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Dream About Hugging meanings

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Example: What does hug mean in dreams?

last night I had a dream,it was about ending the world ppl was so confused and i was acting so normal, then suddenly someone hugged me !
I wounder what does hug mean in dreams!?

I find it interesting that the dream was about the world ending, and that wasn't the most important aspect to you - not in or out of the dream.

Hugs mean pretty much the same things in dreams as in waking life. when it's pleasant it could be holding close, caring, nurturing. When unpleasant it can be smothering or threatening. It doesn't sound like this hug was unpleasant.

Ask yourself whether there has been some sort of uproar around you in waking life that you haven't really felt a part of. perhaps family or friend is experiencing something major that doesn't really affect you negatively. The hug may suggest a nurturing, caring atmosphere throughout this event.

Example: Dreams Meaning: Hug; Cats?

If anyone can suggest/help explanation for these two different dreams:

1-I was somehow trying to run away on an old train. I was very frustrated and worried, and when the train finally stopped I met my crush. While I was walking away from him and everything around, he grasped my arm and hugged me. He hold me for a long time, then as he got away from me he got a look at my face to see how I reacted. I was smiling with all my teeth.
[Consider this guy is a very shy one: hardly speaks, he's very quiet and polite. I have no idea how he feels about me, but I like him. We talk sometimes.]

2-I remember a lot of cats in my dream, they were everywhere. They were not doing anything in particular, they were just... all over my house, garden, garage. I remember not being very happy about this. Meanwhile I was trying to bake a man-shaped cookie but the cookie would just melt again n' again, and I was sad cos it was like he was a real man dying. Then I figured if I could move the soul of the cookie-man into another human or living thing, he'd be safe.
[I really just think this is a pretty weird one... Tho I don't really like cats.]

Thanks anyway

Example: What does hugging mean in a dream?

I'm not going to explain the dream (there's no point) it's just it's not my first and I'm curious as to what hugs mean in dreams. Especially really long hugs and it feels like you don't want to let go.

The person I'm hugging in the dream isn't going anywhere and neither am I (in the dream and in reality), we are not involved and I don't really have feelings for them (and vice verse).

Example: Meaning of dreaming being hugged?

small background: My half sister and her father (he and my mom are divorced long ago) had a huge fight, they not speaking to each other and they actually expect that the other will apologized. She lives abroad, and so I. Her father and I are not close but I appreciated him and see him every time I go back to my country (for visit).
One month after the big fight, my sister’s 8-year-old boy has been diagnose with leukemia, he’s under quimio and reacting very well. He has spoken with his grandfather but still my sister and him are not speaking. It seems that they are just waiting for the other to ask?!
They both have huge prides, so I think this can go on for a while (so far almost 3 months)…… and makes me sad to see that, but at the other hand I do not have a kind of relationship with her father in which a can just call and talk to him about it and my sister says that if he asks to speak with her, she would do it but won’t take the initiative to be the first.

Out of the blue, last night I dreamed about my sister’s father, when he saw me, he hugged me so tight and I could somehow feel his pain, and I had the feeling he was trying to tell me to help or find a way to solve the situation between him and my sister. What does it mean?

I’ll appreciate your answers .Thank you

Example: What does it mean to dream about hugging a friend?

Today I dreamed about hugging a good friend of mine. So you can understand better, he is someone I met for a year already but we have so many things in common it feels as if I knew him for a longer time. It's almost as if he was a male version of me. That's why we trust each other a lot and talk about everything. Well, the thing is that I dreamed about being in some place like a forest, we were standing on a house made of wood and there were trees around it, there was no roof. In the dream when I saw him I went to hug him, when we separated from it, I noticed that he seemed a bit shy about it since he was shivering as he took a deep breath and then I hugged him once again... what would that mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream hugging your cousin with love?

Last night i dreamed hugging my cousin, and it was a long hug because i wouldn't let go. It was wierd to because when i wanted to see his face i couldnt... i saw it blurry. Its been about 7-8 yrs i dont see him...we still keen in touch through fb. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about hugging a guy?

I just dreamed last night, it was about this guy. I can't remember who he was, I didn't know if he was related to me or he was my friend, but I am pretty sure he wasn't my boyfriend.
We were inside my brother's room, and it was dark, and the door was slightly opened.
I was embracing him just like when you embrace your boyfriend, it wasn't the bearhug, it was like we were dancing close, and I really felt good when I embraced him.
Then he pulled away and he went close to the bed, and he implied that he wanted to get intimate, so he pulled me close to him, and tried to kiss me but I stopped him and went out of the room.
He didn't chase after me, and he didn't seem to rape me or anything. And in my dream, my little brother saw us but he didn't look shocked or anything.

I am really bothered, what does this mean?

Example: What does my dream about hugging someone mean?

hi everyone,
i am 15 years old and i had a strange dream last night... i dreamed that i was standing in a large high-school locker room...
this guy i really really like walked up to me and we both stepped into one of the showers there and closed the door so no one would see us(BUT WE BOTH STILL HAS ALL OF OUR CLOTHES ON!) he looked at me and just hugged me and i hugged him back, we stood there and held each other, not saying a word or looking at each other. after a short while we just sat down on the floor and just continued hugging one another very tightly until the end of my dream, shortly after i started to cry. the strange thing is that it felt so real and i actually started mumbling in my sleep, i actually felt like i was hugging someone in real life. when i woke up i was actually crying a little bit...
what do you think my dream means or symbolizes?

Example: What does a hug mean in a dream?

I wont get into details, but at one point I was in a sandbox after talking to this girl my friend likes to help him out of the awkward conversation he was having... anyways i see this little girl that I knew from somewhere and just before i say hello another little girl jumps up and shouts my name as if I was like a big brother to her... so what could that mean?
p.s I have a feeling the little girl was someone I knew but thinking back at my dream.. I dont think I can remember T_T

Example: What does it mean to dream about hugging someone? (read details)?

so lately i have been having dreams about huggung this guy i like, im not too sure how many, but definitely more than one or two. Anyway he is a secret crush and i've never hugged him before in my life, i dont know what it means, and it's mostly side hugs, only one dream where i hugged him properly, and the others he is hugging me where he gives me side hugs... And also one was where shortly after he hugged me he showed me his bicept, and dreaming of seeing his arm muscle has also been often so idk... I will in detail relate one dream i had last night, so i had just complemented something he did and then he side hugged me and didnt let go for a long time, and he eventually let go, then the dream skipped to the part where he lifted his sleeve and showed me his bicept... Wth does that mean?

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