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Dream About Hard Earned Money meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that a bee sting on my eyelid what it mean?

day before yesterday in my dream i was just walking, then suddenly a bee sting my left eyelid i can feel the pressure, but i didnt know it was a bee. Then when i reached home,see myself in a mirror i realized that the bee sting to my left eyelid.I did not do anything to the bee,it just sting me unexpectedly and i did not affect my eye vision.

What does this dream means

bees — In a dream, bees represent prosperity, or a dangerous adventure. Seeing a beehive and extracting honey from it in a dream means earning lawful money. Taking all the honey from the beehive and leaving nothing for the bees in a dream means being unjust. If bees sit over one's head in a dream, it means winning the presidency over people. If bees sit in someone's hands in a dream, they mean a good crop for a farmer, while for someone else, they means a fight. Bees in a dream also represent an army. Killing bees in a dream means obliterating one's enemy. Bees in a dream also represent scholars, knowledge compilers, striving hard or collecting taxes. Bees in a dream also represent a bread winner who is a hard working person, stern and sometime dangerous, though he does bring some benefits to his companions. A bee sting in a dream means harm driven by a group of adversaries. Bees in a dream also mean taking a beating or falling sick. Bees in a dream also represent the army of believers, while locusts represent the army of disbelievers. A bee in a dream also represents a seer. (Also see Beehive) Source:Strong

Eyelid — If one's eyelids are healthy in his dream and particularly for a women, it indicates positive developments in her life. If one's eyelids have little skin, or if they are bleared, or if they develop sores in the dream, they represent difficulties, agony, anger, sickness or distress. Eyelids in a dream also represent one's defences and protection. They also represent one's teacher, brothers, sisters, family, wife, children, coffer, veil, guards, confidant or trustees. Eyelids in a dream also mean something to be overlooked. Having bleared eyelids in a dream means being in love. If one's eyes are interpreted to represent his wealth, then they mean protection, or paying alms tax. If the outer edge of the eyelid turns white in a dream, it means an illness affecting one's head, eyes or ears

Example: What does this dream mean?

the dream started like this me my brother and my friend where walking home together. as we walked up the lane way/drive way a car started driving into a fence of my neighbor so my friend ran the other way and me and my brother ran to our neighbors garage. There we met a guy driving a red car saying "get away i am trying to steal the car" so i walked home then at the side of my house where the air conditioner was the fence was knocked down and there was a van there. I noticed my backyard door was open so i get in and there were robbers every where the tv i just got was stolen all the phones were gone too. But my family was still ok . but in my dream i wanted to call the cops the hey took the phones and cut the internet i walked into my moms room in the dream and in a vase where there was white roses there were paint brushes covered in red paint

to me i think this dream is about me not doing art but what does it mean

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

Okay, I have odd dreams quite a lot but most of them make me laugh or think, this one made me scared and cry.

The first bit was strange:

There was a huge house set in old time london, so there were horse and carriages and gas lamps and long dresses. Someone had died and this lady was trying to find something that would unlock her inheritance.

Second bit: I was wearing a long black dress, I was mourning the death, I had a black parasol, even though it was cold and a black bonnet with red trimming, I got off a train, in first class and met this man.
he had taken some money to look after a boy. I had to see the boy to make sure he was being cared for properly. The man stayed outside and I went into the kitchen, the boy looked a bit like a house elf and had what looked like pastry covering his amrs, he gave me a bowl of orange peas and green sweetcorn, I ate it and we talked. I left and got on the train. But then I was still watching what was going on in the room. The man went back it and asked the house elf thing what he'd done, the house elf said he'd gien me the soup thing because he couldn't cook. The man lifted the lid of the grill thing and the house elves arms were wrapped in pastry and they were pasties. He then cut the pastry from the house elves arms that were attatched to him and they fell off. I then woke up crying and REALLY scared.

What does it mean?

Example: What do you do when money is standing in the way of your hopes and dreams?

It just frustrates me so much that I have all these hopes, dreams, and ambition as well as a lot to offer the world and that so many doors are closed to me because I lack the money and opportunity. I feel like I´m just putting up with life rather than living it. I don´t want to die, I just want a better life.

I work really hard at a job I despise, and I am sick of not being able to get nice things or even things I need to live because I don´t earn enough. I just turned 30 and it´s humiliating and I feel powerless and like a failure.

I would like to be able to travel abroad. I don´t mean save up my money over the course of 50 years... I would like the opportunity to travel abroad at least every year.
I would like to take horseback riding lessons and have a horse of my very own. I would like to have music in my life...

I am studying abroad now, but it sucks that I have to constantly miss out on things because money is so tight. I´m in Spain and have enough money for food and a hostel, but I´ve waited 30 years to come here and I can´t even afford to experience the things I longed to experience... I would like to travel South to Andalucia, see a Flamenco show, etc. I treated myself to a tapa and an FCB Barcelona scarf but that was it... the rest I spent on stuff I need.

I feel like I´m just enduring my life, that it´s passing me by. I know I´ll get some flack for being self centered, but I just want to have nice things. I´m so tired of doing without... I don´t wanna live at home anymore, it´s so embarrassing at my age... I don´t even have insurance back in the US.

I am so sick and tired of working really hard for nothing. I have had a series of crappy jobs, right now I´m employed as a substitute teacher. Every day I have to put up with pain, humiliation, abuse and crappy treatment and I am barely making enough money to scrape by on and not enough to afford a decent quality of life.

I just finished my Tefl certificate and am now a fully qualified English (EFL) teacher. I´m looking forward to it, but I know that it won´t pay a great salary. It´s a decent, respected job though. :)

I would like to have a lucrative career, but I don´t know what career. I realize I need to decide, but I have no idea.

Of course, I´m grateful to have my health, loved ones, and not be crippled, blind, missing limbs, etc.

But I can´t help the desires of my heart... I long for nice things like a horse and trips abroad. I don´t wanna look back when I´m very old and say that my life passed me by.
I want a better life. How can I escape this rut?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so it starts out with me and my mutual female friend (i used to like her, now i just thinks shes just a really nice friend) talking about how my job doesn't pay enough and then i have to go to work. In the dream we live together, and i work while she stays home and does something. Everyday that i leave, she lets this strange, ghetto, very tall a d muscular man in and he takes all my money we had been saving, but she doesnt seem to care and even welcomes them. This happens a f ew times until i come home the last time and he is still there, and he spent our money on useless stuff such as a carseat belt, spraypaint, and a teeth grill. I can't do anything about him and when i see that she lets him take the money i work so hard to get, i wake up and feel really sick. This dream may seem like not a big deal but it keeps re-occuring so i don't know if it means something. If you could help me out that would be great, thanks.

Example: Why are my dreams so costly? I am working hard to earn money but everything is costly?

I don't dream to have big home, or limzine car or mercidize or to stay in five star hotel or wear high brands

I just dream to have little but my own little home, a simple but atleast one car, a moderate but healthy and safe lifestyle, good and nutritious food to eat, and good trendy clothes (atleast desirable number) but I am middle class Indian 31 year old divorced girl. I am working, earning (ofcourse in a moral and legal way) and trying hard, like studying furthur distance learning mba to enhance education, job hopping for better prospects etc. But everything is costly, be it shampoo bottle or a fruit and all that unexpected expenses everymonth and a tention to save for retirement, insurance etc. Will my life pass like this whole life, when will I come forward and easily overcome all expenses? When will I have car (at present I have to compromise with two wheeler) and home of my own, when will I get re-married and will I be able to give good life to my kids? I want my kids to study in best international school, but all good school ask for big donation, so does it mean I will have to compromise with mediocre school for my kids (I am not married yet). My parents whole life compromised, and made us compromise too, compromise in everything, if we go to buy jeans, good patter is of more money and my mom don't have that much money, so she asked us to compromise in less costly and less trendy clothes. Not only that but whole life in everything compromise, compromise, compromise.

Why are my dreams so costly that I have to compromise in each and everything to meet the expenses... My dear dad worked so hard all his life to provide for us, I too will work hard but still may not able to give desirable life to my kids... because everything is so costly in the market, why so costly?

Example: Doesn''t being rich make one happy? I mean they have all the money and can do whatever they want!?

I know this feeling cos i'm poor and we have to work hard to earn a living...some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth...some people worked hard to be wealthy...however they do it, but they still should be grateful cos they have enough food on their tables...but how come sometimes i see many rich people suffer from depression , are not happy & contented and you know have many problems and don't even know how to be a bit cheerful and put on a smile when they go out to hv fun! it's ridiculous, you know! i mean, come on, you are rich for god's sake! u have all the money in the world, what's so complicated about that?/

Example: Career dilemma (money or dreams?)?

So I know for a fact that if I interviewed with a certain company I'd be making $12/hr right away (they have a high turnover rate). However, the job I'm currently at (which pays me $9.50/hr) gives me experience in the career field that I ultimately want to go into.
BUT I just found out a couple days ago that I have to start paying my Federal Student Loans back in February! The minimum payment for my student loans is going to be around $300 and my rent is around $400 and I hardly make enough to pay that!
So should I go for this Networking job and give up my Graphic Design dreams or what?
Also--the job I work at doesn't always have me doing what I love--they put me on the retail side sometimes and I absolutely HATE it! Plus I really don't get along with the people there. I try, but they are too jocky and immature.
Thanks for any advice on this matter!

Example: What does the American Dream mean to you?

What does the American Dream mean to you? To me it means that if I work hard and make something of my self that I will live the American Dream. Now don't say some have it worse because I grew up poor and so did my parents. I put myself through school and I do OK for myself because of hard work and blood sweat and tears. OR do you believe that if the government should take hard earned money from successful people of all races ( DONT EVEN TRY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE) and give it to people who didn't take the chance, didn't put themselves through school and make something of themselves. Why should people be punished for succeeding and rewarded for doing nothing. That's not America that I know, I was taught you can be anything you want if you try hard enough. How will America be when working hard gets you nothing but the satisfaction that you are helping put food in the mouths of the people that were sitting on their A**

Example: A physic can help me why I dreaming of my husband is sick?

I dream that my husband was sick and I was crying very much , can some body help me please, whats mean this dream?

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