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Dream About H meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

used to go to a small school of 200 kids and it was a cathoic school everyone there was very conservative, not the kids tho.I went there K-8.I was so sad to be leaving the school and it has been three months since i have graduated and I started having these dreams they were very weird.So my first dream was that I went back to the school to volunteer and I went to a friends mother's classroom and when I finished the work she gave me two pictures of cut out butterflies as a reward which offcourse woauld be useless to me.Then what happened was i went into the hallway with her daughter and then saw part of my class and our old teacher who was a total * pulled us into the classroom and i was lyk wut? but anyways then she starts talking and teacing and brings my friend up to the board but in real life she moved a week ago.Then she took one of my friends fones away and i started talking to my friends and she called on me and i had no idea wut she was talkin bout then she said wait 10 seconds and give me the answer I was thinkin that I should * slap her but my dream ended.In my next dream I was in a dorm room and there is this lyk stress releaver thing my teacher gave me and me and my friends drew aa penis on it then the principal of the old school came in and found it and got extremely mad and she said il have to keep that and she was lyk keep it next to the sexy lotion in my office,but the thing is she would never say that and her office looked exactly lyk my dad's office room.Then I tryed to find the lotion but couldnt so I put it in a random spot and she started to scream at me.


wut do these dreams mean?

where it is starred it is the other word for a female dog

b i t c h

Dreams are a fragment of your imagination, experiences, fears or desires and usually don't mean anything. There are all sorts of claims and conjectures about what dreams mean, mostly based on wish-fulfillment or fears. It's intriguing to think about because the events of our recent lives seem to play out in our dreams in odd ways, but the "theories" of interpretation are merely someone's opinion and not based on anything substantial or objective or scientific. Your particular dream is a reflection of your thoughts, nothing more.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream last night...can you tell me what it means?
ok there was two girls, let's call them T and S and two guys we are gona call them W and H. oh, H is a guy i have a huge crush on and he knows it, and W is one of my best guy friends. S is someone i talk to, and T used to live by me.

we were at my school. and i was with W and H. i sent my mom a text asking if i had to work and she said yes so i had to hurry and leave.
somehow we ended up upstairs, and we came downstairs. then H and T were in the bathroom kissing, and i pretended i didn't notice. then H went up to S and kissed her. he came up to me and tried to kiss me, but i turned my head. he tried again and i wouldn't let him. then i started running away and leavin, saying i had to work. H started following me then he stopped me. something i said ( i can't remember what) made him start running away, and i chased after him calling his name. he stopped, and to set things straight, i asked him if he liked me. he said no, and he said he used to before the wedding, but now he doesn't and there was something about a divorce too.

i have no idea what wedding was being talked about, cuz he's only 15. and his parents arent' having any problems...

please tell me what this means? it's all confuseing and weird, but please answer anyways?

Example: What does this weird dream mean?

Ok this dream involves 4 schools. 3 of the schools i have been to and the other is down the road but i have never been to. First i went to School H for 6 years and loved it then we moved countries. I went to School W for 1 year to finish primary and didn't like it that much. I go to school C now and like it. I had this dream that I went to school and we were at school H with the people from school H and C. We had all th teachers from school C. We wore school T's uniform 9the school i have never been to) My least fave teacher from school C (a music teacher) had us for music and we were playing music and she made me do a solo. I am really shy and i didn't know the words so i sort of made some stuff up and hummed a bit and everyone laughed. i flushed bright red even the teacher laughed at me. then she made me do it again and said the words are on the board so i sang and did alright.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay I'm a guy and I have a crush on a Muslim guy in my grade. He recently made a facebook. Anyways, since the first day of school I've been hoping that he was gay and at least interested in me. Last night night I had a dream that he changed his profile picture to a pic of him kissing his (hypothetical) Muslim girlfriend on the cheek, and she was giggling. I wrote on his wall something about finally getting a profile picture in a light-hearted tone, but of course inside I felt heartbroken.. He also changed the [Dating Interest] column to females only. This morning after I woke up (because I thought all of it was real until now) I checked his profile and he still didn't have a picture, his relationship status and orientation were empty (as before), and of course my comment wasn't there.

The obvious interpretation is that my subconscious is putting my fears and dreads into dream form and assaulting my peaceful nights with it, but I was wondering if anything deeper could be extracted from it? For example the fact that his hypothetical girlfriend was also a Muslim.


i had this dream that in my orchestra class there was this girl that i really hate. she was sittig next to this boy that me and my friends always tease, and she was flirting w/ him. then she wrote something on her arm and she ran up to the teacher and yelled "jacob just wrote on my arm!" then the teacher said "ok, ok, sit down" but then she got this little piece of paper and wrote at the bottom "leeza is becoming a *" [i am leeza btw] then she told the teacher that i wrote it and i got in trouble. but when i woke up, i was like wtf! why would someone believe that i called myself a *?

Example: What does this vivid dream mean ?

I find myself laying on the ground watching people walk away, b/c they are walking away i can't see their faces until they turn around. The people walking away are some of my friends and their dressed in suits. I yell something but i but for some reason my mind leaves no audio so i don't here what i say. I then stand up and pull a gun from the back of my pants and proceed to kill my friends, and they fall to the ground the start repeating the word "follow" over and over again. Can someone tell me what the h, e double hockey sticks this dream means.

Example: What the heck could this dream mean?

I will do the best I can to explain this.

My ex-wife came to pick up my daughter, after she gets her I am walking to my car that wasn't there. So I was walking to the train and saw some people fishing. as I walked over to them, someone was casting their line and caught my thumb, I screamed and as i pulled the hook out, half my thumb fell off. I put it in my pocket and said I needed a ride to the hospital, but as we were going to the car to get to the hospital, we ended up in a mall. I was showing my thumb to alot of people and I was asking them something (I don't know what I was asking them)
From there I was leaving a go go bar through the back entrance, there was a boat ramp and i had my boat there. While I was leaving, someone told me that one of the dancers (who I used to date in real life) had killed one of my kids.
So now I still have half my thumb in my pocket and I am looking for this dancer to hurt her.

Thats about it the best I can do to put it into words

Any thoughts as to what this could mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

last night i had a weird dream about my boyfriend admitting that he is cheating on me ...me and him were at my grandmas house n that my whole family was there so he has an ex named rocio which i never met ..so he was using my grandmas house phone n talking outside nowhere near me so i wouldnt hear n h went straight to the room and disconnected the phone n took out the battery i remember asking him are u cheating on me n he noods his head and says yes nd starts crying i slap him and thats when i get the number n call her its his ex rocio n she tels me that they have 2 months going out behind my back ...but yet she's cool with it ..so what could this dream mean? is he cheting on me? help me ive been having alot of weird dreams about him n im seeking the truth

Example: Is there a root word for dream?

For example the root word port means to carry is there any root word that means to dream or dream?

Example: Do my cheating dreams mean something?

The other night i had a dream that i gave my ex-bf h**d. Me and my current g/f (i'm a girl) tell each other everything so i told her about my dream and she FREAKED and is convinced im not over my ex, i say its not big deal. could she be right?

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