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Dream About Holy Spirit meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning?

What do these things symbolize in a dream?
-an eclipse
-a cloud with fire
-smoke in a house
-a burning building
-the sky changing from light to dark in a matter of minutes

all these pertain to a certain dream

It really depends on

1) who is doing the dreaming
2) what it means to them
3) actions involved around those objects.

The last one, sky changing from light to dark in a matter of minutes would be like a real weather change-- which might represent a current change that's frightening to the dreamer. (Or maybe something else!)

An eclipse-- well to me, an eclipse MIGHT mean that something (whatever else I'm dreaming of) is blocking out the light of the sun (or Son.) It might mean something else to you.

A cloud with fire... I dreamed recently (last 6 months) of burning hail. It was something that represented a threat to me in the dream, but ended up not having much of a translation into my waking life.

A cloud with fire might represent guidance from the Holy Spirit, if it's in the form of a pillar (think of Exodus).

Or it might represents thoughts/beliefs about the future. (Everyone speculates-- it doesn't mean that the dream is necessarily a message about the end of the world.)

Smoke in a house is pretty vague. If it's caused by a smoker, it's an indicator that someone's boundaries (typically spiritual) are being "polluted."

It could also be an indicator that there's a problem ("where there's smoke, there's fire." Sometimes our subconscious will use wordplay.)

The burning building-- it depends on what type of building. If it's a church, it could be about intolerance, if it's a school-- it could be wishful thinking (it's the end of the year and our subconscious isn't usually very well behaved,) if it's your house, it may indicate that the dreamer feels he/she is losing everything around them.

I know these are vague-- sorry, but it's a jumping off point. Please don't forget to pray for clarity first. If you'd like some more help, please feel free to contact me.


Example: Christians, What dos this dream of the Holy Spirit mean?

I found myself watching TV in my kitchen, only the TV was not where its supposed to be. It was in a hole in the cabinet doers. And I was watching paid-programing. A lady was selling plastic silver bags. I looked out the doer leading to another room and saw my mom changing a baby's diaper, she was baby siting for a neighbor. But in real life she has never baby sat for the neighbors. And then I thought that the plastic silver bag on TV would make a good trash bag for the baby's diapers. I called and ordered the bag. Then two minuets later the bag came, my mom brought it to me and said "Oh, You need to walk around town before you get your Mayo". It was as if the bag were a gimmick or like a cereal box that said "free pries" and in small print "when you send in 8 box tops". Or at least that's how my mom sounded. And I didn't want Mayo, nothing was said on TV that involved mayo. Then I started to look at the bag, not that much different from a trash bag or shopping bag...Continued.

Example: What does it mean to dream of a spirit trying to enter your body?

So today I had a weird dream I took a nap and be for doing so I had a weird feeling I was being watched which is really weird because I then had a dream of a little girl trying to enter my body. I know it was a spirit because I was dreaming of my little cousin and for she was telling someone to leave her alone as she cryed and I asked who she was telling this to, she wiped her eyes and smiled saying no one I got created out. Her right eye then turned white and I saw the little girl (the spirit) that was messing with her. I was afraid, but since I didn't know it was a dream I tried to hide my fear because I herd if you show feed the easier it is for spirits to take over your body which she then tryed doing. As she event in my body it just felt so real that I started showing fear I then realized if I don't do something I'm as good as gone so I got rid of all my fear screamed with rage and told her to leave us alone and I woke up my heart was beating and I still felt a bit of how it felt in my dream when the spirit entered me. I want to know what it means to dream this because if been having and odd feeling like a spirit might be in my house..

Example: What does it mean when I dream that the Holy Spirit's hand puts holy oil on my forhead?

What does it mean when I dream that the Holy Spirit's hand puts holy oil on my forhead? and then afterward I was filled with joy and such a comforting peace.

Example: What Does this Dream Mean?

Ok, at night I told Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit, I loved them, and i was laying in my bed, just with the most love i could give, and I felt it in my heart to. So then I asked God for a dream, a strong dream, something I can't forget, and this is what I dreamt...
(This is the part of my dream that I can remember)
Ok, I was in this Dark house, it had some sun light in, but almost none, it actually seemed like it was moon light, but it was the light of the sun coming in faint, then i heard myself say EMF reading, then I pointed this flashlight thing at the wall, (i know it's not real, but it's what I Dreamt) and I saw spirits in the form of shadow plant. Then I climbed up the stairs, and I shined this EMF flashlight thing at the wall and I saw some kind of scorpion shadow, then it turned into a visible black shadow which came toward me a little fast, then I forced myself to wake up, it was like the dream was pulling me back into it, I had to force myself real hard to wake up... What does my Dream Mean?

Example: This question is for those who are gifted in the Holy Spirit to interpret dreams.?

I had a dream. And, in this dream, it was night and I was in a open field. I saw a pastor, but he was not my pastor. I heard him say, "The building is coming". Then I saw believers carrying what looked like sandbags and luggage in this field. They were piling up the sandbags and luggage in to a stack about 15 feet hight and 100 feet long. I then heard this same pastor say, "It's time to go". All the believers started to leave, but I took my sandbags to the stack, and instead of leaving, I climbed up on the top of the stack and laid down. While on the top of the stack I fell asleep. These dream is long so I have to skip part of it. I left the field and went across the street where this "building" was. I heard this pastor say run, but I kept walking. Then two black cars pulled up behind me and tried to run me down. I ran through trees and the cars could not get me. Then, I was almost to the building. I heard this pastor say, "He's not going to make it".

Example: What does this mean when the Holy Spirit said?...?

I recently had a dream and in the dream the Holy Spirit said to me "Consecrate yourself to the Lord". A few days later (When I was awake) The lord told me in a very faint soft voice "Consecrate yourself to me" What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to be lead by the Holy Spirit?

I dont mean any offense or upset,but to me it sounds sort of creepy-like whats the difference between that and someone who bes still/silent & then receives information ie :chanelling from some spirit.
Like how would you know that that wasnt happening & how would you not get deceived?
Like what does it mean exactly in examples & easy language please?

Example: Is Holy Spirit omniscient? What does that mean?

Example: When i feel the Holy Spirit, does it mean i am baptized?

if i feel the Holy Spirit, it means i accepted Christ.
i feel the spirit when i first walk into church, but, i am scared to accept it and i feel embarrassed and i don't want to fall on the floor . i try to do it alone in my room and ask god for the holy spirit but it doesn't work and i don't feel anything! i do accept him and i would like to speak Tongues and receive the gifts if it is Gods Will, it's just that i feel pressure and i feel it quite strong. i haven't felt the spirit fully yet but my dream and my goal is that i will and praise god. will it actually change my life in any way? i don't go to church anymore but i do pray and read the bible to help me understand etc... i know i should go to church and i will. i am 15 and i would like to accept the Holy Spirit when i am young. i would not like to lose this opportunity at all! can someone PLEASE help? thanks again. NO OFFENSIVE ANSWERS PLEASE! =)

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