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Dream About Grocer meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream of getting robbed?

I had a dream that I was in my neighborhood convenience store. While I was in the line, a guy carrying 2 eggs cut me off, the looked at me straight in the eyes, said something I can't remember and left. I then opened a drawer in the store and took some money and some papers from the grocer as he told me to.
I went out of the store, and there were around 20 people, all of whom were with me in high-school (and I hadn't seen them since). I greeted them, and they were happy to see me, as I was to see them. They were happy to see that I had a good job etc... One of them took me aside, I put my bag on the floor and went with her, and she told me she was pregnant, I congratulated her with a hug, and told her I was delighted for her. When I turned around, all of the others had taken my bag, emptied it and started to spread and read the papers I had there (they were important work documents). I also had lots of money (not mine) that I couldn't find. They were like vultures on my stuff, I hit one of them with my wallet, but she shrugged it off and as hard as I tried to shout to tell them to stop, no sound came out of my mouth.
Any help interpreting?

It doesn't mean anything. Dreams just happen and don't have any hidden meanings. They come from our own thinking and stuff that in some way has been on our minds.

Example: I had this dream that felt so real?

Okay so it started off in a hospital, I was sitting next to a little girl with brown hair and she was lying there with things all connected to her, then the beeping thing started going off and nurses rushed in and told me it was to late and they were pulling the plug, and I felt like my world was crashing down, I fell to the ground and started screaming and crying and they rushed the little girl out of the room. The hospital was so white and it felt so cold. So when they left there were doctors everywhere and trying to resuscitate her but it didn't work so they have up and she died. They rolled her back into the room and told me the cancer took over and she had died, so I was screaming on the floor even more and crying telling them it was there fault and they killed my "daughter". I went up to her and she looked dead and I was crying and trying to say something but words didnt come out. Then all of a sudden someone said something from the door and dropped to there knees (I think it was a male) and the dream ended before I saw his face.

This traumatised me, I woke up crying and after a while of experiencing the dream it still brings years to my eyes thinking about it.

What could this dream mean? Does it mean it will happen in the future?

Example: Can you help me with my english homework?

i have to write one word yo make tree compund nouns

2. fall

















Example: Free Range Farming.?

Obviously, while I agree with some of your points I also disagree with some. Please take the following with the good intentions it's meant with.
I have no problem with you having your t bone steak but don't you think you should pay a fair price for it rather than opting for a cheap mass produced piece of shite from the supermarket. Surely as a farmer you can see this point?
Cheap mass production of both meat and veg has withered the businesses of farmers, small time butchers shops and green grocers where everyone can be assured that what they're buying is of a high quality and that it actually tastes of something.
If people can't afford to eat meat then they should seek alternatives and learn to cook and economise. The cheapest cuts of meat (neck and shoulder) can make the most flavoursome dishes and can be stretched alot further than a single steak.
I'm lucky in the fact that I can afford to buy free range and organic products but I also work hard for that privilege.

Example: What dose it mean when you dream your husband cheating on you?

Example: I have had this dream twice...what does it mean?

It starts of with me outside the grocers and with a girl in my school called Erica, she has made up some crazy dance. A man in black comes over to us and Erica says, 'Do you want to see my dance'. She does the dance but the man grabs her and takes her away.

Then I see this redheaded girl get run over by a car in slow motion but she doesn't get hurt. The dream then takes me to being in bed with an old woman and the same man in black opens the blinds to let sunlight in.

My dream then takes me to me and my friend Sean running down a pathway in the forest with my mother pushing a baby in a pushchair behind us. Sean and I stop and see a purple baby and a blue baby hung from their waists on a sign that says 'Babies for sale'. My mother mutters, 'Fraternal Twins'. Me and Sean carry on running and a fat man with a hanky pops out of a bush and screams in our faces. I always wake up at this point.

Example: What dose my dream mean i had it 2''s two nights apart?

what dose my dream mean see it started off where i was at my towns grocer store and i saw family putting groceries in there car mostly teenagers laughing i felt bad and felt like i knew what was going to happin the car i looked at them and i saw them leave they left and i saw them pulling out of the parking lot and the one ain't that big in town well anyways they stpullingllin in the road when they get in the middle of it these cholos gangbangers walked towards the car and start shootin i started walking toward them and one of the gang bangers saw me and ran for me i ran in the next store and the lady tryed to close the door but i just holded my breath and had this whole calm filling knowing that everything will be ok and he walked in and pointed the gun at me and i grabbed his hand some how and i chose where i wanted him to shoot me and he shot me on my lower belly i felt this burning and i had the gun he started movin back and tried running and i shot him on the leg he fell down and said i grew up around this **** and was about pull the trigger and the cop was coming in and he saw me and the cop turned around and i pulled the trigger i woke up for a little bit and thought dam the same shootin but diffrent to the endding was diffrent the shootin was the same way but this time closer and i was in it more i felt like i was there

Example: What does America mean to you?

America means to me to be free. The soliders are fighting for our rights as American's. I am thankful for all they do for us. I pray every night for them to be safe where-ever they are and that they all have a safe return. In America you have so many rights. Some people take them for granted. You see all different kinds of people protesting the WAR and all kinds of people supporting the WAR. I support our president. If we can not support him than what do we have left.

Example: What does "patriotism" mean to you?

When you hear patriotic, or patriotism, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? What does loving one's country mean exactly? Would you stand by your country even if it was doing something wrong? Or when you say you love America, do you really just mean you like baseball and apple pie?

Example: How do you start a bus company business?

What I mean is that sometimes everyone doesn't have money for a car and there are no buses in the whole county and if there is it just picks you up to go to a major city. But in the south especially in country places like when people dont have jobs they have to walk for miles just to get to a job n that can wear i was just wandering what people think.

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