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Dream About Hidden Treasure meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

For some reason i believe it has a message but i cant figure it out! Okay so in my dream i was in bed, my bed room door was open and out of no where Allot of deers and baby deers came in but I was afraid of them and ran. No matter where I ran to they kept on finding me and every one i knew was a deer. This dream i feel has allot of meaning. Can you guys help?

Deer in dreams may also play on the sounds of the words. If a deer appears in your dream, take care to look at the symbols surrounding it, because this may indicate something that is actually "dear" to your soul.

In this new year, look at a deer dream as a gift--a symbol that is guiding you toward to a secret talent, a hidden desire, or something that you have previously thought unimportant that holds a great treasure! The idea of the dear deer is especially significant in Western culture where people may often unconsciously associate deer with gifts and Santa. Look to see also if there is something that was close to your heart as a child that you gave up on as you matured. Oftentimes we give up on our dreams because our experience has apparently taught us our dreams were useless or childish when they may have simply needed more time to develop.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Okay, it's really weird:
Everyone in my class was there, along with other people that I had never met and yet they were my friends. We could all breathe underwater. We came up into this red cave, and everyone took out their cell phones. They put them in the air, and a bright light orb floated in the middle. One of the unrecognizable friends was this gay guy, who went across the world to meet a guy he liked. Turns out, those weird cave meetings were inevitable, and he begged me (talking on the phone, of course) to cover for him. I said no problem, changed into a mermaid, and swam away to do something important. (Wait, it gets WEIRDER) The scene suddenly changed. I was standing on my front porch in the middle of the night. However, it wasn't my neighborhood. It had hundreds of house, all on fire. Suddenly, there was a guy in my class lighting MY house on fire. Obviously, I was like "WTF?!" However, he just said "It's for the best." For some strange reason, I believed him. I walked through the neighborhood, and saw a huge bird (kind of like Dodo from Alice in Wonderland) singing a weird song, almost a drone, in front of a house, and the fire went out. He proceeded to do this for many other houses before I woke up.
Another one?
Alright then: (This one is shorter)
I was standing in my house, and walked through the door. Suddenly I was at Sea World. I fell into the dolphin feeding pool by accident, but I was saved by some friendly dolphins. I then proceeded to swim with said dolphins, performing tricks and stuff with the happy music playing in the background. Then, a blond Sea World worker in a wetsuit pulled me out and told me that they would have to arrest me. I was like, "Aww, really?" and she was like "Yeah, sorry." They took me to this big white house, two stories with the top floor gone, with two windows and a doorway, no door. It had all of my stuff, but it looked empty. Then I woke up.
One last one:
I was on a huge ship. Like, HUGE. As big as 3 Carnival cruise ships put together. However, it was just one floor. The room was filled with kids. We were being smuggled somewhere, being hidden. Our parents had put us on. Instead of rooms, everyone had their stuff on the floor: bed, books, clothes, everything. Everything shifted slightly whenever the ship rocked, but everyone seemed used to it. I made friends, then woke up before I could ask what we were running from.

I do not understand my brain and its obsessively obsessive obsession with weird dreams. Help?

Example: What does red and blue dragons dream mean?

years ago, i dreamed of red and blue dragons. they were circling each other above the clouds in the night sky . i was looking at them outside my house.

i just can't get it out of my head these days... anyone knows what it means? thank you very much! :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt the other night that I was kidnapped by pirates. they set me to plying up floorboards in this massive room. when i did there was water under the boards, and if i turned away the floorboards were suddenly back in place. one time i plied boards up and there was a treasure chest, but the pirate captain said it was the wrong chest. I thought I almost found the right one, but then the sun came up and I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream a few nights ago, I don't remember much of it just what I said. I just told my friend it so I'm going to post what I told him and Christina is my girlfriend and the love of my life. So if you can tell me what any of it means, thank you. And I believe in God but I'm not religious...I never have been..I'm not all about God is what I'm trying to say? I'm trying to accept it because my girlfriend is really religious but she doesn't push it onto me.

okay so i was at this like HUGE ******* hotel..looked like the future...and..i was with someone famous? i don't remember who..and i got to the hotel. I don't remember all of it..but i went inside and up the elevator...and it went freaking HIGH as **** ...got to the top floor...and i saw Christina..we hugged and kissed and we started walking to our room...and we started passing a window..and a guy ran past..and pushed her out of it...and there was a rope that she grabbed onto..before she fell out..and i grabbed the end of the rope..and the end i had..was wire..and it was cutting into my hands..but i wasn't going to let go..and every time i tried to pull her in..it sounded like the wire was going to snap so i stopped..and no one was helping me..and this guy with a tiger? came out of nowhere and tried to help me. i don't know why he had a tiger >-> ...but at one moment i just stared into its eyes...and after awhile i was talking to this guy..and like...i guess we had these like watches? or something...that gave off holograms of yourself..and Christina used hers..and i saw her...and i told her "i love you..I'll always love you, no one else." and she said, "I know sweetheart, i love you too."
and I tried to pull her up again..i barely pulled on the wire..and it snapped..i looked out the window and just screamed out of the top of my lungs No..and i just saw her laying there..dead...blood forming around her...i ran to the elevator and pressed the button to the bottom floor..
and as it was going down i clenched my hands and started praying to God saying "please God don't do this. Don't take her from me, I can't live without her. Shes everything to me I can't live without her. I'm nothing without her, please don't take her. Don't take back the angel you sent to me. I need her, please God, please.." and i was crying so hard in the dream..and i just woke up.

Example: Does my dream about demons mean something?

Does it mean somethings wrong in my real life? A few minutes ago I woke up because I had the worst dream in my life. A really sweet teacher at school was teaching our class and she started out sweet but got really angry when we didnt listen to her when she said stop talking. She threw boxes at the ground and started growling really loud because she was so angry. The lights went off and she walked out the room signaling us to go with her. Before all of this happend we ended up in some basement where she showed us all the different kinds of demons and how she could bring them back to life. After that she motioned us to follow and head down to the library a group of kids including myself broke away from the group and ran for the door including myself. We started screaming HELP HELP HELP HELP but nobody listened. I went to grab my phone which I could clearly see the dials and tried to do something but she turned all the WiFi off. Next to my school in real life is a catholic church and it was closed so we couldn't go in but I ripped a cross out of the ground and I started saying the lords prayer over and over again. I didn't get it right at first but then I did and nothing was working. Somehow I ended up at my house no one home and it was very dark outside .. my best friend lives around the corner so I was gonna hop on my bike and go. I knew in my heart the police couldn't help me but I made an attempt to call and I couldn't because the cities WiFi was down meaning we had no connection. Before I was about to leave I hear the doorknob start to move. There was no where to hide and I knew if I didn't wake up I'd see myself die. I started yelling in my head wake up! Wake up! Until I woke up. I turned the light on and prayed but I'm so scared to go back to sleep and experience this again. Could this actually mean something or did I think this one all up on my own?
Sorry its so long. thank you so so much to anyone who takes the time to respond.

Example: Tell me what this dream means!?

My dream starts when I'm in my bedroom and I find this treasure chest on the floor next to me! I start to drag it towards the door when I hear someone coming up the stairs. It's only me in the house so I hide behind the bed. Theres this gnome with a orange pointy hat come and says,

'There's my gold!' And he takes it and drags it away. But the he stops and turns the light on and double checks to see if someone is there. He's about to find me but then I wake up.

I don't think it's scary. I just think it's really freaky and I don't like gnomes anymore..

Example: What does a dream about eggs mean?

I have a reoccuring dream where i go into a backyard and I find birds eggs slightly buried and slightly hidden in dirt. These eggs are incubating and will eventually hatch into baby birds. I have had several dreams with this same scenerio. (obviously these are not the eggs we eat!) Any ideas?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamt of Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel helping me understand the Hebrew Bible and it's deeper meanings, I was sitting in a large white room with the three of them and as Michael read the Hebrew Gabriel translated it into English but Raphael just stood there with his hand on my shoulder... I can't remember exactly what they said to me though.

What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really horrifying dream last night. There was this stone alter in my yard, and I took this stuffed doll and cut it to pieces with an ax. Then, I went inside to where this guy called the "Demonstrator" was. He didn't have a brain, like he was a zombie, sort of. But he was very well thought of. There were a lot of people in my house, and they treasured him. I took him out to my yard. And dismembered him with the ax. I tried to bag up all the pieces in a pillow case so no one would see, but I kept getting the blood all over me. Then my mom came outside and helped me hide the pieces. What the hell does that mean? Am I becoming a monster? I mean, I would never do that in real life, but I'm really creeped out. Please help me.

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