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Dream About Hanging Loosely meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean (PLEASE ANSWER)?

I had a weird dream which I cannot explain. It was like something out of a crusade story where a war was going on, one which involved old style warfare with swords and bows. From what I could understand, it appeared that I was on the side that was winning the war.

What really surprised me about this dream was a moment where I witnessed soldiers winning this war holding a woman down on a wooden table and sowing some loose kind of cloth to her body. They sowed through her skin on her legs, arms chest you name it. She appeared to show no pain during this and appeared to be talking to the soldier in charge of this.

Moments later I see the same woman, sowed in the cloth and the soldiers have attached her to a large cross being suspended in the air in a cage type construct. From what I remember, they burned her on it.

That is all I remember from the dream and it has to be the weirdest one I have had of late.

What could such a dream mean?

Answer seriously and do not say I am nuts or something like that. What I want to know is what could lead to such a dream whether it means something or is just part of my subconscious anything like that.

Serious answer please.

1.) War/Crusade/Winning Side: Fighting and wars would represent some sort of conflict within you. And you're on the winning side meaning that you're arriving to an acceptable conclusion of this inner turmoil. the swords are symbols of destruction, aggression, ambition, force, courage, war, strife, cutting loose, dividing, separating; may be the sword that hangs by a thread ( over your head ), a former life struggle, or be a pun on , " Cut that out!" Can also symbolize decisiveness and will power, and can be used for knighting another. Anytime there is a conflict of opinion between the conscious mind and the subconscious, the subconscious mind wins!
2.) The Woman And the Soldier In Charge: everyone and everything in your dreams represents an aspect of yourself. The soldier in charge is you, and the woman ( subconscious right brain ) is you.
Sowing through the skin ( the garment ) would represent the suit for the soul, outer limits of the body. Skin may represent sensitivity, touch, feelings, vulnerability, the bare facts, a basic situation, or "skin tight." Clothing represents your idea of how you look to others, your outer appearance, attitudes; type of ideas and emotions that you feel, " put on," act out. It may imply you r sense of protection, style, fashion or your total self esteem. For the best interpretation, recall what you associate with the particular type of clothing, outfit, or costume seen in the dream and go from there.
3.) Wooden Table: is a convenient piece of furniture used for dining or to play things out, to play games, to place things, or to face things. Its more exact meaning may come from the type of table.
4.) Woman On a Cross In a Cage being Burned: The cross can depict the difficulties we have to bear, the way of Christ, or may imply resurrection. The cross is a very ancient symbol dating back before Christianity. It represents the incarnation of man on earth as well as death, Easter, new life, and liberation. There are many variations and styles, most indicating a particular belief or organization. The cage represents imprisonment, restriction, confinement, or can be safe keeping. Anything in the cage may represent as aspect of you which feels safe or trapped. Being Burned as with fire can symbolize anger, a fiery temper, or represent purification and transformation needed. May also indicate being all burned up about something.

It sort of sounds to me like the soldier in charge ( your left male brain/analytical ) has conquered the woman ( your loosely dressed creative female right brain ) and has completely rejected her intuitive ideas. Or it could mean that this LOOSE FEMALE who's just a little too out of control has been completed subdued. Have you recently had a brilliant idea lately that you may have rejected? Or have you broken from a bad habit that you didn't want?

Only you can read over the above interpretation and successfully relate it to the things happening within your waking life. Try to connect the dots from the "A" in your dreams to the "Z" in your waking life. Hope this answer helps you much!

Example: What could this dream mean(long)?

So I haven't had a dream for months now, but recently, I've been dreaming of this girl every night. We had a small fling a while back, but I got really insecure because she's so beautiful and friendly/popular at the same time, so i played it off like I didn't care about her(so I wouldn't be hurt), and we've been distant ever since.

I started dreaming about her last week, but this dream I just had lastnight has been the most powerful and vivid.

In the dream, we were both working in a hotel, and babysitting these 3 kids on top of our regular duties. Her favorite kid was this little girl, and mine were these 2 boys that reminded me of my cousins. My grandma was there too, helping us.

After work, we would all hang out and have fun in the hotel and everything was wonderful, but one day, this "perfect" looking guy showed up as a new employee. I say perfect because he had the perfect face, perfect body and charming personality. He and my girl hit it off immediately and it was like I didn't exist.. not to her, the kids, or my grandma. But the other girls who worked there and who liked me(all girls that like me in real life), still were trying to be nice to me, but I didn't care.

Fast forward and it was a new day of work. The girl(Her name is Angie) went up to me and tome tat her favorite little girl ws sick and wouldn't take her medicine(which was poisonus to everyody except her.)So to told her I would drink it in front of the little girl,so she wouldnt feel so alone. Angie was like.., you would do that for me? And i'm like.. of course...

Fast forward again and we were all in a hotel room, including me,her, the kids, prince charming and my grandma. They were all on one bed watching tv, laughing, joking and playing around, and i was on another bed, by myself. I turned away from them and pretended to be asleep because i didn't want them to see how miserable I was. Anyways, while my back was turned and my eyes were closed, i heard them one by one leaving the room. In my mind I prayed " please God, let her still be there.. just her" I turned around and sure enough, it was just , under some pillows and a blanket while an old 90's cartoon was playing on the tv (think rocko's modern life).. She told me ta she wasn't feeling well and she looked like she had a fever. I wanted nothing more than to get under the covers and hold her, but she looked too sick to be even aware I was there. So I kissed her good night.. and it felt so good that I kissd her again, then again. Then I left her there to rest.

When I left the room, I noticed that it was storming outside and everything seemed dark. None of the lights worked right either.. If i flicked one on, it would spark for a second and fill the whole room before dimming and be at 5% brightness. I tried these with all the lights, even a chandelier, and they all acted the same way. It was scary, but I shook it off.

Fast forward again to a new day of work, and I was being distant to her again because I don't think she remembered the kisses. I was clocking in as she was going home, and I noticed she was completely different. She wasn't smiling anymore, she was distant and cold to me like I was to her. Even her face looked different and I was dying inside because I felt like I was finally officially losing her. Everything went black when she left.

I regained conciousness(in the dream) to the sound of this music I never heard before.. it was like something from the wizard of oz, and was dancing with 1 of the 2 little boys that were my favorite(that we were babysitting.) He was hugging me and I was holding him loosely. He said " what's wrong? you don't like dancing with me?" I'm like " No, it's not you.. it's something else that's making me sad."

Because I didn't want to make him feel like he did someting wrong, I hugged him so tight, and I felt so good being there for him. I felt him hug me back harder and i felt so happy, like he was my son and I wanted to protect him from every kind of sadness and pain in this world no matter what it cost. I closed my eyes and started crying in the dream.

While this haned a party started erupting around us and every body started drinking laughing and dancing(I noticed we were in the hotel "party room" with a dance floor and bar- it was completely packed.

That's when I woke up.. the thing I remembered most was just being there for the little boy and I started crying when I was awake.

Is there any meaning behind this?

Example: Can you explain to me this odd occurrence in my dreams?

In my dreams no matter what i am doing, hanging out with my friends, family... WHATEVER. At random times my teeth will crumble away as quickly as they grow back, they will either fall out or "crumble". Also, occasionally i will see myself without a shirt on, like naked. Sometimes i will try to hide my body and others i will loosely hold my arms around my chest. In reality i would freak out and wouldn't be caught dead walking around topless. I am rather insecure about showing my body... so i don't understand what other meanings could that have?

Example: Dream Interpreters Wanted - Please Help Me Explain A Strange Dream Of Mine?

I had a strange dream on October 27th, just last Saturday night. In my dream I saw things from a third person view. In the beginning, I saw myself sleeping but then I was awoken by a scratching noise. I watched myself looking around the room, searching for the source of this noise. Finally, I looked directly above myself and noticed something black on my ceiling. I stood upon my bed to take a closer look, and as if by will, the reality around me began to bend and I was closer to the ceiling than normal. When I was close enough, I recognized the object as a Black Caterpillar (fairly large in size but not abnormal) scrathing at parts of my ceiling. After a while, the Black Caterpillar began spewing out a strange black web-like substance ( it wasn't like normal webbing, more like something you would see Venom from Spiderman shooting) at its surrounding area. Then the Black Caterpiller quickly formed a black coccoon around itself and after it was fully enclosed, the black webs that lay in a circle around the coccoon began to grow and stretch into an upside-down dome around the coccoon. The dome-like web structure ws not tight or closed though, it hung loosely and I clearly see the coccoon inside hanging from my ceiling. I simply stared at for a while than I can't remember what happened after this and my dream ended, yet unlike usual I can remember this dream very clearly and its details. If you can help me, I would like to know what this dream means as I can sense that it has some obvious significance to something. Thank you for your time.

Example: PLEASE?! What is this dream telling me or seem to be saying? VERY IMPORTANT!?

I dreamed I was at some sort of amusement park or something. I was with MJ, who used to be a very close friend of mine until recently and so we are no longer friends. She is a very strong intuitive witch. She and i were up on a ride that when above the whole park and we were discussing our spirit guides, our angels, and our guardians. It was a very slow, smoothe ride and so it was easy to talk. Our feet hung loosely and I remember looking down at the ground far beneath us as MJ was saying something about my "three guardians" and something about how the strongest and most protective of my guardians terrified her. Or rather "he" terrified her. She said he looked evil and dangerous, but I didn't fear him. Then suddenly we were off of the ride and MJ was off to the back and my male guardian that terrified her was with me. I didn't get a full view of his face though he was VERY familiar to me and I believe I know who he is...But anyway, I was playing around with him and he was holding me up against his chest, and he said something so I laughed and pecked him on the lips really fast and he smiled. He hugged me tighter for a moment and then bent my head to the side a little so that he was kissing my neck and I kept giggleing because it tickled. When I woke up I could still feel his kisses on my neck and it was tingling... What could this mean?

Example: Can anyone interperet these three dreams i had last night?

in the first dream i'm at a shop everyone's nice and christians, the gangsters are nice, a beggar gives me his money, the women that works there ask me to give my neighbour their change because they forgot to take it. I go, neighbour has a short, white cop lady living with them and i greet her, i greet go in and give change. My Gf is there, she is 3 years younger than me in the dream, but in reality she's 2 years older than me. she is mad at me for almost knocking down her sega cartriges. We go outside, dance and roll around in grass and mud then we kiss. Ok second dream, i'm at a mall and people called the scorpions in robot suits have taken over. They infiltrated the mall, and are shooting people. At first we dont know which ones are the cops and which ones are the scorpions. I say in my town the scorpions are what we call the cops. Waterguns work against them, the water short curcuits their electronics. I go to toystore to ammo up and then i'm in a bookstore/library, standing with one foot on a ladder, balancing as i look at cheap chinese electronic parts on the shelf. On the other side a guy starts singing opera (i think it's you raise me up) while having his friends listen. My phone rings, the tune isnt right tho, and my sister calls, asking me where the college is i'm going to, but she is in the wrong town that's very far off, i tell her i don't know, she asks how can i not know and i try to ask her where she is but she hangs up, i am worried so i pray for her safety.

Example: A guy really like me, buys me coffee, calls me hun, but I think were just friends.How do I tell him this?

I don't want to be mean, I have no idea what he is thinking. He always holds the door for me, buys me coffee. I don't like him / think of him as attractive and it make me feel uncomfortable when he calls me hun( over email/msn-have a good night hun and sweet dreams)I just want to remain friends who hang out/ movies/ go places. I really don't know what to do, please help me!

Example: Just looking for opinions for my story.?

What Do You Dream?
The door creaked open letting in the pale light from the hallway illuminating the room. A gust of cool air rolled into the room and pushed the curtains aside revealing the night beyond the window. Stars dotting the dark expanse of the sky, making indecipherable patterns that are a cause for wonder.
The soft rustling of the curtains is enough to wake the inhabitant of the room. Conciseness starts to return to her now, making her feel the cold, sense the time and see the light filtering in through her door. She blinks away the last traces of sleep as she hears a light little girl’s voice.
“Can we play? I want to play.” The voice projects towards her. She rolls her head around in bed to look at the owner of the voice.
“It’s the middle of the night, go back to bed kiddo!” she answers back before she sees the speaker.
As her eyes find the doorway into her room she realises this is not her sister. The intruder takes a step into her room and looks around blissfully.
Her eyes finally adjust properly to the light and she sees them. They stand taller than anyone she knows at easily seven feet, with short spikey black hair. From the uneven light finding its way into her room through the window she can see solid black eyes in its head.
The creature turns to look towards her now, pivoting delicately on one foot. As she sees this… thing from head on she sees some more features. She can make out the thin lips spreading right across the malformed face, the grotesquely pointed nose and disgustingly gaunt cheeks.
As the creature makes eye contact with her it opens its mouth in what could only be happiness but the horrifying transformation it goes through to reach this monstrous smile makes her start to shudder. This show of emotion seems to excite the creature and it takes another step into the room, its mouth a hanging open.
It was now beside her bed. Its close proximity breaking the spell over her finally allowing her to move. She threw her blanket aside and crawled to the very end of her bed into the corner of her room. Her heart was beating so fast and violently that she was beginning to feel sick.
The thing was still in the same position as it was before, but it had turned it’s head to follow her movement. Its mouth still hung wide and loosely from its head.
“Can we play?” It said in that same little girl’s voice as before. The disturbing contrast between the body the sound came from and the sound itself makes her shudder again.
“Don’t touch me.” She whispered almost inaudibly at the creature as she started to cry.
“But to play I have to.” It said, now not in the little girl’s voice, but in a voice disturbingly distorted to sound like an echo.
The tears were coming harder now, the thing was just staring at her, watching as her eyes became tiny waterfalls. It raised a hand and held it out towards her, beckoning to her. Only now did she notice the hands, massive in size and composed of three fingers and what had to be a thumb. The fingers themselves resembled huge claws, while the thumb drew upon the same principle and looked somewhat talon like.
She didn’t move towards the ghastly summons but instead tried to draw back into the corner more. Her mouth opened to let out a scream, but nothing came. It started to move towards her again, its long legs stepping onto her bed easily. It got down on its knees and put its face right in front of hers.
She didn’t understand how she hadn’t noticed before, but the creature had no ears. It had nothing, so how had it heard her before? This moment of clear thought was quickly extinguished as the smell of lavender entered her nose. The creature’s breath smelt of lavender.
“We can play now.” The thing said releasing another blast of lavender in her face.
“We are going to have so much fun together.” It declared as it put one massive hand around her throat.

Example: Hey i''m writing a book.?

Hey i have been working on a book for a while now.i don't plan on getting it publish so yea. its just for fun :]

But um I have this on Character names Bailey who discovers she is destined for greater things and has powers. Bailey meets a woman in her dreams that tell her of her powers, where she also learns she and this lady are connected mentally and physically.

The thing is i cannot think of a name to fit her" this goddess"

here is a description of my no name character.

Boy, was she the most beautiful person/angel I have ever seen. The first thing I noticed was her long dark brown hair that came down to her waist. Her skin was soft olive(light tone)and her eyes(were beautiful) had the most peaceful look in them. They were deep almond, making her look even more angelic then she sounded. When she walked it looked as if she glided rather then walked. She was so graceful and petite.(she reminded me of a fairy-minus the wings.) She wore a shiny silver gown the hugged her torso down to her hips then hung loosely from her bum down to her ankles. The weird thing was she wore no shoes, but she continued to glide like some type of goddess walking on grass instead of snow.

i took this piece right from my book so sorry if it doesn't really make any scene to you :]


Example: Could you read this over for me?

This is a short story for my English II class. Could you critique it for me? Thanks.

Her hair was raven black, and her skin pale. It shone in the moonlight on the cold, snowy evening. The sad, lonely girl followed the sad, lonely boy through the busy city streets, filled with hookers and drug dealers trying to make a quick buck. She was led down narrow alleyways, and through dirty empty buildings. Finally, they arrived at a house. The boy was followed inside the house, and up the stairs. He stopped in a large, empty room. From his messenger bag, he pulled out a sleek, black gun. He wept quitely as he put the gun to his chest. For the first time, he glanced at the girl that had followed him all this way. His body shook, and he flashed her a small, sad grin, before pulling the trigger. To her, his eyes had said, save me.

Vienna awoke in a cold sweat in her Manhattan apartment. A glance at her alarm clock told her that it was 3:24 in the morning. She hated having that dream. It seemed so realistic, and vaguely familiar. There was no way that she was going back to sleep tonight, everytime she closed her eyes, she saw the boy with his gun to his chest. She grabbed her journal, and being careful not to wake her parents, tip-toed into the kitchen. She put a pot of coffee on, and began to record what had happened in her nightmare. Things had changed since the last time she'd had the dream. This time, she could tell that the boy had pulled a gun from his bag. It was usually just an unrecognizable shadow.
She sat, sipping her coffee and contemplating the meaning of the dream until 5 am, when she decided it was about time to start getting ready for the day. After showering, she pulled her long, black hair into a ponytail, and applied some red lipstick. She always felt that the red lipstick against her pale skin gave her a really dramatic, edgy look. Around 7, Vienna left the huge apartment, and began to wander the snow-covered New York streets. She was supposed to be on her way to her expensive, private school, but it just didn't feel like a good day to go. So instead, she got on the subway, and made her way towards Williamsburg, which happened to be her favorite place in the city, due to the indie vibe she got when there.
Vienna was sitting in Starbucks on her laptop, when she noticed that there was a guy following her. He was tall, with a slim figure and platinum blonde hair that fell right about to about his eyebrows. He wore a plain white t-shirt, that hung loosely over his childlike figure, and a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. He was cute, and definetly Vienna's type, but why the hell was he following her? She decided it was in her best interest to ignore it, and if he wanted to talk to her, he would eventually.
After he followed her to an alternative art gallery and a movie theatre, without saying a word to her, she decide that enough was enough. By this time, it was roughly six o' clock pm, and she had to get home soon. She made an abrupt turn, and walked over to the street sign he was standing under to confront him. She began, "Hi, do you mind telling me what the he-" But she didn't get to finish, because he already took off running. She followed him, because in her mind, no one cuts off Vienna Hayze. He led her through the city, his messenger bag flying behind him. He began to slow when they reached an awful-looking neighborhood. He turned into a seemingly vacant house, and then it hit her. This was exactly like her reoccuring nightmare. She was the sad, lonely girl and he was the sad, lonely boy. He had led her through the city, and to a house. And in that messenger bag, there had to be a gun.
She charged into the house, took a right, and climbed up the stairs that were in the exact same location as they were in her dream. In the middle of the floor, in an empty room, there knelt the boy. The messenger bag was already thrown on the floor, and the gun already to his chest. Vienna knew what would happen next if she didn't act fast. Racing to the middle of the room, she tore the gun out of his hands, and threw it towards the upper right corner of the room. He looked up at her, with the same sad eyes that she had been seeing once a week for the past four months. She knelt next to him, put her arms around him, and held tight, refusing to let go.

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