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Dream About Ice meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does a dream about badgers and ice cream mean?

I dreamt I bought an ice cream from a vending machine surrounded by friendly badgers. What does this mean?

Everything in the dream possibly relates to you in some way. So you are the friendly badgers and the provider of the ice cream. In real life badgers are a bit grumpy so it may be that you have come to the realisation your not such a bad old stick after all and so can now be kinder to your self.

Example: What does it mean to dream of seeing an elephant eating ice cream?

Saw an elephant in a dream last night and it was enjoying a big bowl of ice cream looking very happy. Any idea what this means?

Example: What does ice fishing mean in a dream?

Example: What does this Ice skating dream mean?

A while ago I had this dream its been bothering me ever since I had it.
I was I skating on a frozen pond that was surounded by evergreens. It was snowing big fluffly snow petals that landed on my eyelashes. My cheeks felt like they were burning up but my legs were cold. It all felt like it wasn't a dream except for the fact that I can't ice skate to save my life.
As Im skating sundenly I fall though the Ice and I sink to the bottom . As Im sinking I can't move at all, Which is odd because I'm an excellent swimmer Im on a swim team. When I hit the bottom I can move again so I quickly start to swim to the top, but the ice had frozen over I begin to bang my hands against the ice to break it open but my knuckles begin to bleed (I actualy feel the pain and the water and the coldness) While I hitting the ice I feel my self suffocating I need the air, I can feel my self about to faint when I awake up heavly breathing.

Ive tried to anylaze it a billion times.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of symbols like ice-cream and flowers?

I had yet another crazy bizarre dream last night! (I seriously have mental issues!)

A friend and I went to this ice cream shop... I knew what ice cream I wanted.. I wanted the yellow and brown ice-cream (chocolate and mango.. dont ask why!)

I saw it behind the counter and it was there... but the girl serving me presumed that I wanted their own brand of ice cream... which was blue and white? (The shop was blue and white! dont ask why!)

She had already scooped it and served it so instead of causing any hassles I just accepted it and had a taste of it... I didn't like it... it tasted weird! It was supposed to be some sort of herbal ice cream with a herbal flavor mixed into it!

Then later on I found myself walking down my street heading home... I noticed that the neighbours had beautiful flowers.. mainly roses... they were larger than normal (like dinner plate size!)... then I noticed my place and our flowers... Our roses where also great and larger than normal... though perhaps not as beautifully arranged as the neighbours.

Most of the roses where white... some were pink and apricot coloured. It was bright and sunny weather.

The curious thing was that when I looked closely at our flowers/roses.. they were smiling! It was as if the roses had mouths in side them with the petals arranged to resemble teeth... (dont ask!)

What the fk does all of this mean... I am utterly BAFFLED (and kinda scared!)

Example: What does it mean to dream about ice cream and cake...?

I know this sounds dumb and all but the dream was weird... Cause i dont ever dream about food.. I dont even like cake... And I want to know if some one can tell me if it has a meaning or if it was just a regular dream... Thanx.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of ice cream?

Friend of mine keeps dreaming of ice cream. A couple of times she was eating it, other times she's choosing a flavor.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about ice cream?

well this is probably one of the weirdest dreams ive had i was chasing an ice cream truck because every time i left my house to go buy the ice cream it drove away. and the driver was a guy from smosh (a group from youtube). but there were ice cream cones everywhere? this dream seriously made me LOL but i wanna know what it means

Example: What does it mean to eat Ice cream in dreams?

I had a dream I was eating Ice cream cone, then 2 minutes later it spilled all over my white shirt.

what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to eat Ice cream in dreams?

I had a dream I was eating Ice cream cone, then 2 minutes later it spilled all over my white shirt

what does it mean?.

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