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Dream About Hair Dresser meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Wondering what this dream could possibly mean?

It started off by me being woken up by someone taking a shower, and then going in my room. I thought maybe it was my mom, so I got up, in my PJ’s and all. It turned out to be Jeff (A guy I‘ve liked for three years), standing in front of my dresser brushing his wet hair. At first, I was like, “Holy crap, what is he doing in my room?” but then I mellowed out because apparently this wasn’t the first time he had been over.

“Hey Tiff,” he says.

“Hello,” I say, not even worried my hair was a mess. I was so comfortable as I stood there next to him. It was eerie.

And at that point, my fish tank begins to leak for some reason and the water is just slowly seeping out of it. And then Jeff finds the source of it, and makes the water leak even more. But, I didn’t care for some reason after he did that. I just let it leak.

All I could think about was this school year and if we had a class together, it won’t be awkward, so I was really obnoxiously happy.

Then he goes out to my living room, and then to the kitchen to grab some coffee. My dad comes in the house and greets him, and they chat. I can’t remember now what they were talking about, but it had something to do with a joke.

Then Jeff says while laughing, “Okay, Mr. Don.” And walks out the door.

Right when he walks out the door, I race to my dad and say, “That’s Jeff!” because I apparently talked about him a lot and was excited my dad actually saw him. But then all these questions flowed through my head about why he is here in the first place and how my dad knew him.

My dad nods his head and smiles. Then he walks in the kitchen and I follow.
“Why does he keep coming over here? Is it because his shower is broken?”
And then my dad says something startling.

“No. When I was working in North Carolina, he was arrested in front of me at a Wal-Mart and I bailed him out jail. I felt sorry for him. He told me he lived here in Florida, so when it was time to come back home, I brought him with me.”

I didn’t say anything, but looked at a box of Captain Crunch with weird cookie dough pieces added to it.

Then I say, “His dad works for a crane company.” I wonder where that came from . . . .

My dad then says, “Oh yeah, his parents are good friends with Tom (my grandma’s husband who owns a crane company as well) and Scott (my uncle) even worked for them from time to time.”

Then my dream ENDS, sadly enough.

What could it mean?

Weird dream. The dream sounds like even though you feel like Jeff is great and all, he might not be so great and there is probably a lot you don't know about him. Maybe you are worried what your father would think of him.

Example: Please tell me what my dream means?

I had a dream last night, I had long brown hair with red highlights (i actually have mid length blonde hair) I had an injury to my right foot and it was all crusty. I was told i had to have an operation and then they moved me somewhere (probably another hospital)

but then i woke up!

Example: Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

A lil background...i got raped 5 years ago in new orleans, la and up to about 3 weeks ago I haven't dreamed at all, im not supposed to. i am on meds that r supposed to keep me from dreaming, about a month ago i found out my dad only had 6-12 months left. Last night (this morning) i went to bed around 4:30-5:30am ish and i originally started dreaming about being some city that was known for school/college kids partying alot and i met up w/this familiar looking girl in this dingy motel with nothing but my envoy and cell w/ me and we started partying somewhere near a beach. then it started going to this huge school and it being the last day of school and i met up with a long lost friend whom i separated with on bad terms and we hugged each other and he gave me his cell phone then we got separated, but that's when it got weird, at this school i forgotten my cell and when i went back to get it i ran into a make believe family member of my ex husband who was a hair dresser and we r in a completely different city (half new orleans half new york, boston looking area)...there i ran into anyone that had been involved in my life someway, somehow along my life along with my parents especially my dad who is terminal and can't walk very well, my WHOLE family was there and they were telling me goodbye for some reason (right now i spend 40-60 hrs/week taking care of my dad) and we were going to dinner, catching up with people even my dads side of the family was there (and i haven't spoken to them for years bc they r trying to screw my dad out of his inheritance.), the fake ex's family members daughter was a hairdresser that was giving me some weird hair extensions, i also snuck into the daughters dorm and stole her clothes without her roommate saying anything. then i went to bed in this luxury hotel and when we woke up we were walking around and this black guy that i think treated me bad earlier in this dream gave me his tricked out cadillac escapade limo thing and a HUGE HUGE wad of cash, i spent the rest of the dream trying to bounce back from meeting w/friends to hanging out w/ the family, shopping and trying to get these hair extensions and at one point my mom looked over at me like she was about to loose me FOREVER and i said what r u looking at me like that for, i will be back. and i remember i kept saying "i love this place as i was driving around trying to make everyone happy. and somewhere towards the end i met back up with that girl to grab my stuff and every guy in the dream was drooling over how hot i was, and my hair was long in the dream ( i just cut off 12 inches)...WTF does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean!?

So, i had this dream a couple of months ago and I suppose it's safe to say that i'm obsessed with it. I think about it all the time. It practically invades my thoughts. So here it is.
It started out with me in this garage. I was looking for a baseball (i don't play baseball so i don't know.) The walls of the garage were wooden, but it was painted red. There was shelves of tools, and tools hanging up on hooks. There was a built-in bench made of wood that was painted red as well. The garage was connected to the house. There was a brown station wagon parked in garage. Even though they weren't in the dream, i knew that these people lived there. There was the wife, who had blonde hair and the husband who was a bit heavy set, and was bald on top. The blonde-haired wife had glasses. (May I mind you, i don't have any idea who these people are in real life.) I felt like I knew this house. I knew every aspect of it. I felt like I was in a different time period, as if it was the late 80s. I found the baseball and since the garage door was open, I darted out into their drive way. I was in this neighborhood that seemed very familiar. As if I lived there myself. There were houses lining the streets, and garbage cans in the road. Basketball nets, etc. But nobody was around. Nobody in sight. I heard birds chirping, but that's it. Suddenly, I blink my eyes and I'm inside the house whose garage, I was just in. I was in their son's bedroom. The bedroom had the walls were painted blue. His shades were down. The closet door was wooden-brown, along with his bedroom furniture. The border of the room was brown wood too. I felt like I knew this kid, and his bedroom. The kid was a year older than me so that'd make him 15. He had blonde hair, and he was actually rather good looking. His bedsheets were plaid, and he had a twin mattress. He had a small RCA tv on his dresser that had "Different Strokes" on. And we were sitting on his bed talking about how we both like that show. I remember him having this poster on his wall, that said "Flotsam and Jetsam" which I have no idea what the hell "Flotsam and Jetsam" is. It seemed to be some sort of band, that I don't know. For some reason that song, "Bennie and The Jets" was playing in the background, as if it was coming from downstairs. His door was shut. Then suddenly, he stands up and walks by the door and goes "You can't be here! This isn't yours! Get out! You can't do anything here! Please go!" and he starts panicking. So, me I'm just sitting on his bed and I'm like "What?!" and then I realize that I have no idea where I am and I start to worry. He shrugs and then he comes over to me and like I'm sitting at the edge of his bed. He acts like he's about to kiss me so I lean back. He starts smiling and says something like "this is really bad. i dont even know why your here. this is crazy" and the dream ends. I feel like I know this kid. It's annoying the hell out of me. He has dark brown eyes, and a small birthmark on his arm. Everything is so detailed. Everything. And for some strange reason I feel like the house/neighborhood I'm dreaming about is somewhere in Nassau County, Long Island where my aunt lives? I know, I know. I sound crazy. But I know for a fact that this dream takes place in the late 80's, and I know for a fact that this person is an adult right now. I don't know why I keep thinking about this. Considering this dream happened in March, and It's now August and I'm only 14 and this is really scaring me. I really think about it all the time. I don't know my feelings about this person. As if i love them or something. I don't know. Its strange. Someone tell me what this means.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and my friend Courtney were in front of this live theatre, participating in a weird contest were the contestants compete to see how many hula hoop like objects they can fit on their bodies without any falling off. Courtney won, and I failed miserably. Suddenly I remembered I was missing my boyfriend, JD. I briskly walked up the stairs of the theatre in search of him. The more doors I opened looking for him, the more lost I became and the more the theatre started to look like a house. The farther I searched, the fewer people I came across and I soon found myself hoplessly lost. No matter how much I backtracked, I could not find my way back to the theatre. I ran through the house, room after room. Each one looking different, with strangers' family pictures hanging from the walls, vanities and dressers, all perfectly clean. Some rooms were dimly lit, others bright with multiple windows. I remember this one picture in particular, it was propped up on a dresser; a portrait of a man with black, shoulder length hair and a pointy nose that matched his pointy chin. In the photograph, he was wearing this evil, toothy grin, and I remember thinking that it was as if he was laughing at me, running through the vacant hallways and doors in desprate search of civilization. I looked at the portrait for a minute, and moved on. The next door I came across revealed to me a brightly lit staircase. I was so excited for some reason...I ran down the stairs and entered into a sunny room with huge bay windows, a fireplace on the right side, and a big white bed with lots of pillows. I felt drawn to the window, so as I walked over to it I wasn't watching where I was going and I heard a sharp cracking noise beneath my feet. I looked down and saw that in front of the cozy fireplace, there lay a huge rectangular mirror on the floor, which i had stepped on and broke. I looked at my cracked reflection on the ground for a few seconds before it filmed over in red. My foot was oozing blood over the half shattered mirror and the flawless white carpet. The only thing to do was to hurry on to the next room. As I opened the next door, I was shocked to see a fat man in an apron with white hair and glasses. But he wasn't that old...maybe 40-45. He turned around from polishing the mirrors and greeted me, I said hello back. I remember being terrified at the thought that he would decide to enter the room that I had previously been in and see the destroyed mirror, not to mention the stained carpet. I told him I was lost and he promised to get me back to the theatre. I didn't trust him. He turned and led me into the room with the bloody mirror, and fury swept over his face. He stopped to look at the mess silently with wide eyes. I stayed quiet, hoping he wouldn't think to look for my sliced up foot I had been walking on. He then went to the closet and pulled open another door that I had never noticed. In the next room there was a young woman probably in her twenties with the same apron as the man. She had brown hair about the same length as mine. I could tell she was friendly, and somehow I trusted her unlike the man. Her name was Sarah. The man explained to her that I was lost and needed to get back to the theatre. So the 3 of us continued on until Sarah and I heard a door shut and lock behind us. We turned around, but the man was no longer there. He had locked us in at the bottom of a dark staircase. Sarah started screaming, once we got stuck in this never ending house, there was no getting out unless you knew the exact way, which she did not. I calmly decided the only thing to do was to move on, and try door after door, room after horrifying room. The last door I opened led to a empty dark hallway that was covered in cracked flowery wallpaper, probably 20 feet long. At the end I could see a curtain, so we shut the door behind us and walked to the curtain hoping there was a door behind it. But as we flew back the curtain there was nothing but more cracked flowery wallpaper. Sarah and I turned around ready to go back the way we came, but the door had disappeared. Vanished, in its place there was nothing but a wall. We were finally completely stuck. Then I woke up.

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams about long hair?

In reality i am 34 and have shoulder length hair, its a bit on the damaged side too since some idiot hair dresser kinda screwed up mu highlights a while back.

anyway, i dreamed that i had the most beautiful long dark brown hair ...it was really really healthy and was flowing around, kinda what you see in hair commercials .

i am also currently going thru a phase where this guy i have been dating for a few months is very distant , and the truth is there is no reason for it.
could this dream be related to my state of mind?

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you are getting a haircut?

I had a dream that I was getting a hair cut in the barbershop, and that there were two ladies at the barbershop, anybody knows what this dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream and it was like this:

I worked at Wal-Mart (random right) and everybody there has like pink streaks or green streaks in their hair. This girl worked there with me and she was my "sister" supposedly. She always got all the attention so I was going crazy. I was throwing things and jumping on the shelves and so on and so forth. Also, no matter what I was always in trouble but never fired. My "sister" was always the center of attention.

In real life: I want pink or green streaks in my hair but haven't gotten them yet. I have no sisters and I don't work at Wal-Mart.
My best friend is kind of like this, and she went on vacation. She'll be back tomorrow.

I can't help but think this is supposed to mean something, but I don't know why.

Example: I used to have really creepy dreams about a doll fallng off a dresser and I'd wake right before it broke. Why?

I used to dream right before I'd wake up that there was a doll falling off a dresser in a blue sunlit room that I didn't recognise. I never played with dolls as a child, and I had never seen the dresser or doll before when I was awake. It was a porcalain doll with a blue and white checkered dress and had brown curly hair. I would watch it fall, and then right before it hit the ground, I would wake up and fall onto by bed like the doll was about to onto the ground. This has bothered me for years, I only had these dreams when I was a little, but I remember them perfectly in detail, and it kind of freaks me out. Any Ideas what this might be about?

Example: What does my dream mean?

It was dark. there were 3 girls 2 didnt like me and they were sticking their heads thru this gray wall with holes in it to look at this good looking boy whenever he passed by. i was standing on a brown dresser and one of the girls with brown hair tried to shake me off but i didnt fall so she started tickling my feet but failed again. so i got off it [ and then i was in a different part of the dream. ]
i saw this older guy with a pot belly, he had no hyghene n he looked like a redneck and his older friend who looked professional and clean was talking with a cop but the guys were smiling and the cop was serious. they were in grass and i was in rocks watching quietly. then the 2 guys walked together to the rednecks house and it seemed like they were gay which i didnt mind. also i stole a cop bike n i dont remember if anyone chased me or not. [but then i was back to the other part of the dream]

it was almost pitch black in my room and the girls were gone and i killed something and there was blood on me so i picked up a sledge hammer [and right infront of my door was the kitchen with a little dim light and beside it was a dark hall] so i stepped into the hall and walked away from it and i picked up a scary movie and walked into the living room and put the dvd in the vcr and it started playing then i saw this little black dog with a head on the front and the back and it was screeching everytime it ran up and down the hall. i held the sledge hammer up and it was running towards me and stopped infront of me, i touched it with my hand and it didnt do anything. but i saw that there was a cochroach under its foot. [then i woke up]

what does all this mean? what do the colors mean: blood red, light brown, dark brown, black, grey, ocean blue, grass green, ect.

and the things i sawand what do the things i saw represent? eg: wielding a weapon, cop, cop bike, the 2 men, houses, black rooms, a cockroach under the dog things paw, ect.?
Please help if you are an expert at dreams or if u have a dream book :) thank you.

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