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Dream About Hair Clippers meanings

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Example: Dream meaning plz help10pts?

I had a dream the other night that I looked in the mirror and then my x bf told me I was wearing a wig. I took off the wig and discovered that I had shaved off the upper part of my hair with clippers. I was horrified and upset and started to shave off the other half then stoped and decided maybe I wouldn't. Then woke up. What is the meaning of this deam? 10 pts best answer. Thanks in advance!I

EX = things that past, regret
wig = cover up, attention seeking
upper part being shaved off = shame, things you don't want to reveal

Your dream may indicate some insecurities in you. Since this dream is related to your ex, that may imply insecurities in relationship whether you have it now or not. You projected ex by told you stuff that you do not want others to know, that is a symbolic way to say that you may feel regret about mistake that was made before and you do not want to make it again.

Again, whether this is about current or ex relationship, you know best. Your dream basically indicates things you feel regret and that dream pretty much says it all.

Example: What does it mean to dream about cutting someones hair?

I had a weird dream where I was sitting on a bed, reading something I wasn't supposed to, with some red head boy (Think of Ron from Harry Potter :P ) and these people came in, holding clippers, demanding I cut my hair. I told them no, I liked my hair long, and it was going to stay long. They got mad, threw them down on the bed and left. I held them up, and began cutting the read head's hair shorter than before. It was a kinda shag haircut, and I just cut it slightly shorter (In a way to the length I prefer a guy's hair to be) I kept perfecting it too. I began making sure everything was even, and that nothing was cut wrong. I kept apologizing for this one spot that was uneven because I couldn't fix it. He kept saying it was okay, but I kept saying sorry.
Then I began kissing him, and before it went to far, I was jolted awake by the alarm clock.

Probably means nothing, but it was a very odd dream.

Example: Dream meaning shaving off hald my hair? 10pts?

I had a dream the other night that I looked in the mirror and then my x bf told me I was wearing a wig. I took off the wig and discovered that I had shaved off the upper part of my hair with clippers. I was horrified and upset and started to shave off the other half when I woke up. What is the meaning of this deam? 10 pts best answer. Thanks in advance!

Example: In my dream last night , i cut my neighbour hair with a clipper?

but clipper pulled his hair and he was a bit hurt or something ..pls interpret

Example: What Does My Dream Means?

Last night I dreamt that I was shaving my own hair off completely with scissors first then as I was reaching for the clippers I woke up.
I have loooong beautiful hair that goes below my butt and love it. It's precious to me. Why did I dream of this? When I woke up I was scared that I was bold. I didn't like my dream :'(

Example: What could this bad dream where someone shaved off a chunk of my hair mean?

I have very long hair that I'm proud of. In this dream someone (a person I'm just getting to know) took the buzz clipper things and shaved off a large chunk of my hair.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have very long dark hair down to my butt. last night i had a dream that a man used a hair clipper and cut my hair up to my shoulders. When i realized what he had done i tryed to put my hair back on like an extension. It was just wierd to me Does any one know what this means? Thank you guys.

Example: What does it mean when your dreams are so complicated, you swear you're watching a movie?

Starting 2 weeks ago, I've been having dreams that make absolutely no sense. The majority of the dreams have a reoccuring theme of violence. I myself am not in the dreams, nor anybody I know. Just random people. The dreams are VERY long. So long, I realize I'm dreaming and I feel like pulling my hair out because I can't wake up. The dreams are VERY random, and very complicated. For example: last nights dream was about another dimension where a future apocalyptic setting occurred. Many of the people are dressed like the characters from Mad Max 2: road warrior. I remember seeing a small child with 2 sharp hooked weapons, attack a man and make him fall off the top of a building.

Like I said, very RANDOM. I also wake up with headaches now, like my brain has been overworked or something.

Example: I had dream that I was cutting hair and ironing clothes; can someone interpret?

I went to dream-of and look to see what it means. Don't give me answers saying go to that website or anything from dream-of or from any other online dream dictionaries.

You know, dreams have meaning to them. Every a person has a dream that can tell that person something. I don't want answers saying, it was just a dream, that dreams don't mean anything, you should of not ate that before you went to bed, or you watch too much TV. Plus, don't use any bible verses or links to bible verses, because they cannot interpret dreams. I want your own interpretation and I only want serious answers please.

I was in my bed under my covers using my clippers with a guard on it cutting my hair. After that, I was now on the floor ironing my clothes when I notice some rust water was coming out of the iron and ruining my clothes. So I decided to put the clothes in the washing machine to get washed. Now, I was back in my room now ironing my quilt and some rust water stains got on the quilt. I sprayed the stained with some white spray cleaner. After that, the dream was over.

Example: Plz help me interpret this strange dream I had...?

There was a family get-together at my house like we normally have. This kid I know who's always the **hole in these meetings was there, named 'Kiwi' in the dream. He always has fun messing around with adults. This time he had a hair clipper and cut some of my hair while I wasn't looking. I got mad and grabbed him, walked him to where the parents were.

One of the adults(not his parent), asked whose fault it was. I said it was mine and all of a sudden I was on my belly on the floor. He whipped me, which I came to notice was fake. After that I never got to see the kid, nor did he bother me again.

I totally forgot about the kid when this other girl got my attention. She looked smart and beautiful. She was talking about how you could use multiplication and division signs in a way different from the math way. This got me more interested in her and what she was saying. We went to my room and started talking that kind of stuff. We seemed to fit perfectly, but I didn't even know her.

Later, two little twin girls walked in. I thought they were her sisters or something. I said to her,"Please don't let any kids in here." Later I didn't even care, because they seemed pretty cool too.
Then a while later, my three younger sisters were at the door standing and listening too. I didn't like it at first, but then again I let them listen.

A 'Low Battery' beep alert from my laptop got me up.

Can you help me interpret the meaning of this dream?

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