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Dream About Ignorant Person meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i keep dreaming about killing people! it is mostly by shooting and they are very vivid, i wake up terrified... anyone know what this means?

no smart *** comments or replies please.

I will do my best with the info provided, but analyzing dreams like yours is much simpler when the details are there to work with. Keep in mind that not all symbols are actual symbols & many times our dreams are just what they are. Like a dream about losing teeth could mean, Go to the dentist! So here goes...If the main mood or theme in this dream is the violence it could represent your aggression towards another person, place, or thing in your life. Most likely this is something you've been holding in and are unable to confront the issue. Example: You're sister is married a cheating jerk whom you've hated since childhood. You have to spend time around this person for family functions etc... (which would explain the recurrence of the dream) But your sis is a blissfully ignorant wife &loving mother so you keep it to yourself. Pent up anger galore! Try to focus on WHO your killing & WHERE (school, work, public place, the crowded freeway, etc.) & WHEN it happens. (are you older, younger, present, night, day, during a storm?) Determining these symbols may lead to the WHY you seek.Now if the main mood or theme or overall feeling in this dream is death and dying you could be dealing with a great loss (or not dealing with it for that matter) and you are stuck in the anger stage instead of moving on to guilt or sadness or closure. Could you be upset at the loss of a job, home, or loved one & someone else is to blame? [his would explain the outward violence because you're not angry or agressive toward yourself.Then you might dream of self destructive behavior such as reckless driving or suicide. Chew on these suggestions and confront whatever situation or person you want to "kill" and let die. You may find peace in finally blowing up and snapping. We all do it & we have a right to our anger when justified as long as its dealt with before it festers into violence that cannot be reversed. Good luck.

Example: WHat does this dream mean? (short)?

My friend woke up telling me he had a dream about a LARGE black crow in the house-all he remembers is He walked in a room and turned on a light and saw the crow. At first he was scared but then realized since it was just a bird he wasn't scared. Then he got scared because it started to talk. It said something to him about "you yelling" and in his dream, what freaked him out or scared him was the fact that the crow was talking. So in his dream he tried to leave, go out of a room. But the crow followed him and in fact it was fast, he said the crow flew so fast he whooped around a door before it closed. As if it was trying to make sure to stay in the same room with him or follow him.

So what does it mean, Crow follow you, and tell you something about you yelling?

Example: Why do I keep having dreams about the same person, doing the same thing?

Firstly, I do believe in spirituality and dreams as visions and so on, so I'd appreciate only serious answers to my question. That being said, I don't know what to make of a series of dreams about a guy that I go to art school with. The dreams have been spread out and have come to me at different times of the year and even happen when I am not thinking about him. The dreams are always playful in nature, but I'm ALWAYS touching his feet (in my latest dream, he was also touching mine). I've researched about feet and touching and dreams that represent closeness and/or intimacy, but what's odd is that I don't really speak to this person and we are both "taken," yet in reality I still feel a strong attraction to him and vise versa, but it's clearly unspoken. Whether my dreams are telling me something more is ultimately up to me I suppose, but if anyone is more seasoned with dream interpretations, I would gladly appreciate any more useful information. Thanks!

Example: What is the meaning of my dreams?

Dream 1-
I dreamt that I was at work and a woman I serve as a regular customer asked for a pint, I work in a pub, so I served it but whilst her head was turned I spat into her pint and smugly watched her drink her pint. I did it because I disliked her as she always complains about her pint been flat, the glass it's in and the pump which it's pulled from. In reality I do dislike this woman as she is rude and ignorant to me and other staff. The next bit of the dream involved my manager and assistant manager having a word with me and angry at me for doing it. I was upset about been in trouble and angry that I was caught on camera. They were unhappy with me and shocked that I did it. What does it mean? Why did I dream this if I would never do something like that?

Dream 2-
I don't know where I was but I was with a lot of people that I know and I started getting pains in my stomach. On my stomach was a small lump around 2 inches wide and I wanted to remove whatever it was. I had a long metal tool which I wanted to use to stab myself and remove this lump. First I went to a doctor and got an anesthetic to numb my stomach but instead it began numbing my whole body. I was then looking for someone to help me by stabbing me with the metal tool and removing the lump but the people who were offering to help me I wouldn't allow them to do it because I couldn't trust them. I then began going crazy because I wanted the pain and small lump to go away. I trusted nobody but couldn't do it myself. What does this dream mean? What does the lump symbolise and why wasn't my fiancé there, someone that I can trust?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I wanted to drink beer but was on a low car bdiet.
Nike didn't look as beautiflu as she used to because she stopped seeking the kingdom of God.
I asked my aunt to cook muscle with chicken wings stuffed in between the oyster shells for a party...

The way I interpret that dream is this:
I wanted to indulge in teh complexity of quality but I had acted wickedly...
I saw the goddess of intelligence and she didn't look as good as she used to because she had denied the equality of God's kingdom
I asked holiness to prepare character mixed with meekness so that I could be pursued by the man I wanted...

Now I am not a meek person at all... and I am not a strong person either... so what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean!?

when i was little i lived in a haunted house with my mom. i lived there sense birth till i was 7 and then i moved... i am 13 now and my mom and me were at a party and she didnt know i was in the room and she told everyone about our old house being haunted and we were at the haunted navy base in flordia... now i keep having dreams of being at my old house and its haunted and i just keep having these dreams all and all and i have been incountering some signals that i think may be ghost but i have only noticed it for the past week and my dreams have been happening for all my life and they got worse sense i found out my old house was haunted! What does this mean? HELP!

Example: I saw a corpse in my dream, what does it mean?

Okay; so i went down in these woods that were supposed to be these woods by my house but looked nothing like them;
and i went down there to say goodbye to some friends before going home;
and there was a body of water in the woods by the trail and before leaving; i saw a person knees, i looked closely and it was a dead body.
I ran out of the woods as fast as I could, and reported the dead body, i suppose i went back down there after in reported it, but the body was still there and again i ran.

Please no stupid answers like 'Oh i have weird dreams all the time it doesnt mean anything'
give me an answer to what i am asking or dont answer at all.
What do you think this dream may mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I really need this answered it's been bothering me all day! I am on the back of a pickup (seems to be my dad's) with my best friend laying on a girl I don't know but looks strangely familiar to the girl I like. She likes me too because we get to a school where boys touching girls is not allowed and she wants to sleep with me (just sleep). What does it mean!

Example: What does this dream mean?

In the dream;
I was running around town with this girl, Timber, and my mom. because there were these... demon things, hanging around everywhere(But they didn't attack me, they went after almost everyone else), and anyways, we got told(By a radio thing we overheard), that Timbers grandma, just got in a car crash. And died, so she started to cry of course. And I started grinning and thinking to myself "I wonder if the other person died?"(But I think it was caused by the monster/demon things) before another person, Deanna, and her parents pulled up in a minvan type thing, and offered me and my mom a ride to my grandmas(Who happened to be Timbers Grandmas(That died) friend in the dream), so we did, and I ended up leaving Timber behind, all alone, in a town filled with demons. Anyways, when we got to my grandmas my mom went in the house first, then I ran in after and my grandma told me to lock and close the door, so I closed the door and started trying to lock it, but it just wouldn't lock, the lock thing you twist would just twist and twist and twist and it wouldn't lock no matter what. So I just pushed a few boxes infront of it(I believe) to hold it closed. And when I looked out the window, Deanna was staring at me all sad(Probably because I left her outside and it would of been better if we stayed all together), and then I noticed that monster/demon things were all on one side of the car, and Deanna jumped out of the car and took off running, and one monster/demon thing followed her well the other 2-3 did something to her parents.
And that's all I remember.

What could this dream mean?

Example: Demon Dreams What does it mean?

I have dreams about demons on a constant basis. I can not figure out what they mean. The dreams are so real and scary that it is hard to fall asleep at night. The demon is in almost all of the dreams but difference circumstances. An example of my dreams are:
I am laying in bed asleep and all of a sudden I hear a loud rustling at the end of the bed. I wake up and my eyes try to adjust to the darkness. I catch a shadow by the window. It is over 6ft tall and wide. I can not see what it is wearing. It is hooded around the face. All of a sudden I am feeling fear. I blink and the demon is next to me at my bed. He touches my legs pushing them. I try to turn away from it but it is hard to move and time slows down. He leans down and starts growling in my ear. I wake up for real after this. I am shaking, sweating and close to a panic attack. I decide to sleep on the other side of the bed the next night. I fall off to sleep and again I am woken up by the demon making noise. I know it is just a dream but I can not wake up. He is angry that I have changed bed sides. He starts pulling my legs to drag me off of my bed. I am finally able to move. I try to grab the lamp to hit him over the head but I can't. It is out of reach. I turn around and hiss at it. He yells with a strange shriek and vanishes. I wake up, scared out of my mind. Another time the demon picked up my whole bed. I tried to wake my daughter who was sleeping next to me but I was frozen and could not scream. Alarm went off and pulled me out of the dream. The latest one happened last night. Only I did not start out sleeping in the bed. I was in my living room and said I am sleepy and need to go to bed. I started floating to my bedroom door and then I am in bed. The demon appears by my closet. He knows I have changed back to that side of the bed. I can't move. He pulls hard on my legs and it hurts. His grasp is incredibly strong. He flips me over on my stomach. I try to fight but I can't. He flips me back over on my back this time though. I am at the edge of my bed. He leans down extremely close to my face. I can't see his face. I am thinking of biting him on his chest. The demon starts breathing heavy. I can smell his breath. It is disgusting. Like rotten eggs and decay. I then wake up from the dream. I turn on the light. Still scared. I never have the dream with the light on. But I hate sleeping with it on. I am 29 years old! I'm not afraid of the dark but of the demon that haunts my dreams. I guess I have had probally 20 or more of these dreams. They are getting more intense as time passes. I'm not a very religious person. I believe in God and Heaven and Hell etc.. I do pray at night. I have not had any major life changes. Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

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