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Dream About Hidden Road meanings

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Example: What does my dream mean, pls help?

What does it mean when you dream that you go to your doctor for test results and he tells you that you have stomach cancer? I have had this same dream for the past 2 nights.

Not sure, whether this might help or be related to my dream, but I recently had an endoscopy and have a number of biopsies taken from my stomach and esophogas, I haven't gotten the biopsy results back yet, I am due to get them back tomorrow.

I'm only a psychology student, but I've recently been studying dream analysis as part of the Psychoanalytic Therapy unit of my course.

Sigmund Freud, a psychologist who has massively influenced the field see's dreams as the 'royal road to unconsciousness'This basically means that in dreams onses unconscious wishes, needs and fears are expressed. Sometimes, when we are dreaming, our motivations are so unacceptable to us that they are disguised or in symbolic form rather than being directly revealed.

Dreams have 2 levels of content - latent and manifest content. Latent content consists of hidden, symbolic and unconscious motives, wishes and fears. Because they are often painful and treatening, the unsonscious impulses that make up the latent content are transformed into the more acceptable manifest content, which is the dream as itappears to the dreamed, by a process of 'dream work'

It seems to be that you seem to be quite frightened by the possiblity of there being something seriously wrong with your biopsy results, so your dreams are preparing you for the prospect by playing out the worst case scenario.

Example: What is this dream's hidden meaning?

I'm pretty sure that there are three constituents to this dream: blood pressure medication, depressing apocalyptica music, and shooting down enemies in Call Of Duty. But hey, these things don't happen for nothing.

So I was at my grandparent's house, I walk in, and they say that I have to look after my retarded cousin Donnie, (of which i don't have one in real life) I'm not joking. I look to the loveseat in the living room, and there are like these 2 easel chalk boards strapped to the seats. My grandparents tell me we are to be strapped to these so we won't beat each other up. (makes no sense) Basically pinned with our backs against them and our hands tied by our heads.

They leave, and we're left alone. Donnie disappears, and I find him driving my mom's car into the ditch in the front of the house, i push him out and try to get the car out of the road after pushing it out of the ditch, but in order to turn the car on I had to plug the car into an extension cord. (?) I start running up the driveway chasing Donnie back into the house, all while carrying a chinese machine gun in my hand (of which i never once fired in the dream.)

I flash into another part of the dream... I'm at my house, my dad gives me the keys to this minature trike version of his new Honda Valkyrie motorcycle. I ride around the house as the trike slowly turns into a motorized toilet. I stop in the backyard, and I see smoke coming from a house down the street where my friend Sarah used to live. We hop over the fence to go see, the fire is no longer there and immediately we go back in time to a western era. I find this small toy house next to the fence, I pick it up, someone behind me says "look it has a burglar in it!", the house starts to crack and crumble in my hands.

We walk over to this store, like a country style sort of restaurant, kind of grungy. I meet this boy about my age, I didn't find out his name, but we become friends. He runs over to give his mom (who is a waitress and/or store owner) a hug.

At the end of the dream we walk to the opening of this huge barn, some animals are alive and just naturally hanging from the beams above like tobacco. There is this weird llama that bleets like a sheep, and my friend's pig tried to wiggle itself into the barn. There are horses there also, which reminded me of the ones in the movie The Brothers Grimm (which spiders and cobwebs in their mouth). I had a bad feeling about this barn, a very bad feeling. Then I saw this huge mass of an animal, it looked like half giant horse, half elephant with the pinkish gray dapple of the elephant and the chestnut hair and body of a horse. This horse was huge, like the size of an elephant. I was terrorized by this horse, of which I didn't find out but somehow knew his name was Bronx.

Just a dream from the meds which cause vivid dreams, or is there some signs of hidden meaning? You don't have to translate all of it, just maybe parts of it if at all possible.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ive heard that either demons God or just my concision is where dreams come from when i was a lil kid i had a dream where a angle dressed in white with a shiny golden halo came out of the clouds she was huge and only her chest up is what you could see my mom and me were driving home and she came out of the sky and all the sudden there were tons of cars on the rural road we were driving on and no one seemed to notice and when we got home we had to hide in the kitchen but my mom and me were running back and forth from my room to the kitchen grabbing all of my stuffed animals. does my dream mean anything or does it mean something

Example: What does my dream mean?

In my dream, I decided to walk on state trails to my cottage, a normally three hour drive. It was a normal gravel or wood chip state trail that stayed near the road. Then the trail just ended and there was a small foot trail that leads away from the road. I follow it for awhile. Then there was a clearing and in the clearing, there were thousands of indigenous or nomadic type people that were migrating. Everyone in the crowd was wearing a warm colored (reds, yellows, oranges) shawls. I watching them through the brush without being noticed. I then kept walking and I notice that I was walking on a lake. Then I realize that the lake is actually or a few inches deep because it dried up. I noticed buildings that are in ruins. I guess that there was a town here. I went in one of the houses. The house had a symmetrical floor plan with three (four?) rooms. It was beautiful inside. It was well lit with a dome in the center room. The walls and ceilings were covered with water damaged frescoes.
One of the walls of the house was on an abandoned rail road. Abandoned until I hear a train and I hide in another house and watch as a train crashes into the house. Destroying about a third of it. The impact sounded like dynamite and dust went flying everywhere. I think I woke up after that.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream the other day about a man (i am a woman) that I feel in someway must have represented me. He was captured by horrible ppl, scary ppl and beaten. He was kicked in the head and they took a red hot branding iron and drove it into his back. He screamed terrible screams. I was frightened and could not wake from my dream.

The man got away but just barely. He hid in a forest and could hear the voices of the ppl after him. He was silent until he decided they would find him if he did not make a run for it. He found a road and his way home, then called the cops. His family did not take his torture seriously and the cops were too lazy and daft to do anything to help the man who felt the ppl would come for him. He was scared and hiding in his home.

This is one of the most terrifying dreams I have ever had. Do you know what it means. Why would I be a man in my dream .. as I really felt this person was me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I was in an opera house at the mall with my dad and his side of the family. I came out to go to the washroom in the corridors and my grandmother and mom were standing side by side. I walked over to them then I was holding a baby. It was my baby. I'm 13, and so I was crying because I didn't know how I had a baby and I was too young. It was a girl. When I woke up, and ever since that dream I've wanted a baby.. I feel it might fill the empty feeling I always get.

Another dream I need answered is where I was walking on this dirt road. There was fields all around it and country land. There was only one house in site. It was a farmhouse with a long lane way. I don't know why but I was really really afraid of it, and so I jumped in the ditch to hide incase someone saw me through the window. I've had this dream multiple times. Do you possibly know what either of these dreams mean? Thanks.


It starts out with my boyfriend and I riding our bikes on a really bumpy road to get back to our house. When we get home, his dad is there cooking food. All of the sudden he tells us to look out the window and a huge meteor emerges and flies past the house and lands in the distance. So my boyfriend and I decide to go up into the mountains to try and find protection. A couple of my friends join us along the way. While in the mountains, we found a cave. We went inside thinking this would be a good place to shelter us. As we went deeper and deeper into the cave, we came upon a colony of what I made out to be aliens (which makes sense since I live in the San Luis Valley, which is popular for UFO sightings.) When we decided to go walk around, all of the 'aliens' disappeared, so we decided to just stay there. After a while, it was just my boyfriend and I, and we could hear the meteors outside pounding against the mountainside. Eventually, we could see the sky through the top of the cave because it had been hit so much, so we decided to go into one of the huts that were in the cave. We kinda just hung out in there holding eachother, and then he said something to me, but I couldn't understand him because at that moment a meteor broke through the walls and into our cave. That is when I woke up.

I thought it was a really odd dream, so if anyone is educated in the realms of dream interpretation, please help!

Example: What does this dream mean?

So last night I have this really wierd dream, theres was a bunch of us in this old town I grew up in, and we were all waiting for the bus just talking, and than we got on the bus and as we were driving down the road, I saw John Walsh (yes the guy from Americas Most Wanted!) point this gun at the bus and he shot the bus driver in the head. I got up and stopped the bus. I than yelled for someone to call 911, it seemed like it took forever for the ambulance to come and when they did they drove by the bus. I than ran to go get help but saw this John walsh guy and he was sitting there yelling at someone, I than ran back to the bus, got on ran to the back and hid under the seat. Than I woke up.
Someone asked me if I recently watched Americas Most wanted, and no I havent in a very long time. Just curious any thoughts on what this dream would of meaned?

Example: What do dreams really mean?

I had a dream that i walked out of my house in the middle of the night and just started walking... walked all night.. then i found myself in this country road in the middle of of a field a car stops and asks me what am i doing here?.. i asked him were am i?.. he says your are in Puerto Rico Canada!.. I said no way! that does not exist.. so I kept walking.. this dream kept repeating it self in my head.. over and over..

Example: What does this dream mean?

My father woke up in the middle of the night crying last week and my mum asked him what he was dreaming about? He said he dreamt that a thief was about to catch him when he was walking in the road. What does this dream mean?

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