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Dream About Holy Child meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was sitting on my bed in my room with a bunch of people I didn't know also sitting around me, it was kind of like a party. I was just sitting there all quiet, when someone knocks on the closed door of my room. I got up and answered it, and when I opened the door, it was me standing there, except it wasn't me. She was dressed exactly like me and looked like me, except she didn't have any eyes or eyebrows, just like smooth forehead until her nose and mouth. She smiled at me and then tackled me. I tried to look around the room and ask for help, but all the people that were in there before were gone. She pinned me down and asked me a question, but I didn't understand what she was saying, it just sounded like screams. I asked what she said, and she repeated herself two more times, but I still couldn't understand what she was saying. After the third time, she just screamed really loudly and I woke up. Any idea what this means? I had the same dream the night later, except the setting and situation was different, but she still pinned me down and asked me three questions. I'd like to know what this means please! I know it's long, I'm sorry!

Hello, Yes, the meaning of your dream - is showing you that you are in a place of self discovery, in a comfortable and fun setting learning new things about yourself that you are unfamiliar with. You're relaxed & able to look within, as well as OPENLy invite/welcome new opportunities as you enter a new stage or phase of life. Notice no eyebrows, or eyes & this is showing you that you've been denying expressing yourself. There is something you don't quite understand yet. You're "wrestling", rather struggling with & trying to tackle this head on, to find the best way to express yourself. There are powerful emotions that want out, want to be given a voice, to be heard - & will demand to be heard, to be acknowledged. Your dream is showing you, telling you, screaming at you, that you need to find a way to express yourself in some way, whether that be WRITING, journaling, drawing, dancing, painting, or any creative outlet that allows you to creatively express yourself. The inner you WANTS TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED, wants a voice, to be heard & recognized. 3 is the number of trinity, where things come together, as in -father, son & holy ghost, or mother, father & child, or mind, body & spirit. You're being asked to ASK yourself, or pinpoint (pin down) a way to express yourself & bring more balance into your daily life.

Our dreams are like letters from God, showing us things about ourselves to help us live our life for the best & highest good of all. Hope that helps.

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream means?

Ok so it begins with my family ( grandma,mom, and dad) going to see a deserted castle with little gold pebbles making up the gates. These two dudes come out of nowhere and take us to this old room that looked like the inside of a grannys house lol. But before they took us to see someone a man was sitting in a chair and i stared at him for a while because i could see a white mist around him almost like a aura. He disapeared before i could tell him about the white mist. The two men entered my dream again and took us to the man. We were all talking until the man started looking evil and laughing like muahaha (lol) and i took out my sword (oh yeah i had a sword the entire time and i dont know were it came from) and the evil dude let his two henchmen fight me. They didnt die easy i stabbed them millions of times withought it looking like it dis anything . But i did it. My family was going to help but they didnt find a weapon fast enough. The two dead men had disapeared and two white doves remained.one at a time i let them go outside. I told my grandma about it and she said " it could of been a message from god. The sword you used could of been the sword of spirits the bible talks about that is the only weapon that can defeat demons." i forgot what else she said. I dont read the bible so i never knew about this stuff. You see i had this dream five times! Except the first four it was blurry and it wasnt me fighting it was someone else and each person lost. In my dream i asked my grandma why i could and she just said she didnt know. I am a christian a d would like to know that if this is a message to god what would it mean?

Example: Christians, What dos this dream of the Holy Spirit mean?

I found myself watching TV in my kitchen, only the TV was not where its supposed to be. It was in a hole in the cabinet doers. And I was watching paid-programing. A lady was selling plastic silver bags. I looked out the doer leading to another room and saw my mom changing a baby's diaper, she was baby siting for a neighbor. But in real life she has never baby sat for the neighbors. And then I thought that the plastic silver bag on TV would make a good trash bag for the baby's diapers. I called and ordered the bag. Then two minuets later the bag came, my mom brought it to me and said "Oh, You need to walk around town before you get your Mayo". It was as if the bag were a gimmick or like a cereal box that said "free pries" and in small print "when you send in 8 box tops". Or at least that's how my mom sounded. And I didn't want Mayo, nothing was said on TV that involved mayo. Then I started to look at the bag, not that much different from a trash bag or shopping bag...Continued.

Example: What does dreaming of fish mean?

I had a dream that me and my boyfriend went to go get a steak but the store was all out all they had left was steak with fish swimming around in the plastic, and i told my boyfriend ok we will take that then i woke up. crazy huh... lol.. my friend said maybe because were are trying to get pregnant we lost our daughter in oct

Example: What could this recurring dream mean?

I'm in my 30's, and every once in a while, I have a dream that I'm a child and in grade school. The grades vary from dream to dream, but in the one I had last night, I happened to be in 7th grade. I believe I was in the 5th grade a week or two when I had a similar dream. But I must note that when I wake from the dreams, I wish they were true.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I was with a friend and her child. I was talking to her son when his face suddenly broke out in acne and there was a big steamy one on his forehead. we asked him if he was ok but he didnt reply he than stood up and put his arms out and his feet together symbolizing the crucifix and his body lifted from the ground and floated towards me reciting the words "father who art thou in heaven" and then came towards my face as if he were gonna attack me and then i woke up. It was so disturbing that I couldn't go back to sleep. What could this mean? I have never dreamt that way before.

Example: Octopus dream meaning?

I HAD a dream about an octopus and it had ate this kid I know what does it mean when you see an octopus in your dream

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay so my dream was that I was in my house and it was Saturday. (tomorrow) It was about 9am in my dream. My older and younger brother, my younger sister, our cousin Kaylee, and my mom were all in the living room talking when we heard a bang on the door. I checked and it was my guy-friend from school. But he was this zombie thing. He wound up getting in the house. My dream cut away from that though and showed me and my mom in her bedroom reinforcing it by making barriers and underneath places. It then cut to where the same people from the beginning + my grandma were driving my older brothers truck, but for some reason it had back seats (it usually doesn't) and we were driving to go get some supplies. We drove a little bit, and I asked if I could go home afterwards and move my belongings into our shelter and my mom said yes. A little bit later we came across this traffic jam with bloody dogs in the middle of the road. We turned to get away, but the zombie dogs were REALLY big and started to chase us. We wound up getting abandoned with the dogs on our tail and my mom decided to make the most of it by playing happy music. Right when the dog was about to get into the car, I woke up. After I woke up though, I felt like I was still dreaming. It was SO scary. Can someone please tell me what it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

To understand This dream I'm in the UK

okay basically, I was a clown in a circus, I made everyone laugh and made lots of money ( I literally looked like the joker ) but the next day everyone who had visited the circuses I had worked at we're killed ( thousands of people dead ). Then everyone who I met in my life got drunk and thought I would have come to kill then. So they chased me to the circus ( the circus which I had worked at closed down) and bombed me! I was still in uniform when I died. They hid my body in a lawyers basement
( who was also involved in killing me ). But then, 16 years later, when their children were grown up, my soul came down and I killed their children and them and took their would, but then I wanted more souls so I went on about killing everyone. The deaths were different from the way you would normally kill a person, I fed a girl from my class ( she killed me so don't feel sorry for her ) her own guts and it kept coming down a whole in her stomach, tighed her up to a table, once released I removed her heart and squished it right in front of her and then popped her eyes and finally made her and her boyfriends body joined together ( basically likes. Multi body ) and they both died and I got their soul. The government of other countries got scared and blocked all communication from the uk and cancelled all taxes the uk owed and stopped paying taxes to them because they were scared of someone sending me to their country. People did kill me, tried holy water, taking out my heart, drowning me, releasing the souls, chopping my head of, burying me alive ECG ect but I kept coming back and I did get all the souls back. Then yrs later everyone in the uk had died but for 1 woman who tried to scape England. I used her to get out and go to the USA. It had worked, once I managed to get out using her I killed her and started all over again in the USA! The first time I died in the USA was people bombing me again but I kept on coming back and 50 years later the worlds population was 0.

It was sorta based on the next generations aswell. What does it mean? Will this happen? What do you think I'll do next?

Example: Holy Communion Dream?

I found myself in church service with children observing mass. After the sermon was read by a lay leader, the lay leader decided to finish the mass with observing communion because there was no priest in sight.

As he was about to finish the celebration of the mass, A priest showed up from nowhere. The priest got to the pulpit and started administering the holy communion. As I was heading towards the altar to receive mine, I knocked off an artificial pine tree which looked more like a Christmas tree without all the decoration.

I picked up the pine tree trying to fix it back to the stand but to no avail. As I was spending time trying to get it back up, I could see that the last person had quickly taken the communion and the priest was about finishing up. Someone came from behind me and told me to live the pine tree and quickly get up to the altar to receive communion.

I hurriedly got there, and the priest administered the communion to me, What I noticed was that it was 2 bread of communion that he gave me instead of the usual one. When he was done, he called my name and told me to wait and the next thing I noticed was a jolt of electricity all over my body and I woke from my sleep.

This happened less than 7 minutes into sleep. Before I went off to sleep, I was exhausted but I felt really energized when I woke up as if I had been sleeping for a longtime.

NOTE: I don't remember sermon being preached but the dream was centered around the Holy Communion.


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