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Dream About Holes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming about holes in your body?

Last night I had a very vivid dream where I had three holes in my body. One on the left side of my lower back and two on the left side of my abdomen. They were patched up and I never actually saw them, but I knew they were there. In my dream I was very self concious about it, b/c the big white patches that my mother had put over them were very visible and were on the outside of my clothing. However, I went about normal life as if nothing was wrong... yet these holes were always there. They werent bleeding or messy. However, I seemed to know that underneath the white patches they were a little messy.

I never figured out what caused them or knew if they ever healed.

Any ideas or insight in this one? I am baffled.

Holes could be a memory of a past mistake that is bubbling up.
My dream book says that holes in clothing are a warning that you need to start paying off your debt.
Three refers to something combative and masculine. Where ever the 3 appears, there is also energy. Three is an effective, holy, but also dangerous. It may be announcing that something new is happening. Three people strive for success, but will follow instructions easily without complaining. The three person is creative and steadfast, loves partying, dancing and being in love. Three always points to something new that is created from things that have already exsisted. It might mean that you want to start a new business or project with other people.

White is a reminder to resolve special situations or problems. White can stand for feminine, virginity, emotional coldness and immaturity. White stands for completeness, idealism, purity and innocence.

Mother represents how at peace you are with yourself and the feminine and unconscious aspects of your personality.

MY analysis of everything is:
It sounds like that you may have some debt or some deed that you haven't taken care of. This is influencing your feminine side and needs to be taken of soon. You have so far used your resources to "cover" it up. All the while knowing that it wouldn't effect to much, but would always be there (the messiness) for when you could take of it.

Example: What does a dream of a hole in body gushing blood mean?

Last night, I had a that I was at my grandmothers house. I was hanging out with my close friend, and two people I have never met before. We had just come back from hanging out with the person I currently like. We were all hanging out on the couch, and than all of a sudden, my leg started bleeding, so I went to go look in a mirror, and it was this big hole in my knee, and it was gushing blood, and the hole went like all the way through my leg. My grandmother came home, and I told her about it, and she said there was some disease with dogs biting people, and than these big holes coming up as a result from dog bites previously. What could this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream that there is a hole in your chest that gets bigger?

what does it mean when I had a dream that there was a hole in my chest and it got bigger and my ribs were showing with like my lungs showing, and bleeding everywhere! i know its horrible lol but i really wanna know!

Example: What does my dream about a hole between my eyes mean?

This is the 2nd time I've had a dream about this hole and I always think its real so I get upset.

In this dream I was at the beach with my family, we rented a house. I was getting ready to go for a walk down the boardwalk when I noticed this hole. It is a natural type of hole, small, almost like a belly button and I can see light coming through from the back of my head. So I have a hole there too. I yelled "WTF I hate when I notice the f ing hole in my head!" Like first I just think how weird I look, but then I think "where is my brain?" And I feel even worse.
I went for my walk And people were looking at me, not because of the hole but because I was crying. So I sit on the beach to calm down and smoke a cigarette. This old lady told me to put it out and I was like "leave me alone, the doctor was probably smoking a cigarette while he delivered you 100 years ago!" Then I got up and went back to the beach house sobbing. I was about to tell my dad about the hole in my head but my alarm went off and now I'm awake.

Do you have any ideas about what this hole means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of holes in face?

So I had a dream that I had holes in my face not like literal holes but i guess you can say dents? Like multiple ones on the left side of my face. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream holes under your feet?

ok so in this dream i look under my feets & i have nasty deep holes and my feets arent bleeding theirs just deep pink holes and im trying to cover them from infection with toilet paper i know gross but its just a dream a really weird one please help what does this dream mean?

Example: Fork holes in foot dream, what does it mean?

I recently had a very weird dream but the bit that stands out was I had 3 small square holes in my foot, and you could see right through my foot, through them, I knew in my dream that I had got them from when a fork had dropped on my foot but I am just wondering what that means, especially as normal forks have 4 prongs, is that significant, that it was only three?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a hole in your wrists?

I've never had this dream before. I was in the bathroom and for some reason i had three really big holes in my wrist, two on my left arm and one on the right; it looked as if I or someone had cut them out with a circular cookie cutter but it wasn't bleeding. They looked perfect as if they were supposed to be there. i would put my finger in side of the holes on my left arm and get a little freaked out. Then i would fill them with water from the sink and empty em out then do it again. That's when i woke up. What could this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning: Holes in the road?

I had a dream where i was coming home from school and there was holes in the road with snakes and massive slugs in there and they were coming out. What is the meaning of this dream?

Example: Black hole dream what dose it mean?

i had a dream 6 years ago where ther was this black hole in th sky pulling everything into it. i have had the same dream every year but in a new place each time ind i do not get it.

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