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Dream About Happiness meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i keep dreaming im younger like when i was little.

(1-11.) of all my brothers friends and how we use to hang out and i seemed really happy and i talked to them in my dream and they were all happy to see me. we all LOVED baseball, and i keep draming i see them on the field.

but im 14 now and i'm a very unhappy teenager. there no longer in my life, and i keep having flashbacks of thse dreams of happiness when i
was little. are they trying to tell me something?!?!

idk why i keep dreaming this. what does it mean? help?

Momments of bliss.

Such a repeating dream can mean that you truly appreciate the simpler times when your bond with your brothers and friends meant more to you than what you have now.

I still dream of happy times in my old hometown, when I was young.

Yet, just because you have such dreams often doesn't necessarily mean that the dream itself actually means something.

You dream what weighs heavy on your mind and heart.
In many cases, a sweet memory is just that.

One random person's advice...

Work forward. Enjoy the memory, and try perhaps to forge new, meaningful relationships.

They may never replace the old ones, but they can certainly bring joy to ones life. I'm living proof of that. n_n

I wish you well.

Example: Meaning of dreams?

What does it mean when you dream someone is having a baby/pregnant?

Example: Dream Meaning?

This happen a while back:

In my dream I was sleeping in my bedroom. It was exactly like my room. I think I was sleeping in my dream and then I suddenly woke up IN MY DREAM NOT REAL LIFE.

I looked at my door and it flew open and standing there was like a black smoke or fog with eyes. It look like it was in the shape of a hurricane but it had eyes and was just staring at me.

I started to scream "mom" but it did nothing. It just stared at me and I think I overreacted in my dream. I don't think it meant me no harm but I do not know. When I realized it was just staring after I said mom I woke up IN REAL LIFE.

What does a black fog/smoke with eyes mean? It was not like a shadow. It was like a hurricane.

Thanks in advance.

Example: Dream meaning...?

I had a dream about someone I love (not a family member), but they were in love with someone else.
Does this mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Every night this week I have had dreams where I am chased, and then eventually killed. I dream the same thing 100s of times a night, but im always in a different place, and sometimes im alone and sometimes not.

What does this basic dream mean, the being chased and killed?

Example: What does his dream mean?

The other night my bf told me that he had a dream that I was having pain so his mother took me to the hospital in his dream he was not able to go because he was in class in College. When I came home I brought a baby girl home and when he asked who's it was I told him this is our daughter. He was shocked and held her he said he felt like he was going to cry..he knew what she looked like she has light blond brownish hair and green gray eyes. As he held her she smiled then he woke up. I didn't really know what to say so I just said aww how cute..because we are both still young in college and I want to have a child when we are able to give it everything. Anyway what could this dream possibly mean it is sort of strange that he held her since he is scared to hold new born baby's

Example: Dream meaning?

ok don't laugh, this is a weird bit of the dream I had last night (that I remember). I had baked a pink cake and it was so good a huge chunk soared into the sky and God ate it I didn't see it happen but I knew he did. it was nighttime and for a few minutes the sky lit up like day as if he was pleased.. lol. okay what the heck does that mean? I am religious but not fanatic by any means and have never dreamt about God (literally) before.

Example: Dream meaning-pregnant?

i keep having dreams that i am pregnant or have a newborn. I mean it is so clrear, i even remember the babys name and everything.what does that mean?

Example: Romantic Dream Meaning?

I had a dream where I was outside my school classroom kissing and huggging this boy, Who is also in my class. I dont really know if I have feelings for him I just think he is cute XD

What does the dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

OK. I had this dream a few days ago. I don't remember everything(actaully I frgt most of it) but the stuff that I do remember, I want to tell, so that I can know what it means...

I was at a house(that turns out to be my house) and I remember the ppl that were my parents were away and I had a bf named sam(who is in my class). Then, I always went away with him, and when my parents came bac, i snuck out at night. one day he had a baseball game(though in real life he plays football) and then he told me to go cause my parents needed me(or someting like that) and then I hugged him, wrapping my legs around his waist and then I ran off. Then my parents got mad at me cause there friend saw me do that. Then I went into my sisters room and found my 2 sisters, and my brother(which happened to b Rico from Hannah Montana, lol...but in real life i only have 1 sis) and they were...doing some nasty stuff...(sexual stuff) together. Then I threatened to tell my parents but then they would do something to hurt me(something to do with sam)

What does the dream mean?

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