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Dream About Gummi Bears meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreaming of Lions and Tigers?

I feel kind of silly asking this question, but within the last 7 months or so I've been having these dreams that involve large cats. The first one was that I was walking in a park type of setting with someone (don't remember who exactly now) but all of a sudden I got this feeling I was being watched. I looked over at this hill and at the top was a chain-link fence, behind the fence was this absolutely gorgeous lion which was either white or silver/light gray. It stood there pacing back and forth just watching me. It's eyes were just intensely fixated on me. I didn't necessarily feel like I was in danger, I didn't feel any urgency to run away, I just kind of stared back at it curiously. I don't remember feeling any aggression from the animal. I just thought it was odd how it just continued to eye me the way it did. After that went on for a bit it I vaguely remember what happened after that I believe it just finally quit looking at me and walked off into the trees behind it.

The second dream I had was I was on this dirt path that almost resembles a trench... There were walls of dirt on both sides but I was coming up to a clearing. The next thing I knew is I really felt eyes staring at me again, which I looked up there was this tiger.. It was definitely aggressive towards me so instinctively I bolted and it began to chase me. Somehow (and yes this is odd) the chase began with running then it became jumping (like Disney Gummi Bear bouncing) constant bouncing ... I kept bouncing towards a forest where I knew it would be my savior from this animal. After a few bounces through the trees the tiger gave one last bounce towards me and I guess I just woke up.

The last one happened 2 nights ago. I woke up feeling like determined to understand what the hell is going on... In this one I was in what at the time seemed like a prairie type of setting, trees were scattered around but not really an abundance of them.. I was walking around just aimlessly on a dirt path with my dog, then all of a sudden ahead of me I saw something stride gracefully into some brush. My first instinct was, holy crap get the dog out of here. So I turned around, grabbed my dog and took him to a house. I went back to see what it was I saw, so I followed that same dirt path very cautiously. I came to a point where I turned my head to what would have been the right and laying under a tree I saw I believe 3 or 4 lion(s)/ness(es). They just laid there and finally acknowledge I was looking at them. They didn't seem to have an aggressive demeanor towards me, just returned my curious stare. Finally they just went about their business and I hauled *** back to the house. I went on to tell someone about these animals and remember saying something about "those things need to go, they deserve to be in a better place rather then here" they agreed with me... That's all I can remember now..

My feelings on large cats is this... They are large beautiful animals that deserve respect, which I give them by staying the hell away from them and would never in waking life (and also in my dreams to a point) ever want to cross paths with. Not a power I would ever mess with. I am afraid of them in a way... But the two dreams with the lions there was no chase, no shown aggression. The tiger on the other hand was definitely aggressive. When I woke up from the dreams I had mixed emotions, one was fear, another was WTF, and after the last one I just felt the need to understand why I might be having these dreams and what they might mean. Anyone have any ideas they could pass along on all or any of the three? I'd really appreciate ANY and ALL help and insight I could get.

Sorry I didn't read any of that, Because I have a short amount of time i'm meant to be spending on here, But anyway dreaming of Lions and Tigers represents power and that you need to take more of a leadership role. If you want more information just type in Dream Meanings on google.
I hope this helps.

Example: Have you EVER had a dream that involved a shower cap and a tic-tac?

Example: Can someone interpret this really weird dream?

First of all I'm 14 going into 10th grade, if that helps any. Okay, so last night I had some pretty weird dreams. The first part of the dream started out with me driving down this straight road with a rural field all around it with my dad who died about 6 months ago. In one hand I was holding a pair of combat boots he got me, in the other an orange purse he gave me. The windows were down and they flew out of my hands and into the field. I started crying and we both tried looking for them, but to no avail. Suddenly I was my best friend was driving me in my car (inherited from my dad, but not able to drive yet.) I dared her to crash into another car as a joke, when suddenly the car crashed into us. She did not make it and her mom was furious with me. I was then at a costume store with a fictional teacher from a TV show. We were trying to find costumes and someone was hosting a party there. At a part of the party, people were simultaneously getting their teeth fixed and shaped. I remember saying that I would never do something like that at a party. My dad popped out of nowhere and agreed. The rest is pretty hard to remember, except for key details, like my grandma (dad's side) passing away and me being devastated, getting a dog from homeless people, my grandma making a friend and I sugar cookies and snacks, and my ex boyfriend stealing gummi bears from me. I'm really sorry about how long this is, and believe me I tried to condense it as best I could. It would really help if someone could try and explain this to me. Thanks!

Example: Jamba Juice secret flavors?

anyone know what they are?


Example: Why Do You Love Disney?

The number of times I have been asked this question is incredible, but I can never fully answer it. So I'm wondering what your Response would be?

Why Do You Love Disney?


Example: Should the networks wise up and start showing old cartoons again?

Ok so I know that there have been multiple questions about this but don't you think that network's like cartoon network Nickelodeon Disney and so on should have channel that are just dedicated to 80's and 90's cartoons alone. Yes I do realize that Disney and Cartoon Network have Toon Disney and Boomerang but don't you think it's time to expose new generations to the old cartoons like transformers and GI Joe not the new ones but the old good 80's cartoons or how about for the younger kids Eureka's Castle or the Popples or Gummi Bears. I would honestly like to see the networks that show cartoons wise up and each start two more channels each showing the cartoons from the 80's and 90's for the older kids on one channel and then showing more shows orientated to the the younger children showing shows like Muppet Babies. What do you guys think of this idea? bad? good? Heck I would love it if someone just started there own tv channels and all they showed were these shows. It would be great

Example: Survey: comment on my story of the alien woman, peeps. say anything you wanna say. :) kay?

Once upon a time there was a baby born in a lab egg and her nam was Ellay. Her DNA was from the Draconian star system and off the coast of Okinawa. In the Pacific Ocean. PID(Pacific Islander Draconian.) Ellay was half jellyfish half human. Elay had hairless skin, even on her head, body of a human woman, and made up of the same material as a jellyfish. Ellay was also very pretty with light green eyes and black opaque pupils like a Reptilian. And it took Ellay two years to grow from an infant to a fully grown woman. And Ellay gave birth a lot different from a human. She gave birth through her head so little babies came out of her brain. And her skin was very pale, almost transparent. And if Ellay wanted a baby Ellay would have to go to the lab from where she came and get a metallic sperm implanted in her head so it would take about two weeks for her offspring to grow so they would be able to climb out of her head. And if a human touched Ellay to see if she felt like, she would deel like a gummi bear. But any human who touched her would itch and be redfor about three weeks. Ellay was very nice to the humans and warned everybody she met she had a deadly side for anybody who messed with her or was mean to her. Just doing it with a human, male or female, the human would be dead in five minutes. Ellay seduced men who were mean to her and within six minutes the man was deader than a doornail. She ate the humans she killed so in her lifetime she killed about twenty-nine humans. And within three minutes she could eat the person piece by piece until there was nothing left of her or him. And a total of twenty-nine humans were eaten till they were history. And one time in my dreams i saw EllaY. She was giving birth through her brain. And that's all i remember when i woke up. ----The End :D

and the title is alien pid: story of a jellyfish woman. lmao at that.

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