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Dream About High Five meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Repetitive dream meaning ?

I've been having dreams about my friend and I having sex . At the end he did some sign with his signs
The (0K) sign. The other night I had a similar dream, as we were dating. The weird thing is that today we ended up spending the day together
Isn't this a little odd?

IT is a SPIRITUAL and/or PSYCHOLOGICALLY subconscious state of being too & it,means recurring dreams, PSYCHO, in occurring dream are obviously day to day struggles & issues, the dreamer hasn't resolved them in waking life. Spiritual as it appears here in your dream/s is precognitions dreams where I say the dreamer is wide asleep! that being said, we get our real information inside from metaphorical life 'acts' thought out & played /experienced in our soul that operates the mind,body until we die, sorts these all out. If u can decipher, are u on this path even? You will be eventually,we all travel down different roads but end up @the same destination.home in the cosmic.

You appear to of had a spiritual dream, a precognition dream that dreams of the future or current life & comes true.so be prepared u had the heads up didn't you? ha ha ha.

We get this b/c at rest/sleep in our sleeping state we are closer to our inner selves, than when in the waking state. The reason being that our five senses and our ego are at rest allowing our sixth sense or our higher self the freedom it needs to make these communications happen. The repetitive patterns in your dream can reveal some of the most valuable information on yourself. It may point to a conflict, situation or matter in your waking life that remains unresolved or unsettled. Or some urgent underlying message in your unconscious is demanding to be understood.

In the sleeping state, everyone gets a chance to be close to the veil, that is the dividing line between the physical state and the spiritual one;the visitation usually leaves the dreamer with a feeling of other worldliness about the encounter when they awake.

Example: Dreams... Do they mean something?

I've heard that when someone's in your dream, they were thinking of you.. :P Or sometimes it's just thoughts... Do dreams really mean anything? Just curious..

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream that your holding some ones hand?

Here's the thing i had a dream last night that this new kid in my p.e class was holding my hand.today when i was up to bat(softball) they struck me out.i passed the bat to someone else in an aggressive way.he knows my name and reached his hand to me to give me a high five. what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was going up the stairs  & I'm going slowly just so I can see him. then he comes in & smiles & stares & i wave to him & he moves his hand in like a ' come here' & so I go down the stairs & hes like
hello friend *high five*
then he opens his arms so I can hug him & we hugged so tightly it just felt right. then he tried kissing me but I turned my head by accident & then he kissed my cheek & my forehead. 
then we hold hands.

** please real dream answers**

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in high school and I was in class with a teacher I used to have. In the dream I made a detailed picture of the universe. The teacher got mad and scolded me for putting stars in the picture and told me that there were no longer stars in the sky. Then I got mad and said that there were stars and pointed out the window (the sun was setting in the dream, but you could see the stars clearly.) The teacher said no there are no stars left, and that those lights I see in the sky are actually just points on a grid. Then she showed me a diagram of how the grid was all laid out. She then began describing how each point on the grid looked differently. She only got through five of the points before I woke up, but I remember her saying that the first or second point of the grid (I don't remember, but I think it might be the second) looks like a skull, and the 5th one looks like an inside out elbow. When I woke up, I was convinced for a few seconds that there really was a grid in the universe instead of stars. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream I had five years ago mean?

I had this dream when i was around nine years old, I'm 14 now, and i've never been able to forget it. It's kind of long so be prepared.

It started out when i was with my Dad, twin Sister, and my Grandpa and we were in his house. In this dream, my Grandpa was a renowned hotel manager/owner and he was throwing a party in his newest hotel which was in the location of his house. However, it didn't look like his house, it was like a mansion and had a great view of the Hollywood Sign on the hills In LA, but he lives in Ventura, CA which is weird. Anyways, my sister, dad, and I we're in some room which had nobody else in (it was the room from the entrance). So my dad was talking to his Dad, and then, i guess an earthquake started and the room itself was literally rolling and tumbling as if it were going down a hill. Once it stopped, my family acted like nothing happened, and what's strange is the earthquake only happened in that room. So i went out to the next room over which seemed to be just a roof of another room, with a view of the Hollywood Logo. As i was standing there it looked like there was a meteor shower like that had great balls of fire off in the distance.(it was near sunset as this was all going on). I got really scared of that and just ignored it when i went down about 4 steps of the stairs leading to this lobby kind of roofless room which had lots of formally dressed guests having a good time while waiters and such were walking around with platters in there hands. Anyways i stopped at the fourth step because on the roof of the building a little bit higher than I, there was a black Carriage of fire resting there with flamed horses reined to it. The Carriage looked somewhat like that Wells Fargo Carriage in the Logo with the horses and everything. As i saw that, a little bit of fire literally slid down the wall from the building and then just as it was about to hit the ground, it turned into a foot with a sandal still on it, It looked somewhat like those "bratz" doll feet that can come off of the doll. I remember looking at that with awe and wonder, and then i looked back up to where all the guests were, and they had all turned into demons of hell and the world around me turned into a living hell, the people all had looked like black skeletons with fire surrounding them...In terror i looked up and saw the carriage of fire start to move as a black figure slapped the horses with the reins and then went off into the air as if it were like santa clause with his reindeer or something. Then the demons grabbed me and that was the end of my dream.

This isn't a joke or anything, im totally serious about this dream.


Background Info: I have this teacher who we will call Mr. Zeem. Mr. Zeem has zero personality and is the wrestling coach at my high school. Mr. Zeem doesn't really seem to like anyone but the wrestlers, he doesn't say hi to anyone or look them in the eye. Overall, not a personable human being. He has attempted to flirt with me; Always sits me in the front row, uses me as an example, smiles toward me, uses his very dry sense of humor more and more. Mr. Zeem is married and has 2 kids btw.

In my dream: Mr.Zeem had taken away my phone and as my punishment he took me to the upstairs commons and had sex with me. His point was to embarrass me but nobody paid attention. So basically he and I were having really pleasurable sex in public.

IDK what my dream means! Does he like me or something?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in this dark, kind of antique room. And I was with my dad and his gf. And all of a sudden there was this short kinda rag-doll mixed with grudge ghost girl. And she started tap dancing? And I was scared at first but, that I warmed up to her. And after she got done I praised her and gave her a high five, cause after all she was a little girl. Later, my mom came. And I was happy to see her, and I made hot cocoa for her. And I wanted my mom to see the ghost girl. So I like summoned the ghost girl, and told her my mom wanted to see her tap dance. So I turned on some like old parlor music, and she rose out of the bed and all i could see was a dark black silhouette.
What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that my friends and I were sitting on chairs in a small crowd of high school students behind of a stage waiting to be called up. On the other side of the stage in the audience watching was a mixed crowd, like people who bought tickets to see a show. The stage was run by two people, a man and a woman, who seemed to be really cheap celebrities. Out of every five people in the crowd of high school students backstage, two people would be drawn to go up on stage with the celebrities, and the other three would be taken outside and shot to death. I was sitting next to my friend matt and holding his hand because we were both really scared, and I got called up to go on stage. I didn't know what happened to him. When I got on stage, I was supposed to put on a show and make the celebrities like me, or else I would get shot next time. I was supposed to be funny and sweet and charming and dress up the woman and help the man make something in the kitchen. I was surprised to find out that they actually did like me, but the entire time I was up on stage, I was terrified and trying really hard to be charming because the celebrities could decide to kill me at any minute. after I got off stage I went to my friends and asked what happened to matt, and they said he was shot. I then had to go through the drawing again, but before I did, I woke up.

Morbid, isn't it? Sorry it was so long, I didn't want to miss anything. I was really intrigued by this dream... can anyone tell me what this might mean? Thank you so much

Example: Dreams: what does it mean when..?

you catch your boyfriend making out with your bestfriend?
and they weren't even ashamed they were caught, they didnt care.
if you dream this, what does it mean?

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