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Dream About Guns meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a man with no face holding a gun in dream mean?

I had a dream where a man came out of a lake and had no face. what's weird is he wanted me dead and tried to shoot me. He was shot in the process but did not die. My mother also did not have a face and shoved me away by my face.

it's all about symbols. you recognized your mother, without a face, so it could mean that you do not really feel close to your mother and feel that if only you knew her better, you wouldn't feel so distant from her. and the man that came out of the lake, could represent a father figure, and this could mean he is distant also or there is no trust and you could not see his face.. you have to ask yourself what a gun represents for you, is it fear, and death, then the gun is a symbol that you feel left out or dead in some aspect of your family life maybe. also, what does water, the lake, represent to you? could it be life, survival. you also say it is weird that he tries to shoot you. why is that? what is your gut feeling about this...

Example: What does a dream about a gun mean?

Last night I had this dream where this person was leading a group of people on a mountain. I was next in line to go with the group of people. I went to the back of the line but the person behind me pushed me to go. I was in the line and this other person who leaded the back of the line started to whip me. I remember saying in the dream that I can't do this I want to die instead. But the person pointed a gun to my jaw and not my head to make sure I suffer and not die but live without the lower half of my face. They were also smiling as they pointed the gun at me. I remember moving my head in real life as if I was acting out my dream (i.e. moving my face out of the way of the gun) What could this dream mean?

Example: What does a dream with your own grandfather pointing a gun at you standing from his own casket mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a robust serpent, sword - apple, gun?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about. Guns, snakes, churches, bad. vs. good?

Okay so It was the craziest dream.
So there was this pregnant girl and her boyfriend (good), then there was another pregnant and her boyfriend his name was scar (bad). first the were in a cave and the gf on the bad side was playing with snakes. and the good side was standing in front of the bad. then they were all in a church holding guns.. the good side was in a office and then I seen a baby and woke up.

Example: What would guns mean in a dream?

Yesterday I dreamt, that I was talking to an older lady. I never seen her before in my life, but she was VERY tall. She was showing me guns and her weapon belt with her husband.
In the dream I was fascinated with her gun collection. I wasn't even scared of her demeanor, even though she was a tall husky red head who had a bounty hunter look, but we were getting along in the dream.
Why was she showing me the gun collections of hers?
Does this mean anything?

Example: What does my gun dream mean?

(sorry its long)
first of all im 16 and i would like to become a police officer, i have alot of family that are cops or where in the military. Im 6 foot 3 and muscular and ive been around firearms my hole life and i want to be a security officer in the navy or airforce before becoming a cop. now to the dream, last night i had a dream where i was in a random house and i was like a cop or somthing because in front of me was a a pile of guns and i grabbed a colt 1911 (my favorite pistol in real life) and i just knew it was my job to take out to criminals so i ran to the window and fired to well placed shots and took down the 2 criminals, then in the dream i thought to my self how much ammo i had left then i started to open the door to go outside to the guys then my alarm woke me up so i dont know where it was gonna go from there. my question is, is this dream just a representation of what im interested in or does it mean i truly belive id be a good cop or what?

Example: What does it mean to dream of guns?

I dreamed that someone rang my doorbell and asked to use the toilet. He was dresed in the uniform of a local shop, so I wasn't suspicious. But as I opened the gate he reached into his pants where he had a gun concealed. I grabbed the gun from him and managed to escape, but didn't know if he was still in the house or if he had another weapon. I think I may have shot him, too.

For some background, I strongly disapprove of guns for anyone except the police.

Example: What does it mean when I dream about a gun?

I dreamt that I was at my grandmas house, it's a really bad neighborhood (south central). This guy was walking up to me with a gun but he just told me to be quiet. He was trying to kill this other guy with these two teens my age. Then I just hear a gun shot and they killed who ever they were wanting to kill. Pretty simple dream but yeahhh... Anyone know what it means?

Example: What does it means to dream you stole a gun?

I don't like to steal and I don't like thieves. It was weird. I stole a gun from an old couple. It was a big gun. I dont know what kind it was. Look like one that you would find in a cartoon. Except it didn't look like a cartoon.

Then later I ended up taking care of them like family. In the dream I didnt know what came over me.

I really don't do anything to harm others.

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