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Dream About Heavy Loss meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning of this dream?

Im walking down the railroad track at night, huge axe in my hands, trains coming i get over, go to the bushes, go thru them to a barn. its partially lit up around it, im looking around cautiously, a guy comes at me out of the dark. i swing at him 3 times and miss every one. He grabs the axe and kicks me to the ground. He starts hacking at me and i cant feel it, but hes taking chunks out of my arms and the rest of my body. Then out of nowhere 2 other guys come out, they both have knives. One got ontop of me and stabbed me repeatedly in the stomach about 20 times and i couldnt feel it. The other guy lifts my head up and slices my throat and lets my head rest on the ground. i could feel my life draining, i could feel the blood draining from my throat, and im just laying there and, bleeding, and bleeding. keep laying there feeling my life bleeding out of me, out of my throat, and i still dont die. they keep trying to kill me. i wake up ... wats it mean?

Railroad: If you dream of a railroad, you will find that your business will need close attention, as enemies are trying to usurp you. For a young woman to dream of railroads, she will make a journey to visit friends, and will enjoy some distinction. To see an obstruction on these roads, indicates foul play in your affairs. To walk the cross ties of a railroad, signifies a time of worry and laborious work. To walk the rails, you may expect to obtain much happiness from your skilful manipulation of affairs. To see a road inundated with clear water, foretells that pleasure will wipe out misfortune for a time, but it will rise, phoenix like, again.

Axe: Seeing an axe in a dream, foretells that what enjoyment you may have will depend on your struggles and energy. To see others using an axe, foretells, your friends will be energetic and lively, making existence a pleasure when near them. For a young woman to see one, portends her lover will be worthy, but not possessed with much wealth. A broken or rusty axe, indicates illness and loss of money and property.

Example: What does this dream I had mean?

In my dream I was with my mom and two little brothers, and we were on the run? But we stopped at this little store that looked like a hotel to get some food. I kept trying to tell my mom it was a bad idea to be there but she wouldn't leave, so then I knew things were going to be blowing up? so I tried to guide her around it but then she went by soda bottles blowing up and she got hit and dropped what she was carrying and fell over (i couldn't tell if she was unconcious or dead), so i ran out to the car (it was actually a minivan) with my little brothers and had them sit in the backseat while i was driving, and the whole time i was thinking 'i swear the joker did this, he's right beside us in the white car gotta go!' so, we were driving then my brothers were telling me there was someone in the car, and therer was and i thought it was the penguin but it looked like a one eyed alien with tentacles? and i pulled the car over and blasted him with a gun til he died, then i kept driving until i realized there was a little bird back with my brothers, so i pulled over got the gun to blast the bird but my brothers screamed at me he was their friend and the bird tried to tell me he was nice, but i blasted him til he turned into a bigger bird then a little boy like my brothers but i didnt recognize him. so we went back to our house and my brothers and the boy were watching tv, our front door was open and i reralized '**** the joker and the others guys are outside the front of the house' so i quietly told my brothers and the little boy we were leaving, and i grabbed a bunch of blankets and my favorite stuffed bear, (i almost grabbed a bear like my stuffed bear instead so if we got caught my bear would be safe, but i ended up bringing my bear cause i didnt want them to burn the house and have my bear die that way) and my dads keys because his car was in the garage and the garage was locked, so we went out the back and i screamed at them to run fast so my youngest brother and the strange kid ran ahead to the garage and me and my other brotherv were walking slowly, then i noticed once my brother and the other kid were in the garage, all the goons were in there, and i went to run to save them then i stopped and realized, if i go to save them thebn all of us will just die.. so i grabbed my brother that was with me and ran away letting my little brother and the other kid die.

then i woke up terrified, completely pissed off and shocked with myself that i not only left my mom to die, but i left my littlest brother and some strange kid that i felt strongly attached to die just to save my own ***...

I fell asleep with my TV on and when I woke up a Batman cartoon was on, that could be why the Joker/Penguin were a big theme? this is confusing me an d still bothering me that i ditched those three people like that, and its bugging me trying to figure out who that little kid was, i swear i know/knew him but i can't place my finger on it..

Example: I had a weird dream, does it seem like it means anything?

In my dream, there were three people, they looked like I do, but seemed to be at different ages; one around eight, one about my age, and one like 70. They each seemed very smart, and wise. They revealed to me something important, that I can't remember now. It didn't feel like a dream though, it felt like I was separate from my body, and we were floating in an endless purple/pink/black/blue void.

Example: What does my dream mean?

had a dream where i was in my home with my family. it was me, my mother sister, my mother's boyfriend, and his daughter. all of a sudden people wearing masks and machettes in their hands starting taking to the streets of my neighborhood and broke into homes and were killing people. I got everyone into the bathroom and got the gun that was under the sink and shot any of the killers that got into the house. after a while, they were called back by someone and left. i took a carepackage and blew a hole into the floor of the bathroom revealing a tunnel that would lead to our escape. Moms boyfriend and his daughter did not wish to go and i didnt make them.
The last thing i remember after that was being in a dark room with a little girl, a woman in a nightgown with blood all over it with a machette of her own, and a mother being held with the knife to her neck. the room is very dark so i dont recognize any of these people. the woman says the girls name, then slits the mother. blood splatters on the walls and before i wake up the woman just stares at me and says nothing.
Can somebody please explain this to me? it has been bothering me for weeks

Example: I dreamed that my pinkie finger was shot off by an unseen shooter. Does anyone know what that means?

In my dream, it was pitch black out, so I assume it was nighttime. I was outside. I had a schoolbag on that was extremely heavy and filled even though in real life I do not own a schoolbag. I crossed a street and encountered a group of people crouched down under some metal construct that seemed to have a red tarp over it. They told me to get down as there was a shooter around. I crouched down, looked around, but couldn't run away due to my heavy backpack. I heard a gunshot and saw that my pinkie finger had been shot clean off. It was bleeding a heavy vivid red blood. My dream then ended. I'm at a loss as to what this could symbolize. Any ideas?

Example: What could these dreams mean?

Someone slit my throat, but I didn't die. Then I turned arround and slit theirs and they died.

And another dream the next night was:

A person was trying to drown me in a pool. It didn't work. So then I turned arround and drowned them.

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I Have This Dream Almost Every Night
It's so confusing im a little girl like 6 or 7 maybe 8 idk i cnt tell. and we live in the country like around nobody else except for these strange people. i guess we know them and last night in my dream we were all riding forewheelers and petting dogs and everybody was so happy and somebody patted me on the bck and said " im real glad your home kiddo"... wht does this mean? i had a similar one about a month ago. it was this same place but these people kidnapped me and my brother and killed my parents and they said ' your nvr going bck" its kinda creepy cuz i slept all day tht day like till 12 and i normally get up at 9 and the whole time i was dreaming about tht place. But i love where i live im a normal thirteen yr old girl...popular and everything i dnt have any disire to relocate my home...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where my deceased grandmother was scratching at my legs she looked slightly upset and maybe had a little worry or passion in her eyes.

She passed many years ago around 1996 and I never ever got over it. When things get heavy I think about her and others that I have lost and I just break down. I am 25 now and I often go through bouts of sadness and I am currently not where I want to be in life. I also am mother to a 7 year old.

What could this dream mean?

I loved my grandmother so much.

Example: Muslims , what does it mean to dream about heavy rain in ramadan?

I never has doubts about islam but last year I had many doubts and I even reached a point when I was an agnostic BUT I have been studying quran and making duaa to Allah to guide me and increase my faith and serenity for the past few months , but last night I almost lost patience and asked Allah to make it faster as I am weak and starting to get depressed and asked him to forgive me for my many sins . Larstnight I had a dream that there was heavy rain , what does that mean ? if it does mean anything

Example: Dreams? What does this dream mean?...?

I sometimes have this dream where im walking then im suddenly falling and i wake up and jolt forwards and take heavy breaths i dont no why and it happens to me not all the time but enough to know that its happened before i think it has happend something like 9 times for like a year and a bit.
the other night i fell asleep and i walked into a gutter next thing i was falling and woke up again i googled it and it meands like your unstable or something but im not im fine and everythings good, what does it mean?
haha thankss

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