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Dream About Hearing A Voice meanings

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Example: What does it mean dream within a dream hearing a man's voice telling you to wake up?

This was my about my 5th time having a dream within a dream but never in the last 3 times have I heard any voices in my dream, in my dream everything was pitch black and I couldn't see anything, all I knew was the my body kept moving to have another dream from inside the dream within my dream, then a man's voice told me to "Wake up", I looked around to see who it was but on one was there, it me a while to wake up but I finally did.

The next night it was the same thing, only this time there was a very bright white light, and the same man's voice told me to "Wake up".

Do you think you can tell me what my dream means? & why there was a man's voice telling me to what up?

your dreams are depending on your subconscious To hear voices in your dream signify a message from the unconscious or spiritual realm. Alternatively, the dream may be a metaphor that you need to "voice" your opinions more loudly. Speak your mind!, i believe that you dreaming of a man's voice tell you to wake up meaning you need to take command in life and be stronger cause a man is strong and supports over his family which is maybe that is telling up to wake up to reality and become strong in your actions that's my opinion

Example: What does it mean when you hear voices in your dreams?

its been strange. sure ive heard people talk in my dreams but like the other morning i was dreaming and heard my sister kept saying michelle! michelle! it was so real i jumped up off the couch and went to the door and opened it thinking she was out there yelling my name.

Example: Does anyone know what it means to hear voices in dreams without seeing a speaker?

Does anyone know what it means to hear voices in dreams without seeing a speaker? I mean I can be dreaming about something, and in my dream I'll hear voices, as if from another plane, making comments or such.

Example: What does it mean if i hear demonic voices in a dream?

i had a dream last night, of which most of it i don't remember much of. but what i do remember was walking along a lane way with a person (i assume was a close friend) and i could hear a demonic voice. But i could understand what 'it' was saying! The person i was walking with couldn't. And strangely it didn't terrify me to hear it. i also faintly recall earlier in the dream dating a fairly demon like boy which i was trying to get away from. What could this mean?

Example: Was I dreaming? Heard voice while sleep.?

Last night while I was asleep I heard a male voice say loudly "You need help" I woke up talking and looking for the person who said that but no one was there. What did that mean?

Example: Hearing a voice in your dream?

Last night I dreamt of my dead mother, and in the dream she spoke to me before she looked out into a window, disapeared and I was in a closet filled with unexplainable emotions about her death that I don't feel in my waking life. It was a high, feminine voice, and I don't remember what she was saying. But did my mind create this voice, did it remember her voice, or was it actually hers?

Example: What exactly does it mean when someone taks about hearing voices?

1. When you are asleep you dream and you hear a lot of people talking to you, having fun or scared but it still involves people conversing whether you know them after you wake up or not. What are those voices? Who are they? Is this considered hearing voices and so that person is crazy or have some psychological problem?When we are awake we all have self talk and we hear or remind ourselves of certain words what someone had said some time ago without much thinking about itWhat is the theory behind it. If we hear someone you know telling you something to do and you hear his voice repeatedly, is this considered a serious psychological problem? May be he is obsessed and so he will believe what the voice says .

Example: Dream about hearing bad voices?

I had a really scary dream last night and ive been thinking about it all day. All of my dreams are kinds hazy, but this is what i remember:
I was in my house and it was night time. I turned the living room TV off and went in to my room, when I got in there, I felt a bad vibe (this has happened before in real life where i had a feeling like somebody was in the room with me when i was completely alone). In the dream I was getting scared so i tried to hurry and get my PJs out of the drawers so i could sleep with my mom. Then I started hearing this voice telling me i was going to die and it was going to hurt my family and that there was no where i could go. It was really dark so i was screaming and crying but i couldnt move. then in the dream my mom came in but i was still screaming, i could still hear the voices but she couldnt. so we went outside and for some reason it was daytime and she told me to get in the car so i did. we drove for about 10 minutes it seemed. i was calm in the car bc the voices stopped. then she stopped the car and asked me if i wanted to go to the hospital. i said yes bc i wanted the voices to stop so i asked her what theyd do and she said theyd put me in a controlled comma and i asked her if id still hear the voices and she said no, so i agreed. so we drove to the hospital and they got me ready then stabbed me with something and i went in to the comma, then i started hearing the voicea again and they just got louder and scarier. Apparently i was screaming in real life because my mom came in an woke me up, so it ended pretty traumatically. PLEASE tell me what this means?

Example: Hearing voices in dreams is it normal?

Does this happen to anyone else or am i just weird?

once it was at the end of the dream - a loud voice said,

"the loudest engaged tone can be heard even through the loudest ringing"

im not even sure what that means?

the second time I heard a long poem recited.

Example: What does it mean when someone hears your voice even when you''re not speaking?

I know someone who says he hears my voice, but we're miles apart. He says he hears me talking, and laughing. Why does he hear my voice?

*He recently had a fever of 106. Could that have been a factor?
*He also says he feels weak.

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