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Dream About Hair Loss meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can some one tell me what this dream means? I'm at a loss on this one?

I sat there on the cold ground with the salt burning in my eyes as the tears ran down my face and soaked my shirt. Mixing with the blood from my wrists as I wiped my cheek. I couldn't stop shaking.my muscles twitching uncontrollably. Teeth grinding tight , the front four scraping as my jaws came together. Unable to speak out. The weight inside my chest pushing out violently then pressing shut so tightly that I could almost feel the point of suffocation between breaths. I pressed my face against the the brick wall, soaked with my sweat, and my tears, and my blood. I pushed the metal cylinder to my teeth. The metallic taste firing through the nerve endings as I bit down.My thoughts slowed and fell away like an ember turning to an ash. All the fire cooling. I thought about her again. The tears stopped. And I knew what I had to do.Minutes later, I'm walking down the sidewalk. A crowd is gathered on the opposite side of the street and I am drawn towards them. My legs taking over as if in an involuntary reflex. I cross the street thinking to myself how effortless a task this is. Only seconds earlier, the avenue was filled with the business of cars whizzing by; almost as if the drivers on the near side were all speeding towards what must have been something spectacular and not worth missing, given the hurry they seemed to be in. While the drivers on the far side seemed have already been there and could not get away from that place quickly enough. But as I found myself in the middle of this street, there was no traffic. No cars to dodge, no people walking. Nothing but the still city, the frozen crowd on that far sidewalk, and a soft, dry wind blowing across my still bloody shirt. My foot touches the curb and the city resumes. I step into the crowd. I attempt to speak to a woman. She is beautiful with long, red hair. She is very professionally dressed and groomed. I want to see what color her eyes are, but I cant as she is looking up. I wonder what she is looking at. I turn around to attempt to speak with some one else. A man. There is nothing distinguishing about this man. Average height. Average build and looks. Completely average. Absolutely nothing about him would ever make seem distinguishing to anyone. I think about how funny it would be to watch him in a police lineup. He would be the guilty man and the eye witness would never even recognize him due to the fact that he was so very average looking. And how he would simply walk out of the jail house and fade right back into the crowd never to be found again. I attempt to speak with him but he only stands there looking up as well. As I look around myself I come to realize that everyone in the crowd is looking at some far off thing above them. They are all completely silent as they watch. I look up too. There is a building in front of us. As my eyes pan up I see the front lobby and above that, thirty or forty more stories.Atop all the windows and people wandering aimlessly within them, no doubt fulfilling some mundane and meaningless office task, there is more concrete and glass stretching toward the sky . By the time I can see the top of the building I can only make out the silhouette of the structure meeting the blue sky. There is something else. Breaking the sharp lines of the building against the sky there is a figure. So small, but undeniably a person standing at the edge of the roofline. The silence of the crowds awe becomes broken as some begins to cheer. Then the others follow. "Jump. Jump. Jump...", over and over until their voices fall into perfect unison and they continue. Their cheers are so loud that I cover my ears, but continue to look up. The figure falls and everyone grows silent. I watch. Story after story he silently falls. His arms are outstretched and he falls gracefully in an almost swan dive position. He falls. Second after second he becomes closer and more visible. He is going to land at my feet, but I am frozen. He continues to fall and then... He pauses, at my eye level. His arms are outstretched. His jacket is caught by the air within it. His head tilts upward and as I see his face and he looks at mine I realize that the man falling is myself.

This is an anxiety dream. Your frustration is apparent. You need to communicate and you are being stiffled. The blood and tears are symbols of your creativity going to waste. The building represents your ambitions to succeed. Your life and your creativity are one. In the dream you are making many attempts at suicide, but not succeeding. Your creativity will not die. write... write... write. get it out.
You can publish your own books you know. I have done it. You have them printed yourself. All the book stores will accept about 50 copies to be sold.
I wish you the best...

Example: What does it mean when i lose my hair in a dream ?

had a dreamt where i woke up and sat on a chair combed my hair and as i was combing my hair a strand of hair fell off, i couldnt tell if it was my eyebrows or front section of hair so i touched my eyebrows to check on them, they fell too

Example: What does this dream mean?


I had a very strange dream that i was in front of the mirror and i had a small eyebrow comb and proceeded to brush one of my eyebrows, as i did, my eyebrow just dropped off. At this point i started to freak out, and for precaution (don't ask me why) i got a damp tissue and then wiped the other eyebrow, as i wiped the eyebrow- the other eyebrow came off. This may be hilarious to some but this is my dream, no exaggeration. Then i just looked at the mirror in shock where my eyebrows used to be...then started to ask myself why this happened, when i remember i recently used a cream hair removal application, and thought well that must be the reason as i must have had it on my hand and touched my eyebrows.

If you could shed some light on this dream, that would be helpful, thanks.

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming that you were growing facial hair ?

Im a girl and anywho I had a dream that I was growing a beard , I heard that certain dreams have meanings to them .

Example: Hair loss in dream meaning?

I had a dream the other night. I was combing out the back of my hair. It was straight and black like it is in real life. But when I took the comb away, I had a chunk of long, straight hair in the comb. I knew I lost some hair, but when I went to go touch the bald spot, there was none.It was just a short patch of hair in its place, so it didn't look like there was a bald spot. I've tried looking on different sites that tell you about dreams, but I've gotten mixed answers. Anyone that can help me, I would really appreciate it! :)

Example: Hair cutting dream, what does it mean?

In the dream I had cut my own hair and I was so horrified and I kept trying to hide it. I know it means something but I dont know what. Anybody know?

Example: What does a dream where my hair keeps changing colour mean?

Example: Meaning of dreams?

I have three dreams that I think have same meaning I had them at least five times each.
1) I have a cancer sometimes people are ok sometimes people leave me alone and I loose my hair but that's it
2)I have a boyfriend who is in the marines and he has to go to Iraq and gets injuried
3) I play hockey and get injuried and am not able to play for the rest of the seasson

In real life I'm single, no cancer and don't play hockey

Example: Hair dream interpretation?

So I've had this same hair dream twice. I wake up look in the mirror I notice that my dark brown hair is a little lighter, them I keep looking through my hair and patches of it are a deep red or Platinum blonde(almost white) to the point where it looks like a disease and I start freaking out in my dream. It's kinda scary even though it doesn't sound scary, what could it mean?

Example: What does this dream about pulling out my hair mean?

In my dream I had really long, thick, soft, shiny hair. It was golden blonde and like from a shampoo commercial. I have nice hair in real life but not like that and its just my natural dirty blonde color. Well I was running my fingers through it and I pulled out a chunk of it. I thought it was strange that so much came out and it didn't hurt. So I tried it again and another chunk came out painlessly. I still had so much hair I didn't even care and continued running my fingers through it. So what kind of meaning could that have?

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