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Dream About Highlighter meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: WHAT DOES MII DREAM MEAN!? help, its freakin me the f*** out!?

So in the dream it was in the sight of sepia, I was in an hotel office showing some lady a peice of paper writen with crappy highlighter. i didnt see the lady's face, as far as im concerned shes not a big part and i dont know her.
I forget what she said but it was about how it was writen and i walked out and slowing Britney Spears "Criminal" Came on and i held mii eyes and walked up the hotel stair case and cried, Then fell backwards and mii chest showed and had a tattoo on it, and mii face and arms had scars all over them. and the rest is kinda blur. i remember somehow walking back up the stairs slowly, in tears, and was thinking of this guy im having issues with the whole time. im in love with him and its killing me. were okay at times and then we fight alot soo... something has to mean soemthing about him

Dream, Schmeams. Dreams are the product of an overactive imagination!
However, I feel otherworldly, so I'll consult the cosmic consciousness on your behalf:

Yes, oh yes . . . of course.

Sepia is the color of nostalgic non-descriptiveness--softly muted and mysterious, like that "crappy" letter scrawled in highlighter. No, you can't see the lady's face and contrary to your feelings about her not being a "big part" of things, she represents a HUGE part of things. Why? Because she is you--your unconscious misgivings. You forget her words about that letter, because you're ego is struggling with the truth. It's like the writing on the wall, one turns away to not face the truth. You approached the truth by climbing those stairs but fear knocked you back down, but the truth still shows in scars, tatoos. But you headed back up those stairs--a good sign--because at the top the truth awaits. You thought of someone, a beloved, the truth might involve your alliance with him.

Example: What does physical pain in dreams mean.?

About two weeks ago I had this dream that I was laying in a hospital bed, I was having needles put in me the size of highlighters (i'm assuming they were trying to find a vein) on both tops of my hands, my wrist my arms, shoulders, neck, lower back and spine. I couldn't tell who was attempting to put the needles in me because i couldn't see their face, it was just blurry. The pain was horrible, it made me shake sweat and scream, at least in my dream. In my dream I was watching myself lay in the hospital bed with the needles being put in. When I woke up I could still feel the pain just as much as I had felt it in my dream, everything was the same except for my screams had turned into painful muffled noises. I couldn't move and I was curled up into a ball. Throughout the day i was obviously tired and my body was exhausted, the spots where the needles were inserted were very very sore. Every night after that I couldn't sleep, every time I tried I began to feel the pain of the needles again. I tried taking different things to help me go to sleep, and every time I did I couldn't wake up from the dream when I wanted to.


Example: What does this dream mean?

Well I have a big crush on this girl and for the last few nights I have been having dreams with her in them and we were like dating but here is one of the dreams...

So I was in my class room and my teacher was teaching a social lesson when I looked in my desk after break and saw a note printed in blue highliter on a blank peice of paper, It said " Hi hon, how are you?", and when I looked at her she had just shut her blue highlighter and was shoving a ripped blank peice of paper in her desk! When she finished that she started waving at me in a flirty kind of way.

I know that she likes me and I like her but we have never tried dating.
ty for all answers and plz no stupid answers or swearing in your answers or I will report you

Example: What does this dream of violence mean?

So.. this morning I had a dream that was very weird. I was on the bus going to school with this friend I knew. The bus was about to stop and as I got off I noticed that she wasn't getting off the bus. Since it was exam times I said "You know we're doing exams today right?" and then I got off the bus. When I thought the bus had driven away with her she then followed me across the street and she said "Sorry, I got preoccupied with talking to other people"

So, as we walked inside of the school we kept talking and then went up to the stairs in which I met up with 2 other friends who were both girls. One of them was in my French class and asked me to study with her and the other was a girl who was just there for some reason. Anyways, I agreed to studying with her and then I see this other guy I know (not necessarily a friend and he's one of the stoners at my school) sitting there beside my locker and I start talking to him. I said "So, I guess a loser like you doesn't have any exams to do huh?" and he looked up at me and just put green highlighter on my left arm. I then said "What the hell?" and then he just laughed. Then he said "I'd rather not do exams today..", smiled and then put highlighter on me again. That's when I grabbed his arm and said "Stop f*cking putting highlighter on me". All of a sudden his highlighter turned into a knife and he slashed my arm. I then grabbed his wrist and put him in a wrist lock and then started punching him in the face uncontrollably. Then all of a sudden time stopped and I heard the sound of a shotgun being loaded up twice (like the *Chk-Chk* sound) and that's when I woke up

What could this all mean? I recently finished my exams and school is out so idk why I'd even have this dream :|

Example: Any idea what this dream means?

please take a stab :)
im sick and just woke up from a 6 hour nap.
I had a dream that I was driving my dad's van to Home Depot. (I don't drive). I was nervous to drive but I made it to the store in one piece. before i entered home Depot, I looked in a mirror and thought I looked good (hahah). In Home Depot, i was surprised to see my dad there. didn't he trust me? but instead of me feeling betrayed, I was happy. I guess because i didn't want to drive the van back. In the store, I had to buy batteries. It was hard to find them, but I finally did. Then, i needed new pens and my dad and I wanted to buy really cheap ones. I was happy because he picked colorful pens for me. I put the batteries down on the shelf to get the pens and when i looked back they were gone. My dad got mad at the cashier not me because we were waiting for her to find us new batteries. The cashier was Chinese and she used a machine to personalize my dad's highlighters. That was her revenge for him taking an attitude with her because she had to put her name next to my dad's on the highlighters. any ideas?

Example: Um I woke up this morning with a stain in my underwear the color of a pink highlighter?

What on earth? I just had a bunch of weird dreams and just woke up and went to the bathroom and had to make sure I wasn't still dreaming--- there was a stain in my underwear which I thought (with my blurry, de-contacted eyes) was maybe spotting or my period but when I take a closer look its hot pink! The exact color of a highlighter? I mean I understand light pink spotting but HOT PINK? What is this?

Example: So what do I use the highlighter for..?

Okay so im kind of new to makeup. Yesterday I meant to get buff beige for my foundation(Revlon colorstay) but instead switched it with ivory without knowing so it was an accident (which is a bit lighter than my skin tone..don't worry though I even it out with bronzer and blush) so I got the Maybelline dream lumi highlighter in a buff color because I thought it would work good on blemishes. But I heard that you shouldn't put it on cause then it highlights the blemishes..so idk what to do with the highlighter and foundation a little help

I want my eyes to look brighter and the foundation is lighter than the actual highlighter..

Example: I have a recurring dream?

About once a week I have the same dream. It's not exactly the same every time, though, it will be in a different place or with different people.

In my dream, I am going to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while, or I will go somewhere with my friends, and it will always be a large group of about 10 people or so. But when I get there I always discover that my best friend and a person who I don't like or don't get along with or who has hurt me in some way, they and my best friend are best friends now. And when I find out, I am devastated because my best friend no longer wants to hang out with me. Then, no one else in the group has any interest in seeing me. In every dream I start sobbing, and eventually just start wandering around, desolate, trying to get someone to be my friend. In another version, the group of friends kicked me out of the room.

Any ideas as to what this means?

Example: Could this dream have been a "psychic" moment?

Okay, so about a year or two ago, I had this crazy thing happen. I was reading a book late at night, and went to bed after I ended a chapter. I didn't want to put the book down, but I was really tired. So that night, I had this crazy dream. I was in a boat (with other people. I don't know them in real life, but in the dream I knew them) leaving from a port and going far out into the ocean, to this very strange and deserted town. I don't really remember much else about it, but that's basically what happened. Anyways, the next day I read more of the book. The next chapter was about the departure of the main character and a bunch of families from a village the character was trying to save. I didn't realize this until a few days after, but a lot of the details were present in the dream I had that night. Seriously, silly little things like specific buildings, things said, etc. I had never looked ahead in the book, and these things weren't obvious things that a reader could predict. In the chapter I read before bed, the characters had no idea where they would end up. But I somehow had a dream that carried out the exact scene of the book..from a chapter I hadn't read yet. It was very strange to realize this, and it still confuses me some. I know it doesn't mean I'm psychic or anything. But could this mean something? How was I able to dream about something I had no clue about, and be dead-on about all the details and plot?
If you know anything about these kind of things, please help. <3
thanks, /

Example: Can someone interpret this really weird dream for me? Its been bugging me for about a year.?

Ok, here it goes. It started off by my mom and I going to the airport because i was going to fly to some Western European country to see my dad. When we got in the airport there were a lot of security guards and they wouldn't let my mom come with me to check in and i started crying and got really mad and beat up 2 of the security guards and then more came and started chasing me. i ran out of the airport and i saw a Winnebago and ran into it. One of my buddies was driving it and i asked him if i could hide out in it and he opened up a trapdoor in the cieling and a ladder came down and he told me to go up. Once i got up there, there was a little room with a few windows and one of the girls who goes to school with me was up there and we... had some "fun". At this point i figured out that the world had been taken over by monster trucks with special powers and while we were driving (i was still in the room with the chick, and it was dark and gloomy and rainy outside) we saw a big monster truck with ice powers and we got away from it after a while. but during that time i was feeling complete terror. Then, i somehow ended up in some crappy apartment with my mom and my sister again and we decided to take a trip to Chicago. On the way to chicago we saw another one of the monster trucks and we barely got away from it. I dont remember that trucks power. But again there was a feeling of terror and i could tell my mom and my sister were terrified too. Somehow we got back to the apartment and now there was this monstertruck that was a highlighter yellow color and it emitted pulses of light of that color. If you looked directly into the light you would be brainwashed into an evil minion. You could see the light pulsating in the windows and i went outside and started following it from behind. and then somehow it was empty and i jumped into it and started driving it. The monster truck tried to take control of me but i wouldnt let it, i could really feel it trying to get a grip of my brain. Then i started driving it around and just doing tricks with it. I ended up at the apartment again and my mom got mad at me for trying to drive the monster truck but i told her " Dont worry, it is starting to respect me." I remember that exact line from my dream. Then I was back in the truck and i stole a black monster truck and drove around in that and that was the end of my dream..

So if anyone can interpret that for me that would be great. Because its been bugging me for a very long time. THANKS.

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