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Dream About Hair Of A Newborn meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Do Pregnancy Dreams Mean?

I'm not married or even dating anyone, and I keep having these dreams where I'm either a) pregnant or b) just had newborn babies. Without anything new-agey or occult-ish, can anyone interpret these types of dreams? Thanks.

Whenever I have dreams that I am pregnant, I feel like I am not in control of my life. Thus, getting pregnant is like...I am not control of my life, but life keeps throwing me these huge responsibilities that I am not ready to take on or even want to take on...like getting pregnant when I am not ready to have a baby! I used to think that I am about to give "birth" to something new, but.I decided that wasn't the case.

I had a dream that I was getting married and I HATED my wedding dress, because I bought it at Target for really cheap. AND my hair was just BAD looking, buhahaha

Example: What does this dream mean?

I just woke up from a pretty disturbing dream..

There was this teen couple who were hanging out and then the girl excused herself to the bathroom. She didn't know she was pregnant so as she was sitting on the toilet, the newborn fell into the bowl. She called in her boyfriend, they started panicking and they started vomiting all over the place. For some reason, I was in there. I had my head down because I hate seeing people throw up. So I slowly crawled in to bathtub, my head still down. Then they started saying, "It's your fault!", to something or someone and they threw all of their vomit on top of me while one said, "All over her hair!". I then started screaming for my mom and my little sister walked in and I screamed for her to get my dad or mom. I walked out into the livingroom of my OLD house and my dad (he passed away last year), was laying on it watching the news like he used to. I explained to him what had happened and the dream ended with him saying, "Ew, you're going to look gross all weekend!"

What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about your future daughter?

I'm now single, 18, abstinent, and know for a fact I am NOT pregnant and certainly do not want a child yet. I broke up with my boyfriend a couple days ago. The night before that happened, I dreamed of something that I never thought I would've dreamed about. This is all I remember:
I was in my house and started walking towards the kitchen. As I got closer, I saw James, who is now my ex, standing near the kitchen counter and on the counter, I also saw this little girl (Maybe about 2 or 3 years old) sitting there with a smile on her face. The way she smiled made me feel happy and glittery inside.
I remember her face, she was so beautiful. She had a light complexion, which was close to James' skin color, had beautiful brown/ hazel eyes with long eyelashes, her hair was dirty blonde (like James) and in curls.
She was wearing a pink and white dress with little white socks and shiny black shoes.
I looked at James. He smiled brightly and looked at her. And then it hit me: This little girl was my daughter! He said to her, "Say hi to Mommy.". And she did. She said, "Mommy! Hi Mommy!" and then let out this cute little laugh and smiled at me the whole time. I smiled back and said hi.
And that's all I remember.
What's kind of scary is that, when we were about to hang up, he said, "Maybe we'll be together one day." I told him, "Yeah.. Maybe..". I know it's something that I shouldn't really think about too hard but what if.. what if it connects to this dream?
Also, the night we broke up, I dreamed that I was in the kitchen again, but standing on the opposite corner of the counter. My cousin's best friend, Joey, pushed a stroller near me and stared at me for a couple short seconds. He was shirtless and holding a newborn baby but I knew for a fact that it wasn't mine. It was someone else's. He passed the baby to me and gave it back to him and walked off somewhere. That felt uncomfortable and weird. I don't know why he was in my dream. I view him as of a younger brother, really. Odd.
This is weird.. dreaming of my future child and a newborn (that is not mine) two nights in a row... I don't get it.

What do you think?
What's your interpretation?

Example: Could my dream mean anything?

I had a dream just last night.. I was holding a newborn baby boy, he was my son.I was looking down at him. He had beautiful tan skin, black hair, and blue eyes. And i was having some kind of conversation with my mother about when i was a baby. Then i had a second dream.. but this time the baby was probably around 3 years old. He was so adorable, he was wearing jeans with a blue flannel shirt. I was watching him play with his toys. He picked up one of his toys from off the ground and offered it to me. But then i woke up.. This dream felt so realistic. It actually felt like i was holding a baby in my arms. I
actually felt love for this child.
Just wondering if it means anything at all :)

Example: What does these dreams of mine mean?

(if u can't be bothered to read all my dreams at least answer the ones u will bother to read please.)

Well latley I always have dreams that I have bfs in them, some I don't know, one is about my ex, some I do know but have never been out with...

(PS: You know dreams are weird and u'll meet some weirdnesses in my dreams now so don't start what a silly dream and stuff please.)

Dream 1

so I was out with this guy but he was a spirit, a dead person, but he was not diffarant from an alive one, he took me in Heaven but couldn't take me inside too far cus I wasn't dead, also we had children, one was ill and I dunno but it was normal that I shouldn't keep them, but if I wanted I could, there were many of them and all newborn and I decided that I would keep the ill one and he told me like smirking:" Heh, but why? " But he mean in a good way, like why do u bother to take care of my ill child(Dunno if he forgot that it was mine too) Also in that dream I was cheating on my bf with him (real bf I mean, we broke up in reality by the way and I would never cheat on my bf) and my real bf was agressive in that dream like weirdly agressive, since in reality hes not at all agressive and hot-headed. I know it's a little silly dream but I'm verry curious who was that guy and how was he in my dream if I do NOT know him and what does this weird dream of mine mean?.

Dream 2

I was loved by this guy, who was like verry mad at me, I do NOT know him in reality but I kind of remember his apparance, he had long(I'm not sure it was long but I think it was) grey or grey-white or like yellow-white or yellow-grey hair (more yellow-white or yellow-grey) (he was not old though, he was like 16-17) I remember this moment well: he was sitting verry sad and madly angry with a little red eyes full of tears, (God I forgot his name, I even remembered it) I slowly came closer to him calling his name automatically, he looked at me with his angry and misarable eyes, he told me what did I want, he was angry at me cus I didn't go out with him or dumped him I don't remember. I was a little afraid even but I trusted him so I sat down next to him, I tryed to talk to him but soon he started to shout at me about a silly detail (as I expected) All the time I felt sorry for him so I never argued back, I just tried to calm him down but he couldn't he just continiued yelling at me, soon my mom opened the door, a little listened to us saying on a slow and quite voice:" Omg.. How he's shouting at you Miley..(That's my name)) Soon she left. I only remember in his shouting that he wanted me back (Or was asking me out) I think in the end I agreed or was going to agree but I woke up..

Dream 3

I know this guy he's name is Danny (we were out as I remember, I think yes for 99%.), I think he likes me in reality and not only I think so but some of my friends and my mom say he does. I had a dream that me and Danny were in a dark yard, a garden, it was night and he was sitting in a um how's it called, well people hand it between 2 trees and sit and/or lay in it, so he was sitting there drinking a wine from a bottle, I had a bottle of wine too, I mean there were many of tham, as I don't love drinking I think I just drank a little or not at all since I was not drank,but Danny drank alot lot and I remember we heared older ones (parents probably) coming and we hid the bottles, some under stools, some under tables some he even spilled in pepsi lol... I don't know why he was so keen of wine when in reality he isn't verry much, well at least I don't think he'd get so super drunk. I don't remember how we ended up later and other I don't remember too..

Dream 4

I was with my ex bf,(My real ex bf) his nake is Charlie. in this dream and I think for 70% we didnt make up we were just buddies. We were camping together in one camp shelter (Or whatever it's called) and our beds were close (I know it's a little gross to hear but it's what I dreamed and NO we didnt do anything) me and Charlie were laying in them and he was hugging me not like a buddie... No nothing bad heppend in that dream just hugging and I would not lay in the same bed with a boy in reality... Latley I've had many dreams about Charlie, I still love him... Dreams like we're just talking, or we made up, or something like that.

Please, oh please, if u can tell me what my dreams mean, and the reason I'm so interested is that latley my dreams come true, like I dreamed that my parrot flew away and my cat killed it :(( I was feeling something would heppen to my poor parrot and one day when I woke up my stupid cat had killed it :((

Some of my dreams latley really do come true... Hope these dreams mean I'll find a good guy to forget Charlie (Though I think it's impossible) I love and adore him.. :(( Or hopefully I'll

Example: What could this dream mean? Very creepy.?

Last night, I dreamed that I was driving at night with my girlfriend and we heard a crash. As we drove a little farther up the road we noticed a train passing overhead on a bridge (not the kind where cars travel, but only trains), and a car on the road. The car had been hit by the train.

I slowed down to see the wreckage, and I saw that the man inside the car was still alive, and moving slightly. I stopped my car and ran to the other man's car to help. When I looked inside, there was a stereo equipped with a screen. I don't know if it matters, but the screen was about maybe 15 inches?

On the screen, there was a scene inside a hospital, with a newborn baby. At first, I was thinking that the man's wife had given birth, and for some reason he couldn't be there, so they had a sort of live feed from the hospital to the car so he could at least see his child.

I looked at him, and he was still moving slightly, and then I looked back at the screen. At this point, the camera was zoomed in on the baby, but its skin was gray, as with dead people. It had many cuts on its face, and its mouth taped shut. It looked almost...evil? Then the camera started to zoom out from the baby, and it was sitting on the man's shoulders in the car. I looked at the man, and the baby wasn't there, but when I looked back in the screen, there it was. I was also visible in the screen.

Then IM's started popping up on the car's screen saying "HELP ME", and they were making the sounds that IM's make. At that point I woke up, only to ACTUALLY HEAR the IM sounds coming from my laptop. My laptop is my alarm in the morning, except that isn't the sound that is supposed to be played. I have an actual song as my alarm. Later, I found out that I deleted the song from its folder, and since the alarm couldn't find the file, it was making a strange sound instead. But I do find it really strange the way it happened.

When I picked my girlfriend up this morning, I told her I had a crazy dream, and she said she had one too. I asked her to tell me hers first, and she told me:

"It was at night and I was looking out my window, and there was a lady in the street, running around screaming "HELP ME," pleading at the doors of houses, only to get no response from anyone. I texted you and asked if you had gotten home okay, and after you texted me back, I looked up and I was outside your apartment with you. We were in front of your door. You had your hand on the handle, but you were shaking and it seemed like you were scared to open it. I turned around and saw the lady running and screaming "HELP ME" still. When I turned to you, you disappeared, and your car was gone. I couldn't get into your place, and I didn't have my car, so I didn't know how to get home. All of a sudden, a police car came and I flagged him down. I got in the back seat and he said he would give me a ride back to my apartment. The lady was sitting in the front seat, with her hair covering her face, so I couldn't make out any of her features. When I asked the officer if he could see her, he said he couldn't.

Then she woke up.

I asked a friend of mine today, and she said that it could have something to do with us having a child?

Just to give some background information, we're very happy together, and we are planning on getting engaged very soon. Neither of us wants kids. Although she never wants kids, I'm not sure if I will one day or not.

Thank you to anyone who can interpret this! :) (P.S. maybe our dreams aren't related, but it just seemed strange because there was a woman screaming "HELP ME" in her dream, similar to the IM's popping up on the screen in my dream saying "HELP ME", and in my dream, I thought that it could be the baby's mother saying "HELP ME" through the IM's? I don't even know what to make of it, really. It's so weird.)

Example: What does my dream mean? Newborn baby girl...?

I'm not pregnant, not trying to be or anything along those lines. I had a dream that I had a baby girl, probably about 3 days old. She had a lot of dark brown hair, moved around a lot. Another big part of the dream was trying to decide her name. it ended up being Brooke. I'm lost as to what all this means?

Example: What does a newborn mean in a dream?

For the past two days I have dreamed that I had a baby girl. The first dream I had, I was playing with her on our bed with my hair. I can still remember the way she looked and laughed, her name was Mckalya then and about 8 months old. In the second dream she was just new born and I just got home with my bf, from the hospital. Her name was Emily McKayla. I remember we were soo utterly happy. We strolled her up and down town and the dream fast forward to her first sentence and it was I love you daddy. My BF and I are trying to have kids, even more so now than we were. What do my dreams mean. And the other night my bf was sleep talking about bottle feeding our baby in his dream that we just had. What could these dreams mean? Can anyone help me out please?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ast night i dreamt that i was my normal self and i felt my stomach and it was hard and next thing it just expanded, but not round, it was square like a box. then i could see a babies foot kicking out and could see the imprint but it was tiny like pee sized. so i told OH and he saw it too. next thing i opened my stomach n held a beautiful baby girl! normal newborn size, jet black hair and she was so smiley. but afte we both had a cuddle i put her back in... strange

Example: What does this dream mean?

i have the craziest dreams that come true which scares me because it happens almost exactly as i see it like once i had a dream that my aunt was holding a newborn baby girl specifically with a head full of hair, a name that began with an n, and looked almost like me as a baby. I didnt know her friend was pregnant. It's crazy because her friend had a baby girl, her middle name is nevaeh, she looks like me and has a head full of hair but is only a few weeks old. another dream i had was my own death. it scared me because i didnt get to tell anyone goodbye but i spoke to my mom as a spirit and wrote down that i loved her. to make it even scarier, my ex and his friend carried my casket and i was wearing a pretty gown and a tiara. i woke up crying because i didnt understand it. i think i got shot and i had been walking with some old drug addict that claimed to be my uncle. after i died, my mom got depressed and my dad was on drugs again. what does this all mean?

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