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Dream About Hanging meanings

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Example: What does my hanging dream mean?

Every night for the the last week ive had the same dream (with little variations) about being hung in an excecution style, but the really weird thing is i can feel it happening and wake up gasping for air. I'dreally like to know what this could mean because its freakng me out and i dread going to sleep now.

Have you done something that upset those around you or did something that not everyone agrees with and now you're being punished for it?

You're possibly in a tricky situation right now and arn't quite sure how to handle it. Perhaps you're afraid if you make the wrong choice, then you'll hang. Try relaxing some more and letting go of your worries:) Happy dreaming.

Example: What does it mean if i dream about hanging out with a friend that has passed away?

i keep having a dream that i'm hanging out with my friend who passed away, and everything is completely normal, like were having fun and stuff. In my dream i don't even think twice that im hanging with someone who isn't alive anymore. what does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of you sister dead, hung by a rope in a white dress?

i recently had a fight with my older sister... so we dont talk at all and after the fght she doesnt talk to anyone in the whole family... we dont live togather so theres no way i can contact her because she doesnt answer my phone calls.. so does anyone know this might mean?

Example: I dreamt that I was with a man that I had an affair with and was hanging out with him and his wife . Meaning?

It seemed strange and I know I should have felt weird about it but I didn't. I stopped seeing him months ago and haven't had any contact with him. I just don't have a reason to think about him and find it odd to dream of him and his wife. Any ideas as to what this dream means?

Example: I had a dream I hung myself then the rope broke and I suddenly woke up, I need help on what this could mean.?

I have been battling severe depression for over 2 years but I would never kill myself I just had this dream then jumped out of sleep. I don't know what to make of that dream.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about hanging with a celebrity? ?

last night i had a dream about hanging ewith a celebrity. i just asked him questions ive always wanted to ask and stuff. and we just chilled like normal people...what does this mean? i like looovee him hahah so maybe thats why i dreamed it. idk idk

Example: What does it mean when you dream..?

what does it mean when you dream your boyfriend and your bestfriend are hanging out in your dream & he likes her.

Example: What does hanging Indians in a dream mean?

Well I had a Dream about Indians hanging on poles that had three poles coming out of the top like a helicopter. There was an Indian on each pole hanging in a noose swing around and around looking at me I was in a desert with red sand and a red sky there were several different poles all swinging staring. Trying to tell me something without talking, This was the first Dream I ever had. I was only 2. Can some one tell me what it means please.

Example: What does it mean when I have a dream that I am hanging on?

In the dream:
I'm always at the mall and I'm hanging off of the balcony . What does this mean .

In real life:
My mom and I would always go to the mall and spend alot of money and I'm wondering if this dream was trying to tell us something .

Example: I had a dream that my ex. boyfriend was hanged by his own girlfriends dad. What does it mean?

I'm still in love with my ex. and he has a recent girlfriend but last night i dream he was hanged by his girlfriend's dad and they also sent me a video of them hanging him! i really need to know what this means!

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