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Dream About Hall meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Im standing in a hall and i see this little girl that looks creepy standing there. then i get thrown across the room but no one touched me. Then all of a sudden the little girl is standing next to me. Then i wake up.

it means nothing i use to have scary dreams like that before i had one with the exorcist girl trying to break into my home then i was pushing back and called her a B!+ch then she flew me across the room and was next to me saying what u say LOL but yeah after that dream i slept threw all my dreams so it makes me less scared of lik movies or what not so i guess its just a part of growing up

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?

So last night I had this weird dream. It started out as I was at my old middle school in the basement. Someone gave me a note that said "meet me b the boiler room". As I was walking down the hallway I saw my old science teacher. We said hi, and I kept walking. At the end of the hall was this door, and the person was standing in front of it. It was just a silhouette, but I knew it was my crush. I walked up to him, and just as I got to him, I was in the lobby of this really fancy hotel.

I was with Karlie Kloss, and she said something to me, but I don't remember what she said. Then I was in this car with my parents and it was really hot. We were on some woodsy road almost at a bridge. Then this guy walked up to the car and asked us if we had a winning ticket. We drove away, but my dad got out of the car.

Suddenly, I heard this chainsaw go off, and I ran away. The sky turned black and I couldn't see. Then there was this beam of light that went around me. I was running through this damp cornfield, with the chainsaw right behind me. Then I ran like the one in The Lovely Bones, into the middle of this road. The chainsaw came at me and I grabbed it and threw it into a pond. Then the light around me disappeared, and I couldn't see anything.

Then there was this really loud noise, and this huge pickup truck went by with this beam of light. Then the light and truck went away, and there was this ginormous flash of lightning, and I woke up.

Example: What do these kind of dreams mean?!?

My Dream started when i heard my niece crying because she usually does when the hall light is off and she has to go to the restroom (Shes 3) so i got up and turned on the light since the switch is out side of my room and to tall for her.She ran to the restroom and i lefth my door open to wait for her to finish and then she came back running crying. The light was off again and i stared at her confused and turned it back on. The hall light was very dimm and then it went off completely, she was hugging me and i tried turning the light back on but it wouldnt work and i got a very sick feeling so i kinda dragged her and pulled her with me to the kitchen and turned on the light but it was very dimm and went out and i tried that with the living room but light but the same and my heart began to pump very fast and we went running towards the front door and i opend it and moonlight shone in and i pushed her towards the light and tried calling my mom but the light on my phone was very dimm and then it died.I was shaking by then and i grabbed Abby and ran up stairs to my parents room and opend their door and the light was on and my sister abbys mom and my other sister was their and they were staring at me. I tried talking but i couldn,t i felt like something was stuck in my throat and i felt possed i was growling and my view of myself it kept shifthing from first person to third person view and my eyes were entirely black and i couldnt speak I began to claw at my self at my chest and then i woke up at my classroom but it was still part of my dream everything was normal and we were watching an old tome movie.I woke up afther that and i had scratch marks on my chest and my throat felt like i was sleeping. I woke up at 4 o'clock but went to bed at 11pm..
I feel like if i was possed, and something was chasing us.

Example: Wat does this dream mean?

i had a dream where i was being chased by a guy with a knife in jay st borough hall, which is a train station in brooklyn nyc on the F and A line.

i went up a few flights of stairs to evade him then what saved me was a fireman that tackled him. then i woke up

it was weird and random what can it possibly mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok i dreamt i was back in High school, (not my high school, but a high school i didnt recognize, or ever been in to) it was a thursday, i was in the 12 grade and it was around time for the prom or something. I dont dance so i just decided to skip it. so my dream skips to the next day (friday)when i'm walking down the street (in a neighborhood i've never been in... it was a comunity) and this one white girl(not to be racist)that i've never seen in my life(but i feel like i know her, her name was Lily)comes up to me and askes me to the dance, for some reason i accept so then my dream skips to monday, a day before the dance, when this one black girl(again not to be racist)comes up to me and askes me if i wanted to go to the dance, and she starts going off about something that she doesnt have a boyfriend, i say no, that i already going w/ someone(i'm hispanic btw in real life and the dream)then my dream comes to the next day at the dance, i walk into the hall w/ Lily.. thats all i remember

Example: What does my DREAM mean...?

I had seen Ne-yo in My dreams twice...

ok the first time maybe a year ago...

Me and him where talking on myspace, I didn't see him in person, we were both online talking,t he called me sexy, and kept teasing. The myspace screen looked pink. While he was talking to another girl. He seemed to like her and me but in the dream I would get fishy almost jealous, but not quite, and ask "Do you like her" Just wanted to see if he loved me more. The conversation ended without my memory of his answer.

second one, two nights ago...

I was probably walking through the halls of a school. I saw a pic of myself as a kid, in a cute gray hoodie. I heard others that looked at the picture say " damn she ghetto, she look good" Then I walked into the classroom, and my class resumed can't remember what class, but later on I was talking to Ne-yo, He was telling me "I love Rihanna, but Jay-Z stole her away from me. He's a dog..."

and that ended like that.

Now what do these dreams mean

Example: What could this horrible dream mean?

I dreamed I was wandering through the darkened hallways of a mansion. It was similar to the night the lights had gone out during my dad's 60th birthday party held at a hotel, but every room was empty and there were no candles to give off a warm glow. The stone floor was cold beneath my bare feet.
I was somehow at the door leading into a large banquet hall, pushing them open without feeling my muscles strain, and looking inside.
I was staring at the floor, trying to place its color in the darkness…red. It was red. Covered in blood. Revulsion pools in my throat but somehow I was stepping into the room, my bare feet surrounded by warm blood.
I was looking up, then, as something dark and flickering lunged past me, deeper into the room. There was a figure on a platform in the center of the hall, illuminated by some pale, ghostly light that didn’t have an origin. It was a woman, a tall, willowy woman with striking features and nondescript coloring. Her dark eyes followed me as I came closer and closer to the platform.
I was staring at the woman, seeing death in her eyes, and barely noticed what I was now standing in front of. It was a throne, made of wood and gold. No one sat on it, but against one of the arms rested a golden scepter, tarnished and battered. The woman slowly raised a hand and touched the back of the chair.
I was trying desperately to run as blood poured from the throne. It pooled around my ankles and I couldn’t seem to move my feet. In sheer panic, I looked from the blood up at the woman.
I was going cold, and I smelled death in the room. Then the woman opened her mouth, opened it larger than any human being should be able to, and let loose a hellish, shrieking noise.
I woke up with a strangled yell, tangled in my sheets that morning.

I came home at 2 in the morning after being with my boyfriend, if that helps. We had made love twice that night when I went to his appartment. And the day before I had that dream (my dad's 60th birthday), we had made love for the first time.
Could there be anything in my dream symbolizing some sort of mixed guilt and pleasure or something? My family hates him, so... Or could it be because it was 2 in the morning and I was tired? I'm more prone to nightmares when I'm tired.

Example: What does my cartoon dream mean?

i dreamt in cartoons last night, and this was odd because i usually dream in "real-life". I dreamt that i was running down the gym hallway in my school, trying to win a race. I started leaning backwards as i was running and i could eventually see my chest. For some reason, the hallway was a lot longer than it usually is, but i was able to keep running at top speed the entire length of the hallway, even though i run out of steam pretty quickly when i run. I eventually made it to the girl's locker room door, pushed it open, and woke up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamt that i was sleepwalking, around the flat i have at uni halls, and "woke up" (in th dream) and went back to bed but as i settled down i realised that i wasnt in my room i was actually in the lads next door to me, but i was paralysed and couldnt move anything but my little finger and after some panic decided the best thing was to go back to "sleep", when i "woke up" again and was in my room all along.

it really was quite disturbing at the time, and i know i wasnt actually sleepwalking around our flat cos of the way the door locks

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and my friend have been discussing our dreams lately and i realized I have the same dream once a year since i was 11. Here is how it goes:

At first, I am playing in the leaves with my childhood friend, then i hear my heart pounding harder and louder, i see a tree coiling around something, then i see a wedding dress being torn to shreds. Some of my memories flash before my eyes, then i am walking down a long hall, lost and scared to death. The leaves come back and i see more things that i can never remember. Then i see myself standing in a pool of blackness and something begins to stretch; it breaks. All the while i hear the thundering of my heart's rhythm in my mind.

When i wake up, i am freaked out and every time i close my eyes i can hear the thundering pattern.

Yeah, i know, weird. Is this just a regular nightmare that reoccurs for some odd reason? or is it something more?

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