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Dream About Human Body meanings

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Example: Dream symbolism/meaning?

So, I usually don't remember my dreams, but the other night I had this crazy weird dream. One of the things I remember from it is walking down a gravel road and looking to the side where there were some trees and there were two female heads (with faces, hair, everything) growing out of the ground. I remember thinking they were growing out of the ground like mushrooms.

What could this symbolize, if anything? I'm just curious as to what you guys think. c:

Your dream sounds eerily similar to suicide forest in Japan in real life; in this park in Japan, you can find human remains, desmbered body parts, etc. lying throughout the forest from suicide victims (such a chilling place). The fact that you saw two heads with flesh on it in the forests may suggest that you have some guilt in real life for not helping two people with similar problems that you could have solved, and due to the consequences of not helping these two individuals they ended up in a terrible situation. Not neccasarily death. The fact that both were female may indicate that this situation involved feminine matters. The fact that you though they were like Mushrooms, indicates you see these people rebounded from a failure in the past, perhaps inflicted by yourself. If the faces are rotting, then it is a sign that they will plot a terrible revenge against you. If the faces are fresh and clean, they will forgive you for whatever you may have caused.

Example: Dream meaning...?

Dream meaning...?
dream meaning?

its kinda fuzzy but this is what i remember. theres this girl in my class. she is hot! she's a 9th grader and im 10th. i dont talk to her and she doesnt talk to me. i dont like her or want to. she has a boyfriend. and last night i had a dream that me her and a few of my friends were in PE class. we went outside to take a walk or something. then me and her started to talk and we walked ahead of everyone. then it turned from dusk to night and my other friends were far behind. so me and her sat down to wait. then as we were talking she reached to hold my hand. i was like O_o wtf? and she just held it. and the rest i dont remember much. is this just like a random dream or what?

Example: What does it mean to dream about an animal with human parts & different animal parts?

I dreamed I was coming out of my back door with my dog on a leash when my neighbor found a dog & put it into her garage. The dog started a lot of barking when I walked down my sidewalk with my dog to the alley. My neighbor on the other side of my house had a missing dog from his garage & I asked him to look into my neighbor garage to see if the dog she found was his. When we looked the dog had a dog's body & legs but the face looked like a goat & a human face at the same time! It had the most startling, vivid blue eyes that seemed to be looking into my very soul! I was instantly afraid, however, my neighbor said no, the 'dog' was not his as it was too pretty. I did not think it was pretty but did not tell him that. The animal just kept staring at me & as I was backing away from it it kept advancing toward me. I backed away & got in back of my neighbor & had my hand on his shoulder that he kept brushing off & pushing me to hide behind him. He said you're afraid, huh? He just kept staring & half smiling all the time. Then the 'animal' went away & my neighbor picked me up with one arm underneath my legs & the other supporting my back & carried me away. While in his arms I felt very safe & secure. Right before I woke up a 'voice' told me the animal was an 'Ibex'.

Example: What does it mean to dream of body parts?

To dream of human remains, like human dentures, finely carved.

or Human brains. Eating human brains, though not like a zombie.

Just eating it randomly.

Could having these type of graphic dreams mean a sign of stress?

Because it if is, then yeah I am at the moment... though I'm trying to keep level-headed.


Example: What does it mean to dream of a spirit trying to enter your body?

So today I had a weird dream I took a nap and be for doing so I had a weird feeling I was being watched which is really weird because I then had a dream of a little girl trying to enter my body. I know it was a spirit because I was dreaming of my little cousin and for she was telling someone to leave her alone as she cryed and I asked who she was telling this to, she wiped her eyes and smiled saying no one I got created out. Her right eye then turned white and I saw the little girl (the spirit) that was messing with her. I was afraid, but since I didn't know it was a dream I tried to hide my fear because I herd if you show feed the easier it is for spirits to take over your body which she then tryed doing. As she event in my body it just felt so real that I started showing fear I then realized if I don't do something I'm as good as gone so I got rid of all my fear screamed with rage and told her to leave us alone and I woke up my heart was beating and I still felt a bit of how it felt in my dream when the spirit entered me. I want to know what it means to dream this because if been having and odd feeling like a spirit might be in my house..

Example: What does it mean if you dreamt about naked women on a newspaper with human fecal/waste all over their bodies?

im a girl and 26 years old. i just dreamt about it last night and i find it weird.can you help me?

Example: What does it mean if you had a dream where u died, then ur soul left that body and went into another body?

I had a dream where i was shot in the face by some man, and then my body lurched forward(i was sitting on a stairway) and then my soul left that body and entered into another body that was lying close by against a wall...i don't remember much else... any advice or insight other than telling me i'm crazy would be greatly appreciated.

Example: If you have a dream about some body does that mean they miss or were thinking about you ?

When I went to sleep this person was the last thing on my mind , my dream was about my ex -.- . And when I woke up I found out that my best friend and him had randomly seen each other , so maybe he thought of me when he seen her and that caused the dream ?

Example: Dream meaning? help?

I had a dream that i was giving birth but my baby came out deformed and his body was all dangly. I was worried and sad in my dream. especially because all the doctors around me were saying "you're baby is so cute! hes adorable"

what does this mean? i'm not married or are pregnant. help and thanks

Example: Islamic dream meaning wedding dress?

I had a dream I was wearing a wedding dress,and looking in a mirror,but don't know who I'm getting married too.
I'm not in a relationship at the moment, and I'm still young (21).
Hope this helps, thanks:)

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