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Dream About Hunchback meanings

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Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

i know dreams have meaning to them i hope someone can help me with this

i've always had a dream of my back yard laying on the wooden dock floor while peaking into the bay. i usually do this in real life but the difference in my dream is that i can't see the bay floor. it's like an endless sea and i see dolphins whales, whale sharks and a lot of sharks. i enjoy the nice sea creatures that swim by but most of the time the sharks are around and i'm usually scared through out the dream... other times i'm crossing a old wooden bridge over the same endless sea and there is something big and dark in the water that wants to eat me.

i'm not scared of sharks (only if i'm in the water and they are hungry) and i'm not scared of the sea ... only when i can't see whats in it.. so i don't understand why i'm always scared in my dream.

just last night i had the same type of dream again but this time my boyfriend was standing close by and i was fishing with a net (which i don't care for fishing at all) but i was pretty good at it, then a big dark thing appeared and went straight to the dock it stuck it's head out trying to take a bit out of the net i was pulling up then it started floating on the water. 2 times the size of a great-white, the thing was like a giant dark (almost a black agate color) deformed fat shark. as if it had a hunchback with it's spine nearly ripping through it's skin. and the eyes looked big and white (like those scary deep sea fishes) and huge sharp teeth. i wasn't scared this dream i just looked at it. my boyfriend told me that i had 2 of it's babies in my net and to let them go and to slowly move away. then i woke up... i think that shark is the same dark thing i always see in my other dreams that i'm always scared of ...

can anyone tell me the meaning of the endless sea that i'm scared of in my back yard ?
and if there is a meaning to the ugly dark shark? and does it mean i'm over the fear since i finally saw it?

... sorry for the long explanation.. can you help me?

The endless sea is something big I almost want to say a talent or a gift and you are not really sure of your self your backyard means its close to you, the shark represents your fear of failure. I'd say jump in the water.

Example: I had a terrible dream! What does it mean?

I had this terrible dream a few days ago. I was really young in the dream, probably six to ten, when I'm eighteen years old now.

I was in a mall with my mother, who wasn't really paying much attention to me and was walking sort of fast. I saw all these huge (I mean pretty high) pedestals with toys and things on them. I saw this teddy bear and was just like "OMG MUST HAVE :D" and started to beg my Mom to buy it, but she just led me off to the food court where we began to eat pizza (which I hated when I was six, but am now okay with). For some reason, you could see straight into the kitchen where this creepy chef guy was working. He had a hunchback, apron, a really messed up face, a huge butchers knife, and one of those classic chef hats on. I told my Mom how creepy he was, but she just shook me off (She was awfully cold in my dream, when usually she's pretty friendly to me). I wandered off into the kitchen, trying really hard to sneak. I ended up on top of the kitchen's cupboards somehow and I was looking at the top of the food court fridge and saw a number of adorable little animals with these huge eyes just sitting there. I reached out to save them from being killed, but the deformed chef reached up and grabbed the cutest squirrel, flung him onto the chopping block and slashed it in the spine. I screamed and he saw me and then he grabbed me and hit me with the meat cleaver, over and over in the spine and then I woke up.

Honestly, this is one of the most disturbing dreams I've ever had. In between my cold mother and the psychotic, deformed chef, I was really freaked out. So, is there any kind of hidden meanings in this dream?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream that I was in the middle of the ocean, freezing to death. I started drowning, and i then started praying. A bubble surrounded me so that i could breath. I saw, from my bubble space all kinds of marine life. One of the biggest things i remember seeing is a hunchback whale came up beside me; it's eye was huge! and watching me. Later on in my dream i could see a couple that were stranded in the ocean and they were surrounded by sharks. My bubble floated up to the surface and i told them to get in the bubble with me. So now the couple were with me under the ocean, and we were hoping to drift along to land soon because we were worried about dieing of thirst. then i woke up.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

It's a really weird dream to brief it up I was apparently the son of Rick in the Walking Dead and I was in a car and he had his new friend who was kind of a bad azz who had a motorcycle jacket on but planned on working together as im sitting on the back seat hearing them ready for the zombies. And we were in this apartment kind of living there but heavily protected so the zombies don't try coming in. And we heard that one of the main villains whom im still not sure if he was a zombie but it was kind of that hunchback guy from 300 and he had spikes on his back and he wanted to get in our small house and I think kill us so I was really scared and that villain was banging trying to open the door and when he opened it rick and his friend
tried getting fighting it out in the hall but were unsuccessful and so I am alone in the apartment and I tried closing the door and putting this table infront of it so he doesn't come in but I failed and he went in and I was scared and then I woke up.

Example: What could be the meaning of this re-occurring dream?

I keep having some dreams about someone giving me a message, an old man giving me instructions, I think he had a white beard a little hunchback & I knew in the dream He is not from this earth, has a notebook & a pen and is reading from it, like going over somethings with me, but I can't remember what it is he is telling me. (I felt he said a msg from above.)
I had this other dream about being with lots of strangers as if in a college class, & this other wise man has these scale models, of some very complex project (buildings) as if I was going to be an architec, he asks me to come up to the front only me & gives me all these instructions I don't understand what he is saying, it's very complicated, he explains what I must do, & he is only giving this teaching to me, says very specific things & warns me that I will be the one to complete such task, (it seems awfully overwhelming) & important. I feel anxious having these dreams. Does anyone know how to interpret this? Thanks.

Example: Dream I Had When I Was 5?

When I was younger i had a recurring dream for about 2 years where i was with my family and all of the sudden time would freeze except 4 me and these monsters lik dracula, frankenstein, etc. try to take me away, and they r surronded by these skinless bleeding hunchbacks that carried me off while i yelled for 1 of my parents to make them go away, but they did nothing. What Do u think this means

Example: Weirdest and Wildest Dreams?

I have these really weird dreams that end up being funny. But they are totally weird!

I used to have this one recurring dream when characters from the Hunchback of Notre Dame had a vacation in Jamaica. It recurred at least 6 times.

There was another dream where some elf stopped me from shopping at a store, and to shop at the store I had to drown him in the lake. This dream recurred 2 times.

Then there's the weirdest dream I ever had - Frodo from Lord of the Rings kidnapped me and took me to a mall and made me buy him lipstick. Golem and Dobby (from Harry Potter) teamed up and tried to save me.

But then there are the dreams that seem to foresee the future for me. I had a dream I would listen to this one song in P.E., and the next day, it did.

I had a dream I would become friends with this one mean girl I vowed to never speak to, and the next day, she was friends with me and invited me to the movies.

How come this happens?

Example: I keep on dreaming I'm getting married to Tobey Maguire?!?

You know, the actor? And I don't really even like him much in "real life". But anyways, it's that he asks me to marry him and he makes a big deal out of the fact that he won't even kiss me until we're married, so then we're in this like...medieval looking town with a bunch of modern day normal looking people, and me & Tobey are in wedding clothes...but before the actual ceremony can start, my grandma is in the audience and then she just starts cracking up lilikeUPER hard and then she lifts up her shirts and flashes the 500 wedding guests a few times, and everyone else starts cracking up hysterically and starts flashing each other too, even the guys...and then I magically am wearing a red t shirt and jeans and start flashing everyone too, and i feel extremely happy. At this point of the dream Tobey disappears. then all of a sudden, these skeletons with white cotton-candy looking hair & yellow dresses swoop down from the sky but they're smiling. I remember feeling kind of like a battle was going to happen, and then after that I know the Hunchback of Notredame guy comes into my dreams, and a cemetary is in there too,...but I don't remember anything else. What could this mean?!? It's kinda annoying me haha

Example: Kyphosis (hunchback) is causing my depression!?

Ever since ive left high school i have matured and with this maturity brought forward a really saddening fact. I have kyphosis (hunchback) and it is making me depressed. I try to ignore it but the physical pain keeps reminding me that your backs f--- up. At this point in my life im working a full time job at a warehouse which is making the pain extreme which is causing anger, fatigue, sadness, thoughts of hurting people, etc. I only have to work this crazy ob for 20 more days and there shutting down so thats an upside. After that im going to educate my self and get a degree cause i cant take heavy lifting and the pain no more. Back to the subject. Ive never felt this way in school but now as i grown it hit me. What i really want in life is a women, but hey who wants a humpback laying in bed with them. This is always running through my mind causing me to get sad. Is there a way to help these thought go away cause its the only thing causing my depression. I was on depression medication in school for many years for reasons my mother wouldnt tell me but i am obedient and i followed her rules. It didnt harm me so i was alright with it. The only reason i want this depression to go away is so i can be my old super happy, funny self again. I had dreams of being a comedian but now this depression from my back disfigurement has brought that down in flames. Im just not the same anymore. Ive tried encouragement like "hey your strong inside fight off the pain, You have a big heart to get up everyday and run through those flames". Sometimes it works most times it doesn't. Everyday i feel like im being stared at and judged. I really feel this way when im around pretty women. For the last few months Ive been literally blushing quite easily feeling embarrassed just when someone looks at me. When im on a city bus filled with people i just start blushing for no reason. My face would just get hot. Can anyone tell me what can i do. What kind of depression is it. I havent had it before but since these past few years have passed especially these last few months working my dreaded job (its worth the pay believe me 17.70 an hour which is really good at my age) Ive noticed more an more about my self which is making me mad and hollow inside. Can someone tell me what kind of depression is this? What is up with me blushing so much?

Example: "Hunchback Girl: She thinks of Heaven" by Gwendolyn Brooks?

I can't lie, this is for summer homework. But could anyone explain what "look a little to the left" might mean?

My Father, it is surely a blue place,
And Straight. Right. Regular. Where I shall find
No need for scholarly nonchalance or looks
A little to the left or guards upon the
Heart to halt love that runs without crookedness
Along its crooked corridors. My father,
It is a planned place surely. Out of coils,
Unscrewed, released, no more to be marvelous,
I shall walk straightly through most proper halls
Proper myself, Princess of properness

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