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Dream About Guidance meanings

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Dreaming with Guidance may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

What do these things symbolize in a dream?
-an eclipse
-a cloud with fire
-smoke in a house
-a burning building
-the sky changing from light to dark in a matter of minutes

all these pertain to a certain dream

It really depends on

1) who is doing the dreaming
2) what it means to them
3) actions involved around those objects.

The last one, sky changing from light to dark in a matter of minutes would be like a real weather change-- which might represent a current change that's frightening to the dreamer. (Or maybe something else!)

An eclipse-- well to me, an eclipse MIGHT mean that something (whatever else I'm dreaming of) is blocking out the light of the sun (or Son.) It might mean something else to you.

A cloud with fire... I dreamed recently (last 6 months) of burning hail. It was something that represented a threat to me in the dream, but ended up not having much of a translation into my waking life.

A cloud with fire might represent guidance from the Holy Spirit, if it's in the form of a pillar (think of Exodus).

Or it might represents thoughts/beliefs about the future. (Everyone speculates-- it doesn't mean that the dream is necessarily a message about the end of the world.)

Smoke in a house is pretty vague. If it's caused by a smoker, it's an indicator that someone's boundaries (typically spiritual) are being "polluted."

It could also be an indicator that there's a problem ("where there's smoke, there's fire." Sometimes our subconscious will use wordplay.)

The burning building-- it depends on what type of building. If it's a church, it could be about intolerance, if it's a school-- it could be wishful thinking (it's the end of the year and our subconscious isn't usually very well behaved,) if it's your house, it may indicate that the dreamer feels he/she is losing everything around them.

I know these are vague-- sorry, but it's a jumping off point. Please don't forget to pray for clarity first. If you'd like some more help, please feel free to contact me.


Example: What does my dream mean?

I was with people I didn't know, and walked into a small temple with oxygen tanks, there was an old almost broken wagon that carried people and I had a flashback of a photo of people working on the temple. I baked a PIE, chocolate cream was the one I baked, also my fav, so my dad took a peice of my pie and I cried and the pie somehow flattened like it was sad. A dragon was chasing me in my garage and he was breaking the floor, and I saw my cat near me. At the end of my dream, I brought my crush home to people that aren't actually his family in real life but I gave my crush a hug saying, "your too tall! I can barely hug you!" He laughed (he is pretty tall) and then I said, "see you on Saturday!" With a wink and I heard his family say, OOOHHH... Like when someone is about to get teased.
The weird part is that I actually am going to see my crush on Saturday

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I cooked a parakeet and ate it, and then whenever I opened my mouth parakeets flew out, what could this mean?

Example: Creepy dream meaning?

I had a dream that I was sitting down trying to avoid-my ex and he walked up to me and said"you know we are soulmates right?".That scared me because we ended on a bad note(he was stalking me+ calling me *****)it was awful.What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had an odd dream that I was getting married to someone. I didn't see her face as she had it covered.

What does that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was in my math class, and my teacher told us that we would be having a new assistant teacher come in. ( he was like an intern or something)

He had a chair that he sat in in front of my desk, and he would talk to me. He was nice and funny.

Later, I went into the woods for some reason, and I was standing there when he came running up behind me.

"Mr._____, (I don't remember what his name was) what are you doing here?" I asked.
Then, he pulled out a sword and stuck it through my arm. He then told me.
"I am going to pull it out now. Very slowly so that the pain will be unbearable"
He did pull it out slowly and the pain was excruciating. While he did this, he started saying the multiplication tables.

I'm just wondering what it meant because it's one of those dreams that lingers in my head.
It didn't scare me or anything, it just left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dad wa taking me to school and it was a thick heavy fog when i got to my classes i see someone playing with s a Fisher price toy the when i go HOME IM back in california., I moved a week ago anyways and I see my best friend but before i could go up to him i had to wake up

Example: Falling overboard dream meaning?

I had a dream where I was on a cruise ship, and I was standing at the bow of the ship (right up the front on the ship). I was looking over the right side, and saw the side landing door open around the bottom of the ship. Somehow I had fallen over and was now in the water. The ship had stopped, and I was now swimming towards this open door. I pulled over a tender boat which was more like a step ladder to climb back onto the ship. When I got on, I felt like I had snuck onto the ship, like I shouldn't be there at all. I had to hide. There was only one person I saw, and this dude was the Deputy Principle at my old high school. He was friendly though. Not sure if he was a passenger or an officer inboard?

I don't know what it means?

Example: Dream meaning?

My husband and I are separated. We have a property and I can’t make a decision on whether I should buy it from him or sell it. I asked for guidance from God last night to show me something in my dreams.
I had a dream I saw a disable woman with one hand, she doesn’t have a body, and she was sitting on a chair and she was pressing a button with her hand. I felt she was waiting for transplant. Suddenly I felt as if God saying We (Human) have so much and less We are grateful to Him.
I am not sure whether the dream was a result of a conversation I had before I went to bed or was my guidance! A friend was telling me about a documentary of Iraq war when a terrorist bomb blast disabled so many innocent children. We agreed that we were so well off from so many disadvantaged people in the world. We should be grateful to God for what we have.

Could someone please guide me? How should I interpret my dream related to my case?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in a church setting filled with people who are young like me (I am 22) and I was rolling around naked in the church. What does it mean?

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