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Dream About High Heels meanings

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Example: I had a dream I was wear Purple high heels.What does this mean? Please answerrrrr :D :D?

I had a dream I was wearing High heels,they were a cream/pastal color.And I was walking around in them.And in the dream I heard someone gossiping about me and I called that person a c*nt! Lol but I didnt care in dream..I just kept on walkin in them

Whats the meaninggg?
Thanksss : D

To dream that you are wearing high heels, represents femininity and glamour. You feel confident and self-assured. On the other hand you may feel restricted and limited in your role as a female. You do not think that you can fully and freely express yourself.

If you did see the colour purple in your dream then this is what it represents:
When purple appears in your dream, it indicates loyalty and devotion. You are a very family oriented person with a passion to keep those you know close to your heart. You trust those around you, and come to rely on them for many things as they rely on you in vice versa.

Cream colour can represent pride, rebellion, emptiness or falling back into sin or a bad habit. It can also represent a void in your life and that you are trying to fill.

Pastel colours can represent illusion, camouflage, secrets, deception, lies and hidden agenda.

The gossiping represents: If you where the receiver, meaning it was about you, then you have some surprising news in store for you shortly.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed my teacher was teaching the class wearing high heeled stiletto boots. (she often actually does) I was messing around and she asked me to stay after class. She took off her boots and left the room and i found myself alone. I began to look at her boots as she came back in. She says time for detention and all of the sudden she was huge. Like fifty feet tall. She then zipped me up in her boot between her boot and leg and told me i can stay there until i learned my lesson. She laughed and i woke up.

Example: I dreamed I could wear 6 inch stilletto high heels, what does that mean?

Example: I dreamed of a guy I have a crush on in very new high heeled black knee length boots.Does that mean something?

Example: What does it mean when i dream ablut high heel shoes?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about wearing high heels?

So i remember being happy cause I was swimming in this really large pool... And as I swam underwater... I was suddenly in my room next to my closet. I looked down, and I saw the highest black strappy sexy heels. I was eager to wear them but when I wore them, I found out that they wee to big... What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream about broken high heels mean?

I had a dream i wore black high heel boots and in the dream the heels broke off both of them.

I looked across the internet about that interpretation but i couldn't find anything on "broken" high heels so if anybody knows the meaning please explain and thank you.

Example: What does it mean when a boy dream wearing high heel shoes.someone(he is a man ) gave me these(his) shoes in ?

Example: What does my dream mean abOut high heel?

I remember I was in swimming a pool, then suddenly I was in my bedroom next to my closet. When I looked down I saw these extremely high strappy sexy black high heels. They were probably the highest I've ever seen, and I've never worn high heels. I was very excited to try them all, but when I
tried them on, I found out that they were toonbig for
me, what does this mean?

Example: I have dreamed pair of red high heels. Any idea about the meaning of that?

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