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Dream About Hand meanings

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Example: Meaning of my Dream?

I have dreamed of my cousin who passed away last year, leaving his most beloved wife and a daughter. In my dream, he handed me a very beautiful & expensive looking pair of slippers and he wants me to give it to his "baby" --- his wife (that's what he calls his wife). he also said that his wife is too busy and she seems to have forgotten him.

what is the meaning of my dream? what is my cousin trying to say? what does that beautiful and expensive looking slipper symbolizes?

No one can interpret your dreams or tell you what they mean. Only you can do this. Never mind those who say they can tell you what your dream "means." It only means something to YOU because you give it your personal meaning.

Don’t bother with dream books, dream dictionaries, internet sites that tell you to look for codes or symbols or hidden mysteries in dreams. Dreams do not contain such things. Dreams are straightforward, just like your waking thoughts.

There is always a purpose to a dream. Everything that human beings think, feel, or do has a purpose. It is part of what Dr. Alfred Adler called "the psychology of use."

Dreams don't come to you from outside yourself, nor do they arise from your "subconscious." Once you become aware of having a dream, it’s conscious. You make your dreams up. You create them, just as you create your thoughts.

The purpose of your dreams while you are asleep is the same as the purpose of your thoughts while you are awake. That is, to solve your problems.

Figure out the purpose of a dream and the problem it is trying to solve, and you have its meaning. Dreams are thoughts while you sleep, attempting to solve your problems.

Example: What does my dream mean?

First off, if you are here to answer 'dreams mean nothing' and all that, please don't.

I'm a 14 year old girl and had a disturbing dream last night. I haven't been able to get it out of my head all day. Here we go.

I was walking along a street at night until a man came into view. He started running towards me, so I ran away. I ran and ran, crying, but he eventually got me.
He raped me.
Suddenly, I was in a building with an policeman. He handed me a diagram of a naked woman and asked me questions (I don't know what they were).

Disturbing, right? I can't stop thinking about it. But what does it mean?

Example: Meaning of this dream?

My mother had a dream about my dad, her ex-husband.

She dreamed they where alone and he was naked,
he told her he wanted to be with her but she refused because she was in a relationship.
in her hand she said she had a hanger with a white shirt.
She walked away from my father to a closet fulled of colorful dresses she said she saw no white clothing, just colors.

i'd really like to know the meaning of this dream.

Example: Whats my dream mean?

Ok so I keep having dreams with a reoccuring theme. I had braces when i was in high school .that was 10 yrs ago. I keep having these dreams that (A) either my teeth fall out, or (B) i have my braces back on and my teeth fall out but htey are all still connected together bc of the wires on the braces. anyone know what this means? its driving me nuts

Example: Dreams?Meaning?

Okay, I have a question about dreams...I had 2 dreams that I remember really well

First one: I had a dream that this senior(Im a junior) at my school were dating(or) talking and we were kind of flirting (not sure though) and he was really shy (he isn't in real life) and we were outside of our first class after that class. and i was holding his hand talking to him, and then had my arms were around his neck hugging him. Then he said, "Babe, I got something to ask you"( he said it nervously and scared) I asked what,then ran off. So in 6th period, we were talking outside the class. We were sitting next to each other and I had my head against him, and I asked what did you have to tell me earlier? He said nothing, nervously. Then we got called into class. Then it ended.

What could that mean? I don't like him. He isnt someone I would date. I only find him cute, and funny. He is a musician so I find him attractive. I don't know what it means...I mean we don't talk all that much. Usally about math homework or class. and when he seen me having an panic attack he said "im sorry' when leaving class. and we talk over the computer sometimes but I message him.

Second Dream:
I had a dream I met usher. and after awhile of talking I came out with how I'd love to be a singer and actor. But my anxiety and lack of confidence keeps me back. and we were talking and he said, "Put your songs of Youtube, you'd do great" I was maybe 18(im 16 now) and he gave me some stuff to get started. but he said I'd do great.

Now my vocals arent that strong. If I got lessons, I'd be a lot better. And my lack of confdence makes my voice ehhh too. I do not listen to Usher. So what does that dream mean?

Thanks, I like to hear your imput! :)

Example: Dream meaning?

i had a dream that i woke up and there was a girl standing beside my bed, but i didnt recognize her. She was holding a photo in her hand, I reached out for it and she placed it in my hand. when she gave it to me she walked away and disappeared. I looked at the photo and it was a family picture of a couple holding there baby. i never scene them before in my life. i still remember the photo was so vivid, sometimes i think that its me in the future. can someone help me, was it just nothing or could my dream have meant something?

Example: Dream meaning?

I have dreams that are very detailed - the entire dream fits together as if an author had been planning it for years.. but many times my dreams have water in them. Whether the water is calm, clear, rough, dirty - if it's an ocean, a lake, or a bathtub, it doesn't matter.. but the weird thing is that whenever I go under any kind of water, I can still breathe. I'm breathing slowly and shallow so it isn't comfortable and I still need to get to the surface to get enough air, but I can still run out of breath under the water and take in enough oxygen to be okay. My dreams are never about the fact that I can breathe underwater.. it's just a little something that happens but I notice it a lot. What could that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Yesterday, I dreamt of a bad angle (but she wasn't a devil and she did not have wings, I just knew she was an angel). She said something about my wanting to take my life, and I think I was in heaven... Anyways, then the scenario changed and I was in my cousin's house ( I really hate this cousin of mine to death), then when I was in my cousin's house, I had a vision of the angle crashing into my cousin's car and killing her and my cousin was lying on the floor. After the vision ended, I rushed to my cousin's room and she wasn't there, then I went outside and saw my cousin stepping into her car but I ran and stopped her . Then the angle stepped out of nowhere and said that because I saved my cousins life, I have to give her my life and then she held out her hand in the meaning of 'give it to me'. I gave her a golden key and then my life flashed back and it was like I never existed...

PS. if this is any help even though I know it isn't, When I entered my cousin's room and I didn't find her, I did see a picture of the joker on her wall and I was terrified.
I know I keep saying 'then' alot but I really think there is a meaning behind this dream because when I woke up, I was feeling really weird and surprised


Example: N my dream there was a baby elephant,and i took him to my hand.what does this dream means?

I just wanna know,last night i saw a baby elephant,and it was so sweet.i took him to my hand.plz help me ,what does this dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well this morning i had a dream that my aunt had died n through the whole dream i was somewhat crying n i kept seeing my aunt everywhere when my cuzns n uncles couldnt see her. It was trippy.

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