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Dream About Intercession meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My crazy dreams?

im going to make a list and if anyone can tell me what anything means i'd great appreciate it..
i dreamt all in the same night:
..trying to save kittens from monkeys cuz they were eating them while i was trying to escape from a dark bedroom..
tossing my pet frog to an alligator in the ocean so it would eat him before it ate me..
a dead swollen human arm landed on shore..
looking at seals and dolphins through binoculars...
my boyfriend made a huge mess making waffles and i was mad cuz he made a mess and didnt even make any for me..
going up and down in an elevator in an unknown school and than taking a test and being trapped in school cuz of a natural disaster happening outside...
whales and sharks...

One set of interpretations, about as scattered as the images presented:

"Kittens" = love, intimacy, tenderness, "monkeys" = stupid or gross humanoid aggressiveness.

"Tossing pet frog to the alligator" is sadness; the "dead human arm" is your own guilt symbol for tossing Froggy.

"Binoculars" = perspective, willing to understand.

"Looking at seals and dolphins" = looking at Christ-symbols in the sea of human emotions.

"Bf being self-ish" = no love for you (your dreaming conscious, which is your waking subconscious, dramatically opines), and "messy" = anti-Mother.

"Elevator" reflects changing scenes in your dreamscape (i.e., kittens, monkeys, frog, aliigator, seals and dolphins, waffles).

"Unknown school" = no dream awareness of having been in a School of Light ("Watch Your Dreams," Colton, and "The Masters and Their Retreats," Mark Prophet, provide good insight into these).

"Test" = mental-emotional response and learning re your dream and School experience; being "trapped" in school due to natural disaster = dream consciousness necessary for processing information which emotions (in everyday world kittens, monkeys, etc.) are "disasterous," i.e., like Shakespeare's "unusual weather" symbols.

"Whales" = mother symbol; "sharks" = false or misleading information and/or teachings.

In sum, your inner childlike love, caring, etc. is as your kittens, your dark bedroom is as your cradle or place of origin, and the monkeys are like childish greed, lust, envy, jealousy, which would seek to devour your inner child, turn it into a selfish childish disaster.

While your parents champion your inner child, and heal your childishness, as you mature, you learn to do the same. Looking at Christ-symbols is a good clue. It is likely you are being given inner telepathic helps from Angels. Asking God to heal, teach, guide, and guard you while your body rests, is good, as exercising your ability to ask and receive permits more intercession.

Example: Crazy dream about a Cathedral?

I'm not Catholic--I'm Methodist. Anyways
I had a dream that there was a tornado on the side of a road, and people were screaming and such, until someone used what looked like a firefighter hose, and somehow froze the tornado...but it came back and was mad, so me and some guy (?) ran for cover into a Cathedral. There was this room with this face on the back wall (I guess Jesus) & me and the guy were going to pray, but you had to be naked, so we took off our clothes, and drenched ourselves in Holy Water. So, I'm on my knees, and I look behind me, and next to this random guy is a satanic thing (a mixture of something from silent hill and the devil out of the passion) and it's wiggling around grotesquely, so I pray harder. I go to leave the room, satan thing either left and was replaced by, or turned into (Idk which) paul bettany (actor who played silas in DaVinci code) and we for some reason are in this room where there is a bunch of grotesque people, and we're trapped.

Example: Edit My Paper Please!?

At baptism, I was given the name Cody James. This name was chosen because my parents simply liked the name and it was uncommon and different. I have chosen the name Joseph for my confirmation name because of his importance in the Catholic faith by being Jesus’ foster father. Having the name of Saint Joseph as part of me really makes me feel especially honored.
Saint Joseph is probably one of the most well-known Saints, being the foster father of Jesus and the husband of Mary, the Matriarch of our Church. He is the patron saint in many aspects, these are: the Universal Church, Belgium, Canada, China and Peru, of workers, fathers, the poor and craftsmen, and of a happy death. He also had a large list of symbols: the Infant Jesus, monstrance, chalice, cross, lamb, Bible, ladder, tools, dove, lily, rod, plane, and the carpenter's square.
God and the Bible tell us that Joseph was a “just man,” meaning that he was a very honest and fair man, never wanting chaos, yet often strict. God chose Saint Joseph for a reason. This man, God thought, can handle the pressure of being my son’s guardian. God thought he was capable of being the father of his son, which personally, I could never in a million years find a better honor.
At first Joseph was skeptical that Mary was faithful to him. Soon, an angel appeared in his dream and that obliterated his cynicism. He soon apologized to Mary who understood trying to see from Joseph’s point of view. Joseph soon became very protective of Mary which is reasonable considering that she held the Son of God in her womb.
After the Nativity an angel once again visited Joseph. This time telling him that the child was in danger! Joseph immediately took action, taking the group of three to Egypt, away from Herod’s soldiers. The Holy Family stayed there for multiple years before they went back to their hometown, Nazareth. The last time that Joseph is mentioned in the Bible was when Jesus went missing in the Temple. For all we know, Joseph could have died anywhere from the year of that occurrence or anywhere up to the time when Jesus’ stories began entering the New Testament.
Although Joseph most-likely did not live a lengthy life, he intercedes for us often.
We pray to Saint Joseph most often when we are: selling homes, helping the poor, and asking of protection, and, of course, just in general for help. Saint Joseph’s feast day is celebrated on March 19th of every year.
Joseph was a man that kept to himself, but was still generous and obliging. Being the son of a carpenter often made it difficult for Jesus to fit in. It is not rocket science to know that Jesus could not have cared less. Jesus looked up to his foster father and followed in his footsteps. The exception of this story was the Joseph was still solely human, unlike Jesus. Joseph still faltered; whereas, Jesus was sinless, and never possessed original sin. This meant nothing to Jesus; he still looked up to his father. He was “poor in worldly possessions, but rich in grace.”
St. Joseph impressed me the most when he accepted the obligation of being the foster father of Jesus. I am going to try and follow in Joseph’s path by taking the right path that is shown to me by God and try to trust in others. I can keep this focus by praying to my soon-to-be patron saint daily and trying to “hear” what he is telling me.
I see Saint Joseph as a good role model because of the fact that he specifically was chosen by God. This alone shows that he was a great man. The prayer to Saint Joseph is… “Almighty God, You entrusted to the faithful care of Joseph the beginnings of the mysteries of man's salvation. Through his intercession may Your Church always be faithful in her service so that your designs will be fulfilled. Amen.”

Example: What does this dream mean?

okay,..me and my family went on to attend mass in my old childhood church san sebastian basilica in manila, many people are going in and out of the church so as to celbrate the sunday mass, when the service started everyone went quiet and the mass went on as ordinary as it was,. then after a moment the priest in ordain went in to ask a question for an emphasis to the crowd gathering and the gospel itself, he asked,.."why do we need God?"...but not one in the crowd on the pews answered, then again he asked the same question,..why do we need God?" -for an additional emphasis, but then again not one in the audience gave guts to answer,..so finally the priest gave the answer and said,..."because the colour is blue" , the audience went on to exasperation and murmur,..but i was like flabberghasted!,i was aware on how nonsense this service is, that it made me furious on how that priest would make us all look like fools, suddenly my sister who is actually 10 years old and studying in a catholic school, admist the uncertain crowd she got all her guts and exclaims to the priest " we don't actually need god, because we could actually go on with our lives even without his intercession, the world would go on even without god, for just seeing the badness and evil that exist without even his control, we can actually see that putting god in the picture may not actually make sense, people only use god for the sake of money and security,.and even if there is a god, you only use his name for political profit, we may never need god, but you needed us, because you needed our money",...the crowd went silent, but strangely enough, they denied looking directly at my sister, they had this abnormal reaction of just ignoring on how daring my sister's answer was that they didn't get to turn their heads and continued to looked on in a blank way to the altar, the priest is in agape, for he wasn't expecting an answer such as that to a little girl, now my parents can only reprimand her in an angry way and said,.."Shannen, what the he-ll are you saying?, why can't you provide respect?!", but in defense of her and my atheist beliefs,-i said to her, shannen you done good, don't attend the communion, join me, as we explore the world and eliminate the dark ignorance of religion!, then suddenly the music for the communion have started, and the crowd are now forming in the carpeted aisle for that ostia thing,...mom and dad stood up and joined the communion,.while shannen, have begun to act apologetic, as she was about to head into the aisle, i grabbed her hand and said,..."shannen you don't have to do this," , but she replied, "i must say sorry for i wsn't that careful on what i said,...i was naughty, and i fear about hell", then she flew her hand off me and headed on to the altar were she said sorry in front of the clamoring crowd,...i grew angry on how blind and mushy she was, i instantly storm out the cathedral

Example: Dream Interpretation- I think God was trying to tell me something?

My dream troubled me so I wrote it down when I woke up at midnight, the dream was very short but vivid:

I was in unfamiliar house. My sister Sarah was there and my brother Peter (Both prostitutes in real life). I was upstairs with Sarah: she spoke something, then began to laugh but it turned into an unmistakable Demonic snickering (went from her real laugh quickly evolving into a demonic snickering, you can imagine). Suddenly the scripture about Mary the Prostitute who had 7 unclean spirits inside her (demons) that Jesus cast out was running through my thoughts. I began weeping and weeping, sobbing greatly, heartache, but they did not notice even when looking at me. Then I was downstairs and Sarah handed me an Orange (still weeping, but not noticed). Still weeping, I sat on a couch and ate the Orange piece by piece until it was gone. Then brother Peter opened up a money bag/purse. Scriptures about casting out Demons as duty of a Christian ran through my thoughts, I became serious and knew I had to cast them out (still weeping).

Then I woke up greatly troubled in spirit and wrote it all down.

My partial interpretation:
The food I eat, the clothes on my back and the bed I rest my head upon... are all paid for with HER PROSTITUTION MONEY. My sister is in Satans clutches and infected with 1 or more demons. I need to make intercession for her before Jesus, pray for her, possibly cast out demon. They are letting money rule their lives.

What is your interpretation?

Was this a sign that it is unclean and unlawful to eat food paid for with sin...? I do have money and can buy my own food. I'm starting to think I should refuse things paid for by her sin.

Please don't persecute me or call me crazy, Christian interpretations are greatly appreciated because God does speak to me in my dreams many times, often when I don't heed them I have to face the reality of them face to face. I know this one had meaning.

Example: Last night I dreamed that I was walking down a dark long hallway. I could hear soft sad music playing?

When I reached the end of the hall way there was a table and a door. One the table was a vase with Lilys and Roses. When I picked up the flowers to smell them they shed their petals. I could not open the door but I could hear sorrowful sobs coming from inside. Then a voice told me,"Not yet,wait, soon" and I woke up. Please help me understand what this means.
Peace Be With You,

Example: I had a dream last night and well I was wondering: is it too late for me to return to God?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was with two people I couldn't see their faces but one went outside my door a few mins later when followed & the devil was there he tried to take one friend but she wouldn't budge. He pulled my other friend and I tried for him to stay by praying over him but it didn't work then he started to try and take me but I keep screaming Jesus name & calling on him after about a min of that I woke up.

Example: An interesting Dream I had!?

            My Interesting Dream 

I had a dream while I was taking a nap I met this boy I forgot the location but I remember certain things he was Japanese and he was wearing a traditional Japanese uniform (school uniform) I think I was introduced to him or I bumped into him but when we meet we just looked at each other completely silence Then he smiled and gave me this goofy look, we Then sat down somewhere and we talk I was shy in the dream I could not really look at his face as I was sitting down I he was trying to make eye contact with me while I was just looking straight ahead Then he said something to me or he whispered something to me and out of nowhere I smiled with content. Then we went to numerous other places together and he acted so nice sincere I felt his warmth as we got to know 
each other I remember how happy I was and the way he looked and me was so friendly but gentle and warm we were having fun together I believe then after that I woke up. I can't recall what his face looked like it is all a haze I tried to think of his name I do not know but the first name that came to my mind later was Hiro. I can't remember anything else but my dream was interesting I wonder what it means? 

But, I remember how goofy he was and shy like a child his hair was either straight down or spiky it's all a blur now. But in one part of the dream I recall hugging him and feeling nothing but a child-like warm happy feeling Like how you wake up on Christmas day. In this dream I felt a scene of realness it felt kind of real I can't remember anymore? Umm his heart when I was hugging him I could feel his heart beating and before we met I think he saw me or spotted me first and then I don't know I think he came over to me or approached me and Oh his eyes I recall when we first met and when he smiled at me I recall how chinky  his eyes were (they were so beautiful) I forgot the rest ahhh? I can't remember anything anymore :( . 

He had this delicacy, he was so...? Can't put into words he was? His presence when we were together made everything feel hazy like it was fading everything was so pure gentle I can describe it in words so many things happened. His name was either Akira or Hiro or kazeya can't recall.

Example: If YOu Dream of a Saint,?

do you ask that saint to intercede for you, or what does it mean?

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