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Dream About Hiking meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have had this dream and I don't know what it means. I was at the beginning at a hiking trail with friends, a big group like six people. You know the area where theres dirt and all the cars are parked before the trail begins, except no one else was there but us. The trail was very long and ran to the top of the mountain which was not super high but very long. It looked like a jungle but no exotic plants just big trees like oaks, more like a forest. We started the journey and I could see us all walking from a movie point of view like i was watching a movie. Then we were all in this house that was in the forest. It was huge, like a mansion. It wasn't nice looking, it was very choppy and open and had many hallways that where very long and had lots of room. It was new looking but had a weird fake feeling to it. The walls were all sorts of colors like red and blue. We discovered someone was dangerous among us, like this one guy was a criminal or something and he had disappeared in the house. So half stayed down stairs and I was up stairs with that guy, i didn't hear everyone saying he was dangerous. He was telling me someone else is in the house that is dangerous and we need to look for them. We were upstairs going down long hallways, then I started to feel very uncomfortable with him and nervous and could feel something was wrong, I just knew then that something was off about him. I got downstairs with all the others but he followed along. Then a couple other people from the group joined the guy I was with and it was obvious they were all dangerous besides half of us including me. I think they were killers but there was no indication. We saw out a window of the house, cops at that beginning area of the trail where my dream first started. We could see them because the house was high up in the mountain. We started running back down to them. They were telling us to hurry but then my dream ended. Weird right? never watched anything or any TV. that I could of picked up scenes, all totally random.

It seems to me that there is someone in your circle of friends that you do not trust. In fact, it seems you feel as though this person might have malicious intent. Do you think they're trying to murder you? Probably not; however, your dream might be saying you believe this person is trying to destroy or kill something of great value to you (e.g. Something you live for).
As for the cops approaching the house before the end of your dream... Perhaps it means you're contemplating about telling the authorities? Or someone you trust and believe has the power to do something?

Example: What does my weird dreams mean?

hey my name is ayana and i been deamin some weird things 2 days now...well my boyfriend's grandma has pasted away some days ago and he been down and stressed ever since...well saturday night i had a dream that 2 demon lookin creatures was fightin and there was a swarm of huge bees killin people..so my mom,my boyfriend and my lil niece ran into a small abandon room away from the bees..then they all felll asleep but i couldnt sleep and i saw a hugee blue eye lookin through the key hole at me...and it appeared inside...but it didnt come to kill us..i had a blue necklace around my neck which belongs to him (idk how it reach there) then my phone ran n i woke up...then last night "sunday" i dream i was in the police (which is my dream to be) then i was a lady who was also in the police...she saw a nice shirt and hat she wanted an we went to get it...then she disappeared from my dream and my boyfriend appeared...we was on something like a hike going through bushes but we was tryin to get home...then i saw 3 ladies who live next to us dat we dont speak to (cause they deal up with obeah) and one strange girl..i cut my hair infront of them and walked off meetin my boyfriend..then we was on a bridge like thing with a brown trap door at the bottom and my left slipper fell on it...i was goin to jump for it but my bf stopped me tellin me i would fall into the river...(the river was low and flowin nice) then he went down standin on the edge of the door tryin to walk slowy for my slipper and it fell into the river...then i jumped into the river chasing after it on the side..then it flow away...soon waves of water started comin down..makin the river rise a little...then a bigger wave came and my bf pulled me out before it can carry me down and we was both scared...v.v then i woke up...

i been thinking maybe cause i cut my hair infront of my enemies (the ppl who do obeah) cause bad things to happen to me..

Idk what my dreams mean can someone help me? or at least try? i really wanna know what it means...if it have a meaning..=(

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I keep having the same re-occuring dream. I mean, it isn't a bad one. I always forget about it when I wake up, but this one was different. It was mean and my boyfriend of 3 years pretty much hiking. I never been with him in this dream, I was always alone I think. He was in it this time, and we were walking through trails and wilderness then off a sudden we come to the end. Its a very pretty place will hills, the grass perfectly green everywhere. Sky is very pretty and blue, with white puffy clouds. In the field, is a church. Its big and white. Like a Catholic Church Shrine or something. White, and gold and just very beautiful. There was a white picket fence around it. It looked like some sort of farm. It wasn't the only building...there we several other ones spread out across the valley with church symbols on them. This place is just very beautiful. I'm just wondering...what does the dream mean? Does it mean what I think it does?

Example: Meaning of this dream?

It was summer (July/early August), I had been hiking and stopped at a spot where the trail headed down a hill into an opening, at the foot of some mountains at the opposite side of the opening. (NOTE: all this is very realistic. I spend much of my summers hiking, and live in a wooded, mountainous area).

I was about to take out my lunch when I thought I saw something down in the opening moving. I took out my binoculars and saw a small group of bears. I wasn't able to see them clearly enough to tell if they were grizzlies or brown "black bears", but either way...I was keeping my distance. I decided to sit there quietly and watch them.

While I was watching the bears a bull moose came out of nowhere and walked straight at me. I was scared because I thought it was going to charge at me, but it wasn't and it didn't ...it just kept a steady pace and walked straight at me. I lifted my pack above my head and made loud noises, attempting to scare it away, but it just kept walking at me.

When it reached me, it smelled me...all over my head and back and face. I didn't know what to do about the moose, so I did nothing. I looked down at the bears, they were oblivious of us. I didn't understand why the moose was interested in me, but I sat down, and the moose laid down kind of behind/beside me. It was very interested and friendly to me, in a very calm way.

I don't know a lot about moose but I know enough to stay away from them, they can be dangerous, and are usually ...um, shy? not sure what the word is, but not friendly. Thoughts on what this dream might mean?

Example: What does my hot air balloon dream mean?

I don't usually ask for dream interpretations, but this dream was very vivid and seemed to be symbolic in some way?

I was in a hot air balloon over the ocean and it was descending. I wasn't in control of the balloon, there was a man that was operating it, and he kept making it fall very fast. In the distance I could see another balloon falling very fast. I was scared in the beginning but began to have fun. I started to get scared when we got closer to the water.

The next thing I remember I was in a desert with my feet on the ground but still holding on to the balloon with my hands. I jumped and I started to rise up uncontrollably but my mom grabbed my hand a pulled me back down to the desert floor. I saw my dad next, and asked him if we could go hiking throught the desert like when I was little. He said no because he hurt his knee.

Example: What does a dream about cats hiking through the wilderness on their hind legs mean?

I dreamed I was hiking through the wilderness with my dad, my former stepmother (they're divorced) and two cats, who belonged to them.
The cats walked on their hind legs and carried backpacks like humans. Everything looked like a map, not like real nature.
What does this mean?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

The other night I had a dream that I was hiking with my ex girlfriend. When we were walking up some wooden stairs she fell down, bit the curb, and puked. The puke flowed like a brown river. I ran so I didn't get wet from the puke. also that made some other in front of me puke. End of dream. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

I dreamt that I was in a house with allot if my family and we were packing to go on holiday. Then I went looking for my aunties new husband because no one liked or trusted him and I wanted to see what he was doing. When I found him he got mad and said I didn't trust him and then grabbed me, made me burn my face with fire and then raped me. When it was over I ran off and tried to hitch hike to a hospital, I has bad burns on my face. I woke up just as I was gettting to the entrance of the hospital.

What does this mean? It was so scary and horrible, and btw my auntie doesn't have a husband so I dunno who he was.
If you could tell me what this is all about I'd be grateful, thanks.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i was hanging out with my brother and his old girlfriend was there and she kept following us i was going in the bathroom but i saw a snake in the toilet and my brother was trying to kill it but it got away but he got it and killed it but before that it started growing a little bigger before he killed it what does this dream mean

Example: What does this dream mean?

Here is my dream: My friend, age 13, drove me, age 14, up to Bigbear, a mountain in California, and we sat on a hill. We went there because there was a game that my high school was playing in. We were going to go to a lake called Lake Scar, because that's where they were playing, but it was a long and difficult hike so we started to drive back...straight off the cliff! We were instantaneously home and saw some porcupines over by our neighbor's house. We picked them up and took them to the end of our street. The we started to see if the quills actually hurt. That's where it ended.

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