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Dream About High meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about beinging back in high school over and over?


The purpose of dreams, as far as we understand them, is to process the vast amount of information that comes in through your senses each day whilst you're awake.

On this basis the "meaning" of your dreams is simply that you are making sense of information which previously didn't have a "meaning", for you, because it hadn't been processed so as to fit into your mental maps of the world (all your existing beliefs, ideas, values, etc.).

Given what seems to be going on, it's not really surprising that lots of things appear in your dreams that have nothing to do with what has been happening in your life just before the dream occurs. Things can appear in your dreams that have been part of your memories as far back as you started forming memories - or anytime in between then and now.

Nor do the things in your dreams have to be obviously related to each other. Like I said, dreaming is a process of finding/making meaning, and the brain can draw from anywhere in its huge store of memories in order to carry out that process.

So when, if ever, you happen to notice yourself having what seems like a weird dream in future you can literally rest assured that everything is OK. Your brain is actually doing, with great skill, one of the jobs it was designed to do

Example: What does it mean when you dream about wearing high heels?

So i remember being happy cause I was swimming in this really large pool... And as I swam underwater... I was suddenly in my room next to my closet. I looked down, and I saw the highest black strappy sexy heels. I was eager to wear them but when I wore them, I found out that they wee to big... What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream about broken high heels mean?

I had a dream i wore black high heel boots and in the dream the heels broke off both of them.

I looked across the internet about that interpretation but i couldn't find anything on "broken" high heels so if anybody knows the meaning please explain and thank you.

Example: What does it mean to dream of high school?

I dreamt of my high school last night and that it was haunted. At least one corridor was. In my dream, there were some old high school friends, we were exchanging gifts there. What does it mean? I am currently in college.

Example: What does this dream about High School mean?

Okay, well first, this is a little about me.
My name is Tamika. I'm 13, and I'm homeschooled. I've been to school in 2008-2009 part time in grade 3 and 4. I got sick at the end of 2009 and my mum pulled me out because I was very sick, and she hasn't put me in again. I've been doing homeschool ever since and hate it. I really need to go to school. I've just got into High school this year, but still in holidays. I'm now in Grade 7, and tried talking to my mother about going to school but she keeps saying, "not until easter holidays." I DON'T WANT TO WAIT UNTIL THEN. That's ages away, but she doesn't understand that I will miss out on everything and won't fit in if I do not go in at the start of school.

My dream.

Welllllll it's a bit hard to explain as I can't really remember it much :S
All I remember is;
I went to high schoollll, and these are the things that I can remember:
1: I sat on some nice guys lap :DDDD
2: I talked, I don't talk when my mum's around and I'm very shy!
3: I kept getting into trouble by a teacher, he looked very old.
4: I ran past someone from my previous school in 2008-9 really quickly and he chased me and I called him a bastard? LOL
5: I wasn't allowed on the main tables, I had to stay in another room by myself because I was too slow or something
6: My dad actually bought me something for Christmas, a spy camera. For some reason in the dream I had it and put it on the teachers desk so I could hear him 'cause I was in the other room but he told me off and I had to take it away hehe
And then I woke up, I loved the dream so much that I fell asleep and had a LUCID dream about the same things.
1: My enemy was sitting in the corner outside playing the guitar. I admire her so much but was jealous she played guitar. I seemed to have my mum's guitar with me and got it out and the girl saw me so I said, "Sorry! I'm not copying you, I swear!" and put it back, she slowly walked towards me and hugged me lol so I said "I love you! I mean, in a friend way, i'm not a lesbion" and then we sang some sort of song and it was so weird and then I woke up because my mum sang out at 11 am XD

Please tell me what this means :s

i hope it means i'm going to school! But I don't know, yesterday my mum visited a cemetary and I seen a piece of paper with "Grade 6 Leavers" on it. It teared me up. It had everyone from grade 3 & 4's signatures on it including the one that was in my dream, I'm so upset I never had the opportunity to dress up nice and go to it.

Example: What do dreams about high school mean?

I graduated in 2011 and I had a dream where I was starting a new semester in high school with some of the students I went with, some I never have seen before and some who I me on Facebook that went to a different school than me. In the dream I vaguely remember I was taking pre-calculus (which I never took) i believe I might have had this dream not to long ago to. What could this mean?

Example: What did my high school dream mean?

So I'm a junior in high school. One of my friends who I think is cute, let's call him DN, is in my Earth Science class in real life and I see him every day. 

In ES we pounded together (like saying whats good but with one fist over the other and you switch them and redo it) and then we hugged (omg I loved it) but then he said "Gimme a kiss" and I was like "Woooah thats too far!" (Since we were in school... If it was my house I would've went for it... Although DN is known to blurt out gay things like what he's told me--to get reactions out of people; I have believed, that since I've known him for 3 years but he's never had a girlfriend the entire time, that he's either straight in appearance and in the closet as gay or just gay and in denial (he says and does things like what he did to me to ALL his straight friends too, I'm not the first one)--but I think I genuinely like him more than friends.)

Today I fell asleep after I got home, and had a dream that me, him, (I'm also gay btw) and like 4 other boys were in a bathroom at a school.
DN walks in--and I'm peeing with the other guys also--and I, trying to blend in with my straight guy friends (for the fear of homophobic remarks being said to me. My HS is VERY homophobic) pretended like I didn't see him.
However, after DN walks in, he calls my name and says "Gimme a kiss" in the BATHROOM and I just remember, in the dream, being shellshcked...

So what does this dream mean?

Example: What do closed high school dreams at night mean?

I have dreams occasionally about being in a high school at night, one that I have never attended. I am not in high school but I am 32 years old in real life. In the high school, I have a class schedule and I either don't know where the class is, or I am very late or lost.
All the hallways are dark and my grade will plummet if I don't show up to class. I will be walking around lost for a long time not knowing where the class is. What does this symbolize?

Example: What does it mean to dream about climbing a high bridge?

Example: What do dreams about being high up mean?

in one, i was rock climbing in the bahamas (even though it wasn't really the bahamas..it was mountains..) and i ended up on the top of a ledge really really high up, and i had to concentrate on balancing so i wouldn't fall right off the other side.
in the other one, i was up on a very high, very small platform. i was trying to fix the clouds.

what do these dreams mean? mostly, what does being high up in a dream mean?

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