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Dream About Hearing meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do different dreams mean?

I heard that some dreams mean sumthing and others mean sumthing else. wat do they mean

The meaning of dreams basically depend on individual. However, there are general meanings for certain things and that is why they called those things "symbols"

For example, snake or spiders normally symbolize fear. It is because most of human beings fear of those creepy crawling things. However, if you have snake or tarantula or spider as pet, or if you study animal science, dreaming of those things can mean friendship, learning opportunities depending on how you feel in reality.

So, yes, things can be different to different people with different life style, culture and beliefs.

Example: Dreams?Meaning?

Okay, I have a question about dreams...I had 2 dreams that I remember really well

First one: I had a dream that this senior(Im a junior) at my school were dating(or) talking and we were kind of flirting (not sure though) and he was really shy (he isn't in real life) and we were outside of our first class after that class. and i was holding his hand talking to him, and then had my arms were around his neck hugging him. Then he said, "Babe, I got something to ask you"( he said it nervously and scared) I asked what,then ran off. So in 6th period, we were talking outside the class. We were sitting next to each other and I had my head against him, and I asked what did you have to tell me earlier? He said nothing, nervously. Then we got called into class. Then it ended.

What could that mean? I don't like him. He isnt someone I would date. I only find him cute, and funny. He is a musician so I find him attractive. I don't know what it means...I mean we don't talk all that much. Usally about math homework or class. and when he seen me having an panic attack he said "im sorry' when leaving class. and we talk over the computer sometimes but I message him.

Second Dream:
I had a dream I met usher. and after awhile of talking I came out with how I'd love to be a singer and actor. But my anxiety and lack of confidence keeps me back. and we were talking and he said, "Put your songs of Youtube, you'd do great" I was maybe 18(im 16 now) and he gave me some stuff to get started. but he said I'd do great.

Now my vocals arent that strong. If I got lessons, I'd be a lot better. And my lack of confdence makes my voice ehhh too. I do not listen to Usher. So what does that dream mean?

Thanks, I like to hear your imput! :)

Example: Dream meaning?

ive been having alot of bad dreams lately, what can they mean, the other night in one l was driving my car with my mom in the front passenger seat, anyway l couldnt get the revs and kept rolling back, eventually l was sliding back, went over a verge, the car flipped over and was heading for water, my mom cannot swim so in the dream she was screaming frantically cause of heading for the water.
ive had others to about crashing, then a couple of nights ago i was driving a bus, i am actually a bus driver, it was raining and somehow l lost control and was sliding on the road, the corner of the cab end was heading straight towards a 38 tonner, i was just about to crash into it when l shot up in my bed, this one has really got to me because of the fact that l do drive a bus, any ideas and thanks in advance.

Example: What do falling dreams mean?

Their dreams about you falling

I heard it meant it ws your life was falling apart but im not sure

Example: What does it mean to dream people can't hear you screaming?

The other night I had a dream that when I went home from church I started rearranging my house so my cat couldn't get out (random) and I noticed a guy standing outside across the street. I knew he was stalking me and I went outside and got close to him, like a couple feet away and switched my slippers for shoes while I started talking to him, telling him that I knew he was stalking me and I knew he couldn't get me and I acted all confident. But then he started coming toward me and I started running back to my house (not really running, kinda backing away from him in the direction of my house) while trying to scream... Only when I screamed only half the scream came out and the second half wouldn't come so no one heared me.
Does anyone know what that means? It kinda creeped me out that in my dream I couldn't scream for help :/

Example: Dream meaning?

I dreamt last night that my gums bled (a lot) while I was brushing my teeeth - does that have any significant meaning? I've heard that dreaming of your teeth falling out can mean a death, but my teeth were not actually falling out ...

Example: What does it mean by dreaming of other person exam results ? and hearing mine?

well i dreamt today about ; i was in class and there was this guy at front with the teacher and the teacher said we brian u got 80 on the mid test and u pass the finals, u got higher that...(my name, referring to me) and i looked at them? then she said something like oh ur predicted to get 60 something ( which i want, its a pass) so what does it mean?

and few days back i dream about me being happy once i have known the results that i passed all my exam for the august finals
so what does it all mean

Example: What does it mean to dream, and hear a song playing in the background?

Example: In dreams, I hear spiders bring good luck, but what does this mean?

I had a dream where I saw a spider and got my handy bug catcher to take it outside. When I opened the contraption outside so it could crawl away it came out attached to a silk thread. When I tried to detach the thread, it wouldn't break easily. But after a lot of force to take it off, it finally broke with a loud sound that's sort of like wood splintering? Does this mean something significant?

Example: Dream meaning? Lost hearing and eyesight?

I was in a restaurant with friends and then when left. My friend was a bit ahead of me when we were walking out. Then they yelled: "You have to run, hurry!" and there were fire hydrants that had exploded and were releasing toxic gases. So I was running, but then I couldn't like move. I got stuck and I started losing my eyesight and hearing because of the toxic gases. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

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