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Dream About Guinea Pigs meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I'm having a few problems with my guinea pig.?

Hiya, 8 weeks ago I put my guinea pig with a boar, and I have noticed she has definitely been putting on weight in the last 5 weeks or so.

The other day, she caught my attention when she was lying on in her cage, and didn't move at all when I went to pick her up. This is very unusual for this particular guinea pig (I have 4 ) as she is usually extremely skittish. So I brought her inside, thinking maybe the big day had come. Anyway,on Thursday night, she had a bit of blood on her towel, it looked watered down. This alarmed us, so the next day we took her to the vets.

The vet said that yes, she was pregnant and he could feel perhaps 1 big baby and a small baby, but her said it could just be one baby and a bladder stone.

We brought her home and she was fine for the rest of the day. However, yesterday night, at about 11ish there was quite a lot of what looked like pure blood (Not watered down) And she had a lot of trouble walking, she was sort of just using her front legs, we seriously thought that she was going into labour, as she kept letting out squeeks, which sounded like she was in pain.

So, this morning we phoned a different vet, and we went along with the piggie. Anyway, this vet (Who is highly recommended) said that she might not be pregnant, to be sure he took an ultrasound and an xray. We couldn't see anything, and have pretty much ruled out pregnancy, but he did say that it's not 100% accurate, but something like 99.9% lol.

He thinks, because of the blood, that she has a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) And has given us antibiotics. I have read up on this, and the only symptom she has is the blood. But she doesn't squeek in pain when she pees (I sat there watching her for about half an hour lol.) And she has a real trouble walking, and plus, what is this sudden gain in weight all about?!

I'm really confused, so if anyone could give me some help I'd be very very grateful!


She is very close to birthing. They are pregnant for 59-72 days which is roughly about 10 weeks. The second vet you went to sounded like an EXOTICS vet which is great you have one near by. The first one sounded like he knew nothing and was just acting it out to get money. Those vets only specialize in cats and dogs and usually with small animals, have absolutely no idea what they are doing.

If she is squeaking then she could be in pain from the pups inside moving around. But that blood didn't sound too good either. No mean to shock you at all, but there is a 20% chance a guinea pig will die from each birth. It gets riskier every time you do it as it also shortens their life. I used to breed guinea pigs, but ever since losing the girl of my dreams (my guinea pig Pippy) I haven't even thought about it. She had the same problem, but after she had the pups that is.

She wouldn't stop bleeding and we took her to the vet too late as my stupid dad said she would be fine when I knew that she wasn't. So after 2 DAYS we took her in and it seems as if her uterus had a scratch in it because one of the babies had kicked a hole when they were coming out. Sp she got blood poising and passed away that night.

That is why I do not breed. I am not saying that breeding is a NO NO completely, but it isn't really recommended and I had to experience why. I hope that you don't though, but since she is on antibiotics now she will come through. You just need to be patient as when I used to breed them the pups came when I least expected it. lol

Just about a week or so before they birth they will gain extra weight so fast your eyes will pop out. lol But it is normal for them to have this because sometime when they are pregnant they will gain a lot of weigh all of a sudden so there is nothing to worry about. They will out on almost twice as much weight.

If you have any troubles then please feel free to contact me at stazzatheguineapiglover@yahoo

Example: I had this dream all about Guinea Pigs last night... Can someone help me?

I had this dream involving nothing but Guinea Pigs last night. One of them was one I saw at a pet shop I thought was adorable. I've always wanted just 2 piggies... But I know for a fact I can't; we already have 31 pets, (16 mice, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 bunnies, 3 rats, & 2 ferrets) and I just don't have the time now. I love all my other pets to death, so even dare go there that I don't love them because of this dream. I don't even know what it means! It wasn't about anything else the entire night... just piggies. All running around and having fun. It didn't even include me in the dream. Just cute, fun, happy, playing piggies.

This really interests me because I know I can't have them. And I can accept it; I'm 11 and I'm not suddenly just going to beg my parents for 2 of course. I can (again) accept it, although I can't just move on... I know it means something. I remember my mom telling me 5 years ago now, she dreamed about a jet black Doberman named Jasmine Rose. In 2 years, we got a jet black Doberman named Jasmine Rose. That's why I frankly need to pay attention to this... it means something important. But what?

Sorry for the rambling. Thanks for the help, I look forward to getting an answer... All I'm asking is what do you think it means other than getting piggies in the future?

Example: What does it mean to dream of guinea pigs?

I had a dream last night I was holding this brown guinea pig and playing with it. There were also two cages that had three guinea pigs in each and while I was playing with the brown one I looked back and three of the guinea pigs had given birth. There were like 5 or 6 in a litter and I was shocked at how fast they all gave birth. What could this mean if it means anything at all? I do not own guinea pigs and have never really been around any

Example: What does it mean to dream of 2 small pigs?

Example: WTHeck! I've had dreams about guinea pigs for three nights in a row. What the crap could THAT mean?

Example: Crazy Dream with my guinea pigs?

Ok well i have two guinea pigs named blaster and sonic and there not a year old but im so scared that they are going to die but any way here is the dream well my mom said we were moving so after a couple days in our new house i started playing with my guinea pigs again because i was finished unpacking and then i notice that blaster was super skinny and his eyes bulged out and i have been feeding them and stuff like that so the next day i went to school and i came home and said to my mom come look at blaster i think something so really wrong with him and she said um they both died but i dont see how because she put them in a shoebox so we could burry them and i opened the shoebix blaster was moving barley but i dont see how sonic died cuz nothing was wrong with him but after that i woke up and i was so relived isnt that crazy what do u think it meant plz no neagtive answers

Example: My dead guinea pig was in my dream?

So my guinea pig died and I have had 2 dreams where he would come back to life for a minute and I would talk to him and pet him, then he would dissapear, as if he was comeing back from the dead to say our last goodbyes. What could this mean?

Example: Dream about a guinea pig?

My brother and I heard a noise and then this fat black and white guinea pig came out from behind the couch. I put my hand down and called it to me and It came. I was petting it and It was so cute. Then my mom and dad came home and It got scared and went back behind the couch. I was trying to call it out, finally it did and then it started to spin really fast and turned into a person. Lol I wish I could remember who it turned into, I think it was my mom, but she was already there. So what does that mean?

Example: Dream About Guinea Pigs and Rabbits multiplying while I wasn't looking?

I had apparently brought home a guinea pig by accident, put it down and forgot about it. Later as I was trying to clean my parents house, the guineas had multiplied (5 or so) and I saw tiny CUTE rabbits and bunnies everywhere, and one normal sized one. And the house had also become really messy for some reason. They acted like any rabbits would, first would be a bit scared but then I would pick them up and they would squirm and play in my hand. However I was scared because if my parents came back and saw the animals I would be in big trouble. Well dad did come back and he out of anger and spite decapitated one of the guinea pigs and chased me with it.

Example: I had a dream about my guinea pig help me!?

my dream was my guinea pig Rosy was sleeping next to me then this mean lady comes next to my bed and grabs her by the neck and throws her across the room when she hits the wall all you here is guinea pig crying i run to her and pick her up and start crying weired but the last guinea pig i had i had the same dream. the lady comes near me and kicks me i wake up with tears on my pillow then i run down stairs and see my Guinea pig sleeping i feel better wat is wrong help me?

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