the young man was focusing on them as he begins to cut, and raised his cutlery up high and seemed to give praise to and or thanks giving. He begins to cut. The dog just lays and the thighs inner reds are revealed and for a moment in my dream I thought I saw the animal turn his head toward that young man and snap at him, but not angrily, as the young man calmly placed his free hand on the dog’s head and just proceed to carve. The young man begins to skin the carcass and fine cut portions we place on a plate. I thought to myself, hum no bloody mess? He then moved to a fire grill and again gives thanks aiming above. The grilling smelt delicious, He places a serving on a white plate it looks very well cooked with beautiful seared grilling marks and hands the plate to the Unknown figure and savors the meat. Suddenly her turns his head to my direction, as if he knew I was witnessing this all along and offers me a same sized portion, I do not feel repulsed I simply with a sign of my right hand wave a subtle gentle no. I awaken it is 3:30am….

Example: Dreaming of fire What does it mean?

Yesterday i dreamed about my dad cooking on the grill and then he was on fire,last night i dreamed that i was lost with a friend and i made fire but he told me to put it out what does it mean

Example: What does my crazy missile dream mean?

I had a strange dream.
Me and two other friends were outside of my house cooking on the grill and my sister was inside, we were the only ones home.
I was waiting for someone to come and pick up my sister and I had the feeling she was going to do something wrong.
I then was talking on the phone to a very good friend of mine who i used to have a crush on and i was asking him if he was coming because i really wanted to see him.
And then, missiles the size of the average person started falling from the sky. I told my friends the were from the :air show" and i ran for cover. There we billions of them and my friends wouldn't move but i was so scared.
What can this say about my future or about how i feel?
could this have anything to do with me watching star wars last night?

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