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Dream About Hodgepodge meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: ((Okay weird)) what does my dream mean?

Okay so I was standing outside my house with my friend and we saw a light that looked somewhat like a lazerpointer thingy in the sky, it grew and it began to go back and forth through the sky. Soon it became a line and was twisting in the sky, then it became like an atom design and still was going back and forth through the sky. It appeared to be late at night. So my friend went to her house and got her camera, by that time the atom like thing in the sky was huge and rainbowy. Like it was a huge atomy-rainbowy-satilite. So we took pictures and it kept evading the picture because it was moving faster than when it was an atom. So I took the camera and took an off center pic of it. After we took pictures my friend had to leave, so I still looked at the sky, the big rainbowy atom stopped and morphed into a tiger... then it split in half making a lizard... then they both turned into fish. ((This reminded me of an expierence when I was on my boat and we saw numbers in the sky drawn out and then was so a huge flounder... no I wasnyt high... I was 5 and my parents remember it too.)) (in my dream->)So after that I ran inside to see my dad sitting on our staircase in disbelief and angered at me. I showed him the pic and he didnt believe me. Then he yelled at me. I showed my mom and she didnt believe me. I showed my sister and she didnt believe me at first, but then I showed her the real thing... and she did... then I showed my mom and she told me it was an ad for a new band...sorry this is so long but I have more parts to my dream.

My 2nd part of my dream was when I owned a store. I owned a store in my basement and I had a lot of ppl I knew in it. I was talking to a boy I liked and all of a sudden my face started peeling off... like layers and layers peeled off. Then I went in my backyard, the thing in the sky was still there, bigger than ever and it was still late, I looked at my watch 12:55 pm... not am... pm... so I was confused at how it could be noon and its so dark. There was a rollercoaster and it was made out of wood, my bestfriend took me back to my shop and showed the paintings she made of her friends, she made a cartoon of me. It was tim burton style, I was fat, and had stringy hair. I dont remember the cartoon but I remember it was hurtfull, I looked at everyone else pictures and they looked beautiful. After that I remember getting a brand new car for no reason... and it was on my stoop for some reason. Then I took it driving, it was midnight and bright outside. all the houses on my street were covered in toys and the band's name that my mom told me about, finally I looked up at the sky and saw the atomy-thing and it exploded... then I woke up.

Some dreams give you the feeling of an omen, as in there is special meaning. I do not see this, particularly in dream number two. There are dreams that solve problems or pose experiences to produce certain emotions or kinds of feelings. This may be that. Otherwise, dreams are story pieces that may or may not have any meaning or purpose at all, which is what I expect these dreams to be.

Between your cosmic miracles and a hodgepodge of normal images, I think that if anything your mind was exploring a sampling of the wonder of the universe in the context of the normal scenes of real life. Dreams may sometimes mean things, but they do not have to always make sense.

Don't worry about it.

Example: What it means when your dreaming that your jumping from block to block?

Example: Dream meaning please?

Simple dream really. It takes place in my bed as I'm sleeping in my dark room, I saw a bright flashing light above my head. It was violent, and it came with the loudest noise that sounded like a screaming tea kettle times 10. Layers of that scream. Just above my head in bed. And I had to fight out of it to wake up.

As I was there, I heard within me, someone say "people everywhere are seeing... Lights."

it's was all really creepy. Like some alien movie. When I woke up I turned the lights and tv on, and played Gorillaz.
I went to bed at 1-16. I woke up from the nightmare at 2:50.

Thank you.

Example: Incestuous rape dream meaning please?

I had this dream a few days ago. I can't get it out of my head and I'm starting to think something is wrong with me. All help will be appreciated.

Here's my attempt at describing this dream:

It starts off in a backyard. There is a wooden above ground pool. In the pool is a little boy about 9. His face is not right. It's darkened like in an anime. Basically his face looks like the incarnation of evil. In his arms is a little girl about 3, I'm assuming it's his little sister. She is crying. The back of her skull is missing from her head. The little boy has it in his hands. He is using it to scoop water and pour it into the exposed part of her head, poking it, pushing her under the water a few times. This goes on for a few minutes. It then flashes into a child's room. The little girl is in a crib, her head is fine now. The little boy is in the crib with her. His face is normal. He's acting like he is trying to make amends for what he did. She somehow falls out of the crib and lands on her stomach and begins crying again. The boy jumps down and is bending over her, seeing if she is ok. Then his face darkens again and he begins to **** her. A few people come into the room trying to stop him. One by one he brutally murders them. And then I wake up.

Example: Funni dream wats it mean?

i went to a carnival. rode an elephant wit thid guy. fell off walked into a trailer.eminem and 50 cent where thereand em was crying. my hair turned blonde and me and eminem got married(he was wearing a pink robe) then i went to the movies to warn ma drunk druggie neighbor that his homeless trashy gf was gonna leave him and i saw a ton of pple i new there

Example: What does it mean when you dream of your best guy friend?

Okay well first I'm in his room hanging out with him and his friend next thing I know his friend kisses me.Then my best friend gets jealous goes to get a drink and comes back, now his friend goes to the restroom and my best friend sits next to me and I kiss him. Naturally I thought he would push me away but he kisses me back. I have dreamed of him but never this clear. What does this mean? is he interested in me? or is my mind playing games with me? Help please :[

Example: These are cool dreams! Can you tell me what they mean?

Occasionally I'd dream about my favorite characters in my favorite tv shows.

So I was wondering if any of the following means anything:

1. I was having lunch with Mulder and Scully and we were talking to this boy. We were investigating some weird things happening in the cafeteria. When the boy was in danger, Mulder and Scully did their job while I helped the boy to their safety.
2. I teamed up with Alex and the survivors of 815 to get Juliet out of the imprisonment of Ben. We were underwater the whole time. I could breathe, and I carried her to safety. She was naked.
3. I went with David Creegan to the house he grew up in. It was very emotional for him. After words he layed down resting his head on my hand as I stroked his hair.

Any of it mean anything? #3 was from Touching Evil.

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

Okay so I had a dream I was sitting on my couch and I went to look outside and my male dog was trying to mate with my female dog but she was trying to get away to play with him(She is in heat thought). And there were all these unneutered male dogs and some unneutered male cats. I grabbed my yorkie and put her inside and chased away all the stray cats and dogs away with a stick and bathed my yorkie, then woke up. xD Also a few nights ago I had one that my male was again trying to mate with my female but I seperated them and kept the male inside.

Example: DREAM HELP!?

I had this dream last night that was a little strange. In the dream I was laying down in bed and the boy I liked was sleeping next to me. He was really close to me in the dream almost making me fall off the bed. I remeber thinking to myself in the dream that the boy had no clue that I liked him yet he was laying up against me with his arm over me. Can anyone help me figure out what this might mean?

Example: I need a dream interpretation please!?

Well someone who was very mean to me moved away 2 weeks ago and I had a dream last night:

I dreamed that me, my mom, my sister, and my dad were outside watching them leave and then his mom made him hug us and he just put his head in and I was like "That's good enough"

Please if you know tell me what this means and please state your sources or how you know I really want to know.

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