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Dream About Incite meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What would this dream mean?

I'm somewhere else, than here, and my studio has 3 of its sides 3 windows to each side, large windows, from which light shafts in, making the atmosphere there, quite splendid!
I am painting, after a while, I realize I've been totally consumed by working on whatever it is; the subject on the canvas.
But my right eye catches something very unusual coming rapidly my way. Out from an intuition that I should take measures to protect myself, I rush to the door in the room next to my studio, and make certain the 3 bolts on it, are closed completely. I am really shut in!
Then the thing which is coming my way is no other than a naked young woman about 25 years of age, has long black hair alike a raven's feathers.
I instantly feel a deep fear toward the young woman, because I had never seen that kind of Beauty, before. She is totally naked, except she has a red string of beads around her hips.
Her skin is opalescent, as if it were like the mother-of-pearl quality we see the moon made of.
This young woman rushes to my door and begins to pound it, and pound it, with such strength, that the house shakes with each desperate knock she gives the door in order to be let in.
I am only interested in staying safe from such a shocking, in a strange way, seductive apparition - so that I go back to my studio and make certain all windows are tightly shut. Having made certain that they are shut, I stand in front of one of the windows and just watch this strange young woman.
But she ceases to pound on the door, when she notices me, and immediately rushes to the glass of the window.
I look at her and she's signing something. I understand the words, but they further frighten me, for she is saying; "Open the door! I must come into your house to speak to you. The urgency she displays is more terror-inciting than anything else...so I shake my head NO, to her.
Then she tries to speak to me, but something is wrong with her mouth...she is having difficulty using it.
Finally, after every effort she makes to get into my house and "talk with me" as she's put it, she manages to finally open her mouth, and instead of words - all this bright-red fresh blood spews outwards.

At that moment I sit up in bed to sever the nightmare.

Anyone care to decipher this dream for me.
I'd appreciate IT!

I thought about this for a while, and I have an and interpretation that I would like you to consider that may be a bit uncomfortable. I want you to put yourself in the black-haired woman's place and see your dream again through her eyes. Why did she act that way?

From your description, the woman seems to embody a vulnerable desperate suffering. Imagine that you've been been brutally raped but somehow managed to escape naked. You're cold, your body is in pain, and you're of afraid being captured and hurt again. Ahead of you there is a house that looks like a safe place, so you run up to it and bang on the door, desperate for sanctuary. There is no answer, but you look through the window and see a woman inside standing inside a brightly lit peaceful room with beautiful paintings. She sees you, but why does refuse to help? Can she not see your suffering?

I think that the meaning of this dream is to reveal how you block out your own suffering and refuse contact with it. Why are you afraid to let her in and offer help? Why do you have to seal yourself away so tightly? Are you afraid of experiencing her strong emotion? Are you afraid that you don't have the strength to handle it?

This is something you will have to explore in meditation when you are in touch when you are at peace, grounded, solid, and able to see things clearly in your mind. Then you can practice looking deeply into your own suffering with the energy of mindfulness and transform fear into understanding.

Of course, I could be way off in my interpretation, but one thing we do know for sure is that there is something you are deeply afraid of, and figuring that out and addressing it is the real key.

Example: What does Rep. Gutierrez mean: "If the DREAM Act fails, I'm taking it to the street!?

Radical Illegal Immigration proponent Congressman Gutierrez Vows to Take Amnesty Fight to Streets

If the lame-duck session ends without the passage of amnesty legislation, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) has vowed that he and other community leaders will stage a full-tilt campaign of “civil
disobedience. During an interview with The Daily Beast
published last week, Rep. Gutierrez promised there will be protests,
marches, and sit-ins in an attempt to garner support for amnesty
legislation. The movement will operate autonomously and will no longer
be beholden to wavering Democrats, filibustering Republicans, or
President Barack Obama. (Id.) Rep. Gutierrez, who heads the
Immigration Task Force for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, says that
he is taking his cues on civil disobedience from the 1960s. “When black
people in this country decided they were going to fight for civil rights
and for voting rights, they didn’t ask if the majority leader was with
them,” he said. (Id.)

In May, the Congressman was arrested for protesting outside the White House. (The Hill,
May 1, 2010) Chanting “Si se peude,” (“Yes, we can”) the U.S.
Congressman linked arms with a few dozen other protestors. When he did
not comply with police requests to leave, he was arrested. (Id.)

Rep. Gutierrez hopes radical tactics like these will help persuade President Obama to use his executive powers to stop the deportation of all illegal aliens. Gutierrez has not kept quiet about his disappointment
with the Obama Administration’s actions during its first two years.
“[The President] was clear in his commitment to me,” says Gutierrez. And
yet “everything has been enforcement, enforcement, enforcement”—more
deportations of undocumented immigrants, more troops on the border.
“How,” asks Gutierrez, “is this different from what George W. Bush did?”
(Newsweek, Nov. 29, 2010) “I have only one loyalty,” he says, “and that’s to the immigrant community.” (Id.)

Example: I was engulfed in flames, so was everything else. What does this dream mean?

Alright, bare with me on this for a moment, it's interesting. Here goes:

So I'm in this relatively populated city, a lot of buildings surrounding me. My mom and some other person are with me and we decide to part ways. Person turns around, mom goes right, and I go left.

I notice a subway that I need to go under. As I'm about to get to it, I see this massively bright light out the corner of my eye. I'm curious. I step back, and it's the most beautiful light I'd ever seen that's, I'd guess, 50 miles away, and it's getting bigger and bigger.

As soon as I take a closer look I realize that its this massive wave of fire, stretching from left to right. All the people around me are running in chaos, except me, I feel at complete ease, like I'm awaiting what's coming. Then I see this mushroom cloud, like it's an a-bomb. The closer the wave of flames get, the calmer I seem to be. I can actually feel the heat of the flames starting to come towards me. All of a sudden, the flames engulf me, I can see everything, and I can actually feel the heat in my dream.

Then... I wake up and my body feels HOT inside! Creepiness!

I woke up from this around 7am. I fell back asleep about 10 minutes later and had the exact same dream, just a little different.

This time, as the flame was coming towards me, again, I'm feeling completely at ease, like I'm one with all, and then as the wave of fire takes over me, I open my arms as if I'm allowing the flames to take me.

As soon as I do this, the flames take me and I'm standing there, completely on fire but I'm not afraid, I'm not in pain, I'm rather fascinated by it. I look around, look at my hands, everything is on fire, the buildings, the trees, everything, and I'm just standing there with not a worry in the world.

I'm gonna have to say it was a beautiful feast of fire. I've never had such a vivid dream in my life, so many colors...

So, I haven't the slightest idea what this means.. I've looked up fire, Armageddon, and such things. Fire apparently means good and bad.

But the wave of fire completely engulfed me! I was astounded in my dream. I was welcoming it. Everything was perfect it felt like. Just, I don't know, EVERYTHING was on fire, everybody was screaming, and there I was, just standing there with arms wide open and felt like a sense of amazement was all inside of me.

So, what's this mean? I'm curious!

Thanks for the incite!

Example: What does this dream mean?

so when i have dreams, which is very rare. their really wierd and i mean reeeeeeally wierd. my dreams from last night and this morning which i can remember are that ikilled my dog (i had 2 other dogs in my7 dream) and my mom said one of those was the dog i killed which wasnt...and she was just finding it really funny that i killed my dohg?!?! in the dream, i proper love my dog wouldnt kill her lol. then my dreeam which lasted allll this morning cant remember exactly but i was warching a film about child abuse and something to do with train tracks :S someone tell me directly what these dreams mean theyre in too much detail to search...

Example: What could it mean to see Jesus in a dream?

I had a dream the other night. In the dream I was driving down a dirt road extremely fast, because I was being chased by "something or someone". Unfortunately, I can't remember what the "being" was that was after me, but regardless...

During this chase I was extremely terrified; I can't even describe how frightened I was. I was driving down this road when I looked over to my left and I saw Jesus wearing a white rope and riding a white horse. I slowed down to look but didn't stop. He just turned his head and looked at me; he may have said something to me but I can't remember. As soon as I saw him, I instantly felt slightly relieved. Then I suddenly remembered proverbs 91 and 23. And I started to quote some lines.

The vehicle didn't have any rear view mirrors or anything, so I never looked back. But eventually I came to a stop and got out of the vehicle. I looked back and I couldn't see the pursuer. I don't know if I lost him or if he disappeared, but he was gone.

I was wondering if yall could provide some incite and maybe help me to figure out what the dream meant, and what the significance of Jesus in it was.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about someone constantly?

I've been dreaming about a cute boy from my school almost every other day. Not that kind of dream, a normal dream. I've never talked to him. In the dreams it's as if we like each other, or we're flirting, or as if we were a couple. What does this mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I've recently had two dreams where my dad died. I thought they were real and I woke up crying. Than a little bit later my sister had a dream that I killed my parents. Than a couple of days later, I had another dream, but this time I killed my dad by stabbing him 6 times. But in my defence, he was going to kill me and my sister first. It's starting to freak me out. What does it mean!?!?

Example: What does this dream means:someone set a fire to a building?

Example: Someone please tell me what this dream means?

ok. This is the second night ive had this dream. The first night was short maybe an hour long. The second was more elaborate about 2 or 3 hours long. Ok. So i already have a sleeping disorder, it takes me forever to fall asleep, but now these dreams. All i see is a white garage shed thingy and old scary looking grandma a very creepy one with black eyes. She attacks me, and then i beat her with a bat in the head repeatedly. The next night, there was a man, i think some powerful ruler or person of great importance, i am with him, were in this black bed in a wooden room right next to the garage shed. The old lady kills him then comes after me, i take metal bat and beat her on the head repeatedly, but she does'nt seem to die.I then proceed to pick her up by her ponytail and slam her head into the ground, but she still doesnt die, this is when i wake up. I sleep on the couch, and i always get really scared and turn all the lights on. Please serious inquires only, im 18 and not a sadistic sycko killer, im a very good christian girl, which is why i am so freaked out by these dreams. Someone with great knowledge please tell me what these scary dreams mean? 10 points to the best answer

Example: Creepy dream what could it mean?

so i was at a public pool, when i seen this guy..i know him in real life, he passed away about 2 months ago. and i saw him walking beside the pool with another guy. I just stared at him as he walked by, i turned my head around to keep looking at him. and all of a sudden i felt this very strong pull on my right side and when i looked up i saw his face it was all gross like a zombie type, and he shouted in my ear, watch your back honey. and i woke up super scared, and the whole right side of my body felt like pins and needles, like when its asleep and waking up. totally creepy. oh and i was not close to this guy i didnt know him that well i just knew him from church. what could this mean?

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