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Dream About High Chair meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

Hi! I just woke up from a strange dream that's been bothering me.. any insight at all would be appreciated! Thank you!

First I was arriving at a party, what seemed to be a Bat Mitzvah party or something like it. There was a big pool and on what looked like a stage, two women and one man were curling all of the guests' hair for the party (which mainly took place in a white room inside.) After I saw my friends' hair curled, I walked onto the stage to have mine done. But the woman who was doing my hair had a creepy, kind of evil smile, and when I sat on the high chair to start, she tilted my chair forward. (This stage was facing the pool) and I suddenly fell forward into the pool. It was hard to breathe for a second, but then I got out and sulked by the pool, wet, while the creepy lady stared at me.

Then I went to my car (?) where my mom was driving me somewhere, and I kept readjusting the rearview mirror to look at myself. When we parked, my friend Becca was standing there under a telephone pole, which was about to break in half. I screamed out to her "MOVE" and she took a step right, right before the pole snapped in two and would have fallen on her.

Next, I walked to what seemed like a youth group convention or something, and I had to lug my heavy suitcase there alone. By the time I got there, everyone was already in their cabin rooms, sitting on beds. The last bed available was in a room of people I wasn't very close with, and my best friend who lives far away (so I rarely see her) was in the next room. Excited, I rushed over to see her, but she kind of ignored me.

Then I woke up.
Any ideas about what any of it could mean? If you need any more information about my life right now just ask, because I'm very curious to see what this means! Thank you!

dreams are defined as our brain's way of trying to make sense of things while we are unconscious.

don't go get your hair done anytime soon :P lol jk you probably just feel uncomfortable with someone you know that has something to do with makeovers/beauty enhancement/something.

there might be someone who you feel like may be making some bad choices, and you want to help them "get out of the way" before they reap the consequences of their actions

your personality might be changing a bit, and consequently you will meet new people who you may become close with.

this is all just theory though, and usually dreams don't mean much. just an exaggeration of small subconscious ideas that may or may not be serious or important. it's up to you what you want to believe :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

i have this dream alot it might not be the same dream but it's the same theme. i'm in some kind of store sometimes a grocery store sometimes a store like sams club and there are things chasing me (clowns zombies etc) and i jump on top of the aisles to get away (i somehow have powers but there always limited like when i want to fly i have to get momentum and sometimes i can only fly like a foot off the ground and have to climb with my hands if i want to get higher) sometimes i try to escape out of the store but i can't and there's usually like frankenstein trying to stop me or the doors shut

Example: What does this dream mean? *please answer*?

(I've have too many dreams lately -.-)
I saw two versions of myself, my shy version which is the normal me and a 'bad' version. I've had a dream with two version of me before but this one was different. The shy me was like I'm in real and the bad me was just really different, it just had my face. The shy me was sitting on a chair, but the chair was from ice, while the bad me was on it's knees in a ring of fire. They were both staring at each other. The bad me glaring and the shy me looking down blushing (typical me reaction). Then they both got up and it started raining. By the way, there was no background, the rest was blackness and it was as if they were under a huge spotlight. The rain somehow melted the ice and made the fire ring disappear. Both versions of me walked towards each other and stop standing in front of each other. The bad me took out a knife and held it against the shy mes throat. Then suddenly a background started showing. It was a classroom from my new high school and everyone was looking terrified at the bad me. Behind the bad me were many guys and two girls I don't know, behind the shy me were my 2 best friends, but one was dead with blood all around her. The bad me asked if anyone still wanted me alive, my other best friend said she did and she got shot. The bad me asked again, no one spoke up. So the bad me stabbed the shy me in the throat.
What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had this dream today..it was like i was in a different country and i was living in a flat,i went out side and it was so beautiful the grass is really green and on the other side i saw a mosque and it was made of crystals and crystal trees close to it ..and on the other side i saw buildings they where very close to each other with different color like a rainbow and on the other side i saw the sea their was something really large and flat on to of the sea which carries table and chair like a restaurant in a round shape and it was spinning round and slow ..and the few moment later i saw my friends and we where hugging like i haven't seen them for a long while

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was on the back poarch of my crushs house( her house was on the beach and i was sitting in a chair next to two people). my crush came out of the water and started walking toward her front door. i said to one person i really like her. the person replied by saying go after her you only live once. i then said your right and did a flip off of the back poarch and talked to my crush about going for a walk. we did and i found a yellow ball so we decided to play catch. i threw the ball over her head and then did a flip over a fence to get the ball. some guy that was mowing his lawn said he destroyed it and gave me a football. I then walked into my crushs house and was following her into the kitchen. she left the kitchen and when i went to go follow her someone told me to look at the fridge and all of the pictures that were on it. I then went out of the kitchen to find my crush. then i woke up .what does this mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that my friends and I were sitting on chairs in a small crowd of high school students behind of a stage waiting to be called up. On the other side of the stage in the audience watching was a mixed crowd, like people who bought tickets to see a show. The stage was run by two people, a man and a woman, who seemed to be really cheap celebrities. Out of every five people in the crowd of high school students backstage, two people would be drawn to go up on stage with the celebrities, and the other three would be taken outside and shot to death. I was sitting next to my friend matt and holding his hand because we were both really scared, and I got called up to go on stage. I didn't know what happened to him. When I got on stage, I was supposed to put on a show and make the celebrities like me, or else I would get shot next time. I was supposed to be funny and sweet and charming and dress up the woman and help the man make something in the kitchen. I was surprised to find out that they actually did like me, but the entire time I was up on stage, I was terrified and trying really hard to be charming because the celebrities could decide to kill me at any minute. after I got off stage I went to my friends and asked what happened to matt, and they said he was shot. I then had to go through the drawing again, but before I did, I woke up.

Morbid, isn't it? Sorry it was so long, I didn't want to miss anything. I was really intrigued by this dream... can anyone tell me what this might mean? Thank you so much

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, I'm not very good at remembering my dreams, and I don't remember all of it, but i'll tell you the parts I do remember...

I was in a hotel room, but it almost looked like a condo. the window was huge, and it took up almost half the wall. If you looked out of it, you would see that you were taller than almost any building in New York, and could see the top of all the other buildings.
The bed wasent on anything, and if the blankets were covering it, I think it would just be two mattress's.
Everything was white, except for the few small things that would be any random color.
It was very fancy, and modern. Like a bedroom you would see on Cribs.
I can only remember that it had this room, a kitchen in the same room, and a smaller room connecting with it.

Laying on the bed, was a black man.[Not racist at all, for the people who assume the worst.]
I could tell I was dating him. I'm white, by the way, if that has any significance.
I walked up to him, and said something, though I dont remember what It was.
I kissed him on the lips, and the whole thing going through my head while kissing, was if I was doing it right, and how weird it felt.

Next, I remember that we were sitting on the bed, with me on his lap, and cuddling, and all that crap, when someone came in from the other room.
It dident look like anything like my brother in real life, but in the dream, I could tell it was.
He ran into the room, with a white chair, and was about to hit the man and I with it. I could tell her was only aiming at the man though.
I stood up, yelling at him, and pushing him away.
he dident hity me with it, but he swung it my way, trying to get me off of him, and I can remeber little white, bead like things falling out of it.
He wasent trying to hurt me, but I could feel that he was trying to hurt the man, almost like protecting his little sister, from any guy trying to use her or something.

And then, though I dont remember much, I can recall more people coming in from the other room.
Again, they dident look anything like my family, but one was my mom, and my Aunt.
My mom was really stuck up though, as if she was rich, and shallow.
She looked like she just came from the beach, and was wearing sunglasses and carring a really big purse..

Thats it.
Anyone know what it means?

Example: Weird surreal dream - what does it mean?

Ok, in the dream me and my LBGT group (in real life) went out to this big house party, and every single room was packed, low light, very crazy and dancing to music. I pretty much lost them in the crowd as we were all dancing, and then suddenly they all jumped, and it shoved me unrealistically high into the air, hitting the ceiling and bouncing off into the direction of a chair at the side. I smacked my mouth and head on the side, and a piercing in my tooth (:S) was hanging out cos of the torn tissue. Anyway I was like half-knocked out and one particular girl from my LBGT group was trying to wake me up whilst everyone else around watched.

What did that mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here is one of my dreams that seemed different than other dreams I had.
Anyway it started in a small room; it had an old fashion glass window (the top is solid glass while the roll up part was three smaller planes separated by a dark brown wood), there was a no ceiling light or a small unnoticeable one, a cabinet made of wood and about four levels high, in the room there was also a wood chair with a cushion on it, a full body mirror, a small plain bed with a thin mattress, looked like one of those old fashion ones, it also had a blue sheet and a small worn pillow. Finally the floor was wooden, basically a pretty plain old fashion looking room. Anyway I woke up and stretched, I was wearing boxers and a white undershirt, and I walked around the room and looked out the window. Outside it was green and spring like there was a lot of a pine trees in a wall like a side of a forest and very green grass. Anyway I was on the second floor of a farm house sense next to me was a barn, white in color with a green black roof, down below there was a few pigs and other animals, it was slightly muddy and there was a small feeder with some hay in it.
After that I looking outside I went and got my clothes off the top of the cabinet. They were brown and what not, anyway I put on my pants and my shirt. Then when buttoning it up I looked in the mirror to see if I looked good and I was Hitler, yet it didn’t affect me I just keep buttoning up my shirt, and messed with my hair a little. Then a group of people (a look alike, a short guy in glasses and a grey shirt, a tall skinny guy, and a few others all in military suits) came in and we started joking around and talking about the Russians and what to do, but I wasn’t listening for the most part just kind of joking around. Then we left the house walked out to the cars and drove towards the city in the distance. Then I woke up but I feel asleep again, where the dream started with me leaving in an aircraft looking down and seeing people fighting the streets on the outer parts of the town, and I was upset angry, since I had failed not only my people but myself. Then it jumped again and I was back at the city and this time with a candle light ceremony going now was I promised to a few other people that I would kill a 1000 of them for every one of our dead and it ended, with that promise.

Example: Continuous dream, what does it mean?

i keep having this weird dream that the guy that i likes grandma dies and i end up going to the funeral with him, but at the funeral he ends up going on a sugar rush after drinking alot of chocolate milk (he really like chocolate milk) and i have to keep him under controll, the funeral is really weird were my favourite band My Chemical Romance preforms and that if you were family you got these out there chairs that are really high and spin. Then half way through the funeral police show up and arrest his best friend for no reason.
After that i wake up and just stop thinking about it, but now after about a fortnight it's hard not to think about it and is starting to get to me!
does this dream have any meaning or is it just completely meaning less?

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