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Dream About High Prices meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that my parents went to the lake to purchase a lottery ticket. They told my ex-boyfriend's friend about the lottery tickets and his parents went to purchase a ticket as well. His parents won the lottery and got several thousand dollars and then I asked my ex-boyfriend to give me some of the money so that I could pay for my university tuition. I needed to go to get six degrees, a bachelors in psychology, philosophy, theology, sociology, religion, and english but because I didn't have a lot of time... I had to reduce my stay in university to only 4 degrees. And then I woke up...

Before that I dreamt that I was in school at a library that was round and circular... and we were given a book to read and then had to answer some questions on the book. We were given a month to do the project but I finished it one day and managed to do several other books while my friend from highschool who was excelling and getting high honors in all her classes only read one book. She was also obese (in real life she is drop dead gorgeous) And then because we impressed the teacher there she put us on a game show where we could win up to 427 000 dollars in one spin... it was like the price was right only with bigger prizes and more creative games and higher chances of winning...

Have you tried to keep a dream journal so that you can get to the bottom of what is subconsciously bothering you?

It's obvious school is/has stressed you. But it is indeed possible to find the cause by writing everything down.

Just a suggestion

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, so I dreamed my parents were gone like on this trip and I was home alone, and it was nighttime and I went out on the porch to get some fresh air. but when I did, some drunk guys started yelling at me to come over there, so I ran towards my friends house. only when i was running, the wind was slowing me down, so I couldn't run as fast as I usually do, but I got there. Only when I had got to her street, i heard someone getting raped. I hid in the bushes, and he didn't see me, but i got a good look at his face. I spend the night there in the bushes and when I woke up, I went to the nearest house, which was right across the street from my friends house. it ended up being my science teacher's house. I whet there and stayed with her for the day because I was scared to go home. but that night, I somehow got outside and the rapist turned into a tiger, and i turned into a mouse. He was throwing blades at me, But i caught them and threw them back. I killed him, and then I found this baby that was like making everything evil, and I had to like, take it apart. the only problem was everytime I took it apart, it came coming back together. So I took it apart, and I spread the parts out evenly. then Everything was ok. I walked home, My mom was home and we went for a car ride and out the window,I saw the rapist.
And I think I woke up after that.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night my wife, Hannah, dreamt about a perfectly staight banana - about 6 inches long and very yellow, with a red sticker, saying : "Fly me to the moon". What can this possibly mean? Hannah would like to know before retiring tonight. So would I.

Example: What do you think my dream about a pomegranate means?

I had an odd dream the other night that's been stuck to the inside of my mind ever since.

I was a spy out to dinner with the enemy (working undercover) at a dark, kind of fancy restraunt. I had to act normal so when the enemy insisted on ordering wine I had no choice but to comply. But then, the waiter brought a wine glass with what looked like a pomegranate crammed inside and the juices were leaking out of it, filling the excess space inside the glass. The enemy told me to drink it so I did, but it didn't taste like alcohol, it was warm juice that overwhelmed me and made me feel disoriented. It was then that the enemy attacked and I was too slow to defend myself, and I died (quite brutally, too).

I wonder what that dream means... What are your thoughts?

Example: Building adventure dream...what could it mean?

In my dream, I was riding the city bus to get to school. I was distracted and missed my stop, but I got off at another stop and looked at what time it was. I saw that I wasn't going to make it in to class in time, so I decided to give myself a day off.
Right when I made up my mind, I looked across the street and saw this old, tall building. It was grayish green and looked like an old tower style hotel...like it was built in the 20's. Although it was old and abandoned looking, I got this crazy good vibe from it and I just HAD to go look at it up close. I crossed the street and I felt this overwhelming curiosity about it and studied the outside for a few seconds. I then walked around the corner and found what would be the main entrance. I walked up to the door and opened it and was extremely surprised to find that there was people in there! It looked like a classic lobby, but there was more than one check-in station. There was two long desks on each side with several "check-in" stations that looked more modern than the rest of the decor (with computer screens). There was people talking to the people behind the counters so I tried eves dropping to figure out what they where doing. They where buying some sort of tickets. I walked up to a young man whose station was now clear and asked him how much a ticket costs. I was expecting a high price but he told me "$15, it's for a tour of the building" The price seemed totally worth it so I bought a ticket. After that I walked over to wait for the tour to start, but then I woke up.
Even after waking up, I felt this crazy curiosity about what that building was. I felt like there was something in there for me to see, do...or I don't know! If it where a building in real life I would have gotten my butt out of bed to go see it. But it was just a dream! What could it mean?

Example: What do these dual dreams mean?

In the 1st one, I am being picked up by my friend in his car, and then being droven to the ocean. At the ocean, the friend's best friend and I embrace, and I end up wading through the waves of the ocean to get to the best friend. We then start kissing, but then he leaves and says he'll be back. In the dream right after that one, I am in France in a boarding school much smaller than my high school, and I'm struggling to find a lost dress. When I inquire for a replacement, I am told the price of the dress (but I cannot afford it), so I return to my high school and pick up a dress from a girl I know, since she doesn't need hers. In the France dream, I also start to have liaisons with an older man. At one point, he is underneath me in the bed, while my mother is lecturing me. After she leaves. he is not there either.

These are really, really weird dreams. Is there any meaning to them?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that my boyfriend hatched a plan with me to burn down my house and I felt vey uncomfortable with it but I went along with it anyway. He doused the insides in petrol while I waited outside. When he came out I started freakin out that forensics would find petrol on our clothes and know what happened. I went into a neighbours shed (which was a bathroom) to clean up, and then my house exploded and all the neighbours were callin me out to look so I went. What could this mean?

Example: What could this dream mean, please give advice?

In my dream, I was on a very long swingset with a class full of people. I don't know if I was part of a big family or if I was in a class that also had a big family in it.

While sitting on my swing near or at the right, some of the people to the left of me starting swinging, and it rocked the entire swingset. Somehow our swings were connected, so they would go forward really hard, then back so far that I was scared I would be thrown from the swings the next time.

Think of a couple of people doing all that they could to tip a swing set over, and that's kind of what it was like, except there were so many other people who were seemingly uninvolved along for the ride that the weight was heavier and they could swing further. It felt violent.

The swings were at a park or something, and there was an inground pool in front of us, with cement around it. So as they kept getting stronger and I figured they would eventually throw us out of the swings into the cement around it, and I jumped out of my swing, trying to get out before they swung too high on the next round. I jumped and flew through the air, beyond the pool, beyond the cement around it, and into the grass beyond. I remember thinking "Am I going to die when I hit the ground?" and then I woke up, lying down with like 12 people around me. They were all paralyzed or temporarily paralyzed, and they had apparently been involved in the swing incident, too.

I remember that one of the caregivers said something about how some of them were getting up and moving around now, and that they weren't paralyzed. I remember wondering if I was going to be one of the people who were paralyzed or one of the ones who could get up and walk around. This all seemed to take place in the past, since the cold compresses or whatever "treatments" they were giving everyone, and the nurses seemed to be from the 1960s or before. Some parts of it were more current, like the classroom part I didn't mention that was apparently a dance class instructed by the guy from Mad TV who plays Stewart.

Thanks a lot for any help with this!

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

i have this dream once awhile...in my dream im in a nice place..sometimes on the top of a building..sometimes in a beautiful garden and sometimes in mountains...i have a good feeling during the dream while walking or looking at the things around me, after awhile i start shaking my arms and want to fly..i slowly start flying and going up then i want to stop going up and just flying around..but i cant stop myself and i go up with a very high speed, i get so much afraid, trying to get back down..but i cant and my speed gets higher, the highier i fly...then the dream finishes..sometimes i wake up with my heart beating so fast...what does this dream mean?

Example: Wired dream i had (PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS)?

i was at the gas station with all my friends who were guys and there was a line and i saw a shower right outside the gas station like in front of everyone.it was were the cars got gas so i pullled off all of my clothes and no one lese did and i waiting in line and then while i was waiting in line i got a *****.and i looked around and no one ven cared so i just kept waiting and stepping forward then i saw that everyone was takineing there clothes off and they left so i decided to just take my shower anyways.so i payed the lady for a bar of soap and shampoo and i took my shower and then i woke up...

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