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Dream About High School Credits meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I am enrolling into college...

In my dream I'm in high school getting ready to graduate.I'm in a practice graduation and my name isn't called. I go up and ask why I wasnt called and this person points out that I'm two credits short in language arts. I felt like a failure. I was very upset. I pull myself together and think that I need to find some way to get my credits. I will graduate with my class. I.remember not wanting to tell my family that I didn't have all my credits. Then my dream ends.

Dreams don't mean anything...they are just involuntary visual
manifestations of a resting brain (mind) during our sleep periods.
If you apply meaning to your dreams you could end up going
down the wrong path in life by reading too much into them,
subsequently and unfortunately being led astray by meaningless dreams.

There are those folks of course who wish to apply meanings to
dreams to fill some hollow void that exists in their being. For them,
they can always attach some kind of silly interpretation to just about
any sleep induced visualization one might have.

Example: Whats this dream mean?

I keep dreaming that I'm in class in high school as a 12th grader wondering if ill graduate and when I ask my teachers if ill be able too they tell me not to worry and that I have more than enuff credits to graduate and 8 months left to make up any if I was missing some. But they all tell me that I had more than enuff very early on. I am planning on moving to ny in 8 months. I was worried about be able to live the life I want to there. Is this dream telling me that the move will be ok?

Example: Graduating high school at 21?

Yes, it's that f/u/cked up...

I had really bad social phobia at grade 9, 10, and 11. They eventually transferred me to an alternative learning school, where they give out 6 credits a year. I want to be a chemist, so I went back to normal high school to take the AP sciences, and maths. At that time, with my messed up high school career, I was 19 in grade 11 classes :(. I was so happy to finally get to university for chemistry, but they cancelled my online course for Advanced Functions, and I couldn't finish Calculus, because Advanced Functions is a pre, or co-requiseite. Now I HAVE TO GO BACK next fall, and finally be done with it, then I'll enter university at 22.

I just want to cry. I am so embarrassed. I'll be in advanced functions, and calculus with 17 year olds, at TWENTY ONE!
IDK what to think, any advice...?


Example: What does the meaning of my Rape Dream?

I had a dream that I was at this themed party and this well knowned guy from my high school raped me. I went right up to a counselor and told her what happened ,as I cried, and she acted like it was no big deal. Then as I'm telling I ask my sister was everything I said correct and the counselor asked why I was asking my sister and then I started crying again and told her how I couldn't remember anything anymore. So the weirdest part is how she performed brain surgery there and then all the guy's friends started yelling and calling me a liar. And the last thing I remember is crying. And when I woke up from the dream I was still. Crying. Does anyone know what my dream meant, I know dreams can have some many meanings.

Example: Would a university accept my community college high school credits?

I didn't intend to drop out, but I had some problems and well here I am. I am going back to school for fall but I have this big dream of going to Washington @ St. Louis, and become an architect. If they don't accept me well I am still going to get my high school diploma. The program is Adult High School at a community college and I hope it will have the same value as a regular high school credits. I need all the information I can. College Professors out there, please respond. It's a big deal for me and my family.

Example: Low on High School credits. Was thinking getting a GED instead of diploma. Any tips or ideas?

I'm a high school senior with too many missing credits to graduate this year. Instead of going to summer school (due to the fact that I have a job over the summer that keeps me extremely busy) I was thinking instead just go and take the test for a GED, get that, and be done with the educational system until I decide to go to college. Any thoughts, tips, concerns, ect?

Example: Dream school decision?

I am the valedictorian of my class, I have 4.1 gpa and 15 college credits (from AP's and college classes) Tons of extra circular activities and sports. I am the President of my graduating class and have tons of community service.I graduate high school next year at age 16 plus I am a minority. I really want to go to Columbia but my SAT scores are low, I can probably bring them up but I am not sure how high. I want to settle for Rutgers however I don't how prestige the school has. Is there anyway Columbia could look my SATs and accept me? Plus I have killer essays.

Example: Dream Interpretation: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was first in my chemistry class taking a test. the test involved going throughout my grandmother's house performing experiments...
Then I was frustrated and stressed out because I didn't have time to do the four short answers after the 18 multiple choice, then when i was in the living room, i realized i had 10 minutes so i wrote down some crappy answers real quick, but of course they had nothing really to do with chemistry... so i was thinking real hard how i could connect my answers to chemistry but came up with nothing hence my crappy answers.
Then I was in a small airplane with three other people in my chem class. We were told that if we skydived delivering these letters from colleges to houses we would get four extra credit points...
I was scared to go but eventually decided, i was last, and i jumped and delivered the letter- what was funny was none of us had parachutes, we just would land, we were told to land on both our hands and feet... the house i was at was particularly green too, the landscape was perfectly green and the house was a mint color...
Then later in my chem class i received my grade- i had a 99 with my four extra credit points...

that's basically my dream, i am a high school student if that helps, i am a little confused, because i remember the dream and the emotions so vividly...

Example: High school advice please!?

I'm in 8th grade coming from an extremely small private school (by small I mean around 65 kids total from kindergarten to 12th grade).
I'm going to a public high school and I only know two people who are going there. I'm not particularly close to any of them.
I need tips on how to "survive" both socially and academically. I want to get straight A's for all four years and score extremely high on my ACT hopefully. My dream is to get accepted into Harvard or Yale and prosper in life. It all begins in high school.
High school is the foundation to the rest of your life. Please give me tips on how to not hang out with the wrong crowd and get good grades please!
God bless you!

Example: I want to go to my dream high school - what should i do?

my middle school is about 4 blocks from my house, and their is a high school connected by there, and its closer than the middle school. it has bad review, they have separate buildings, and i just dont like it, cause everyone at my school is going to it. but, their is a high school right next to a college my sister will be going to. it is great, it looks really nice, and a lot of asians are there. haha, but my parents dont want me to go to a far school, or take the bus. what could i do to convince them i am responsible enough to go to that school? i get 4.0s and i want to go to a nice high school to get good credits.

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