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Dream About Interlocking One'S Hands meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Does This Dream Mean♥?

My dream was a bit crazy, you know, changing every second both in places and people. So, in one of those changes, I was with my older sister and I was in some sort of wheelchair or simply just sitting, I really don't know. I remember asking her if school was over (Apparently I had missed the first day, and was anxious to see my friends- me and my sister were walking along the school). Suddenly many people were around us, I never got see where they came from, but in my dream I knew it was the students. In the crowd of people walking around us, I saw my crush walking on the left side with a red shirt and white thin lines going horizontally (a shirt I saw him once at school when we could wear street clothes- we always wear uniforms.) I was a bit embarrassed and turned my head to the right so he couldn't see me, but then turned it back to the left just to see him again, once he passed by. He still was there, but now with his uniform on I guess trying to see if he recognize me and he saw me, he waved and and almost came running back and greeted me with a huge smile. He asked me how I was (I have leukemia), and we talked for a while. It was pretty weird, now that I think about it because I was turned around on the "wheelchair" so that my chest was covered by the part where you would normally put your back on, and he was standing right in the other side, which kind of looked like a table now. While we were talking, he suddenly touched my forehead, I guess to brush away a lock of hair. I remember his touch being so soft and warm. We kept on talking and then he patted my hand and somehow we started to hold hands, interlocking fingers and just holding them. I remember commenting how warm he was, which he responded to saying that he would try to keep me warm - my hands were freezing. Suddenly I saw a woman, which in the dream I assumed it was his mom. She had been there all this time, just listening. She soon started talking giving me a speech on how to keep on fighting and so on. I wasn't paying attention at all at this time, my crush had come along by me side and wrapped his arm around me, and we were both laughing at an argument that was happening on the other side of the street.

And that's when I woke up ):
I find this dream random, because before at the beginning of the summer I used to always think about him, and now recently, found myself just giving up and not thinking about him at all, but thanks to this dream, it'll take a while to get over him. Also, sorry if this was long, but I really want to know if there's something more to this dream than just to "You just miss him" or "You really like him"
-Thanks in advance~

Dreams sometimes are random other times are mirrors of our fears, expectations and goals in life. I would say this dream reflects more like your expectations. You are going through a very rough situation and he means in your life more than what you think. You believe that having him near would make you forget about your health problems or at least having him near can help you ignore the problems around you. Hope this help.

Example: Strange Lesbian-Lover Dream (Complete With Annoying Symbolism)?

I've already asked this question, but it hasn't elicited many helpful responses, so I'll try a new section.

I was in the dining room with the family and we were playing a game. All of a sudden, the ground starts shaking. I yell "earthquake!" but my brothers and parents seem not to notice there's an earthquake at all. I keep yelling and waiting for them to do something, but they keep playing the game. I run over to one of the doorways and crouch down, waiting for it to end. Only when it was over did they all notice there had just been an earthquake. My parents wanted to check it out, so we all got into the car and my parents drove us around, looking at the damage. The roads were cracked and split in half, and bridges were down. We went into a city with huge, tall buildings that loomed over us. I told my dad to go back in an open space, in case there would be an aftershock. He looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about, "Aftershock? What?" he kept saying.

Finally he got bored and it was just me and my dad in the car. He drove me to school and I went inside. I was in band class, for some reason. I got my instrument and sat down, when my crush came in and saw me. She said hi and I waved, then she got a guitar made out of wood, just all wood, and came to sit in front of me, facing me. The guitar was shiny and beautiful, like the wood on a violin. It was small and rectangle shaped instead of the classic shape. I asked where she got the guitar and she said something about her grandfather making it a long time ago. Then she put it down and leaned toward me, and was looking in my eyes. She put her elbows on her knees and her hands were folded. Her legs were right up against mine and she was flirting with me. I don't remember exactly how, but she was. Then she got up and my knee was interlocked with her leg, somehow, and it was right up against her, erm, kuku kuchu, if you know what I mean. Then she sat back down and started playing some music. I don't remember the music or what she played, but I remember liking it. Then class started and she left the room. I sat down and she came back in and kept smiling and looking at me.

Class ended and my father took me to a hotel, and he was trying to look for a bar. I followed him around and there were a bunch of gay and lesbian couples around us. I was afraid he'd get mad or overprotective, because he's an extreme homophobe in real life. But he didn't do anything, and I was surprised, because he treated them like they were normal people (they ARE normal people, but he doesn't think so). I was very glad he accepted them, because he would not be mad at me if I came out to him. We left the hotel, unable to find the bar.

What do you guys think?


There are 2 guys givo and ilbron...both guys i USED to like...
givo i had the most trouble getting over and ilbron a guy i barely talked to...
ok here are the dreams:
the first one wz bout Ilbron...i wz at school and it wz a rainy day and after school (the building wz made of glass so u can see who is coming and going.) Well, i wz with my friend Sabrina and we were walking down the hallway and then i saw Ilbron and i stopped in the hallway, he wz outside and he smiling (and omg his smile is AMAZING) and then he walked in and he stood in the doorway and i just waited cuz he seemed like he wanted to talk to me and then he walks throught the door (still smiling) and then he says "hey can u give me ur number? i really wanna see u next year..." and then im like awww, and then meh friend says "well looks like ur busy with someone..." and she leaves...omggggggg and then i woke up...then i went bak to sleep and this next dream wz bout givo. so i wz at pe and the beggining is long so im not gonna say it...well i hve a friend Gabby and she is standing by the gate and givo wz bothering her so i went over there and told him to leave her alone...he "left" and then we were talking and then he came bak and tried grabbing my hips and he wz trying to tickle me... /:) and then i kept telling him to stop but he wouldnt so i grabbed his arms and imagine this...im standing there with my friend in front of me and givo is behind me, but i never turn around ok...so i grab his arms still facing her and then he grabs my hands...then he comes up realllllllyy close to me, so close his thingy...(u know what i mean) is touching meh butt. lol and then he interlocks his hands with mine... and we just stand there like tht and i couldnt stop breathing so heavily...:x we just kept standing there with the girl Gabby just watching us...and then i could hear him sniffling, i asked him if he wz sick and then he put his head on the top of my head and he says yes..and then out of nowhere the drop of blood falls on the table...and im like omg givo is ur nose bleeding? he didnt answer he just kept trying to get closer and closer to me, so close his whole body wz on top of me...=p~:x :x :x :x omg i could not stop holding on to his hands i couldnt let go, and then I THINK his teacher came by and he tried pulling us away from each other but we could not let go of eachother :x omggggg and then i woke up...i tried falling bak to sleep to see what would happen next but i couldnt go bak to tht dream...
ughh and then i woke up screaming with this dream...
i wz at this place with givo and omg we were sitting 2gether and he wz using a fork and blue paint...(idk! lol) and i asked him to make a tatoo for me and he says ok and then he starts scratching the fork with the blue paint on his arm making a norcal star...and then im like why r u scratching it? and he says thts the way to make the tatoo..omgggg and i can barely remember the rest but then we just kept talking and i cant remember what we said...another thing tht i remember wz tht we were sitting next to a fireplace tht wznt on...like there wz no fire behind us well i dont remeber 4 sure if it wz there or not...omg i am so scared tht its gonna happen again...

plzz answer with honest opinions and no lame answers...thx i DESPERATELY need the help of why i keep having dreams of those 2 guys...

Example: I had this dream awhile ago, what do you think?

It was in a series of interlocking dreams but I can't remember the others (this wasn't the last one so I don't know why it stuck with me). In the dream I'm only about nine or ten and I'm sneaking around with a friend (no one I know, just another little kid) and I know the house belongs to a creepy guy (I don't know how I knew, it started out as one of those dreams you can't control at all). We heard footsteps coming so we hid in a closet near the living room.

The living room had shelves all on one wall with lots of books. The man puts down a stuffed wolf on one of the shelves and leaves it there. I look for my friend but they're gone. I go to the shelf (I was more in control now) and pick up the stuffed wolf. I see that it's split down the middle with fluff sticking out.

The wolf twists in my hands, as though alive and from nowhere it has what looks like a porcupine quill and string in its mouth. It sews itself back up and I put it back on the shelf where it sits down and growls at me.

Example: Why am I dreaming about guys & interlocking hands What does this mean?

I had a dreams This is the first one. I was wearing a white T with gold basketball shorts with a messy bun. Then I was standing then I sat then three guys stop buy they were checking me out. Then they didn't go away they were standing in front of me. One guy in the gay T ask me for my name. Then I told him my name.Then it got blury. Then the next dream (7PM in the dream) I was going out looking for my crush. But my parents ask me why am I going out so late I told then I was going to take a walk they said ok. My older brother was going out too. So he left then I left after. Then I was with a group of people I don't know then all I knew they went to my school. One boy we were holding hands ( interlock) . He kept on hugging me & holding hands every where we went he kept telling me he loves me. In the dream this boy was apparently my boyfriend. But in my dream I kept thing I have go meet up with my crush.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream about one of my friends, ( btw I have been having a lot of dreams about them lately ), so anyway I don't remember where we were but we were sitting somewhere and my hand was out beside me and my friend put their hand on mine and then we were like holding hands and I could literally feel my heart beating really fast and feeling really happpy but I remember looking up and seeing my friend smile, and I smiled and are fingers were interlocked... I don't think I like them, though... So what could it mean?

Pleas no childish comments I will ignore them and it's better not to waist your time.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so i had a dream last night and i don't know what it means. So can you guys help me? Ok here's the dream:

i was at school and we had to study something and my crush and i were studying together. And we made this baseball thing to help us study. Like every time you get one right you go to a base and see who gets the most runs. i got 3 and my crush got none. So later he put our palms together and interlocked our hands by our faces and said he'll get a run tomorrow and i was like ok?The middle was kinda blurry. Then it was my birthday and i was giving out cake. And then i asked my crush if i could get a bday hug(idk why i said that) and hes like yeah and he gave me a hug and kissed me on my cheek. And that's it.

so yeah.. what does this mean cuz i've been getting a lot of dreams about him over the summer.
please no rude comments and thanks to anyone that answers! :)

Example: Islamic dream interpretation.?

Assalamu Alaikum,
I read in Islamic dream interpretations that in a dream- interlocking ones hands means marriage. Does it mean marriage with the person you interlocked hands with?

Jazak Allah Khair

Example: So I had a quite weird dream, and I''m wondering if means anything?

I wake up in the parking lot of a gas station. It's rather large. the street is completely empty. So I walk in to explore the area, & head into the gas station. behind the back. There was this huge warehouse thing. But it was the coolest biggest hang out I've seen.. it was nice & there was a load of people there. I didn't know anybody. So after walking around the warehouse, I get bored. walk outside the side entrance/exit of the warehouse. & into another parking lot with a run down old store about 50 feet away. And near the back. Of the building on the side. There was a wall. So I go behind the wall it's just a little area. Nothing special. But there was a dead end because of the building. But I found my bestfriend there. Well in real life we didn't really meet. But we talk and I help her out with her problems and I know everything about her. she knows a lot about me. So I go over & she stands up & gives me the biggest hug ever. I feel butterflies inside my stomach and wish I could stay there holding her in my arms for an eternity. And after. We sit down and start talking about crazy times and the inside jokes.. I haven't felt more comfortable with anyone else in my life. So we then start walking to the warehouse. And I get closer to her while we walk. And held hands, I was happy and relieved. & we held hands interlocked fingers. And while walking to the warehouse. My old crush who crushed my feelings. Was in a swim suit or bra with a towel around her waist covering her legs. And she see's me. And starts getting mad at me for holding my bestfriends/crushes hand. And we look at eachother confused and walk in the warehouse. We hang out with some random people fooling around. And I go to the bathroom saying I'll be right back. I come back and my crush ain't there. So I search everywheres for her. And go outside again. I look behind the wall. Nothing. I go out to the road. And can't move. Then a truck comes my way. And my feet can't move. And when I get hit I wake up

Example: Dream about high fiving a lady with smooth hands?

I dreamt that I gave a high five to a lady in a recent dream I had. In the dream, the lady had super smooth hands, and I didn't let go, but instead interlocked our fingers as if to hold hands. She smiled to me and said "You don't have to look at my hands all the time, you can look at me" as if she was also comfortable with what I was doing. I don't know who the lady was or why we had met, but she made a joke at one of my friends and I did the 'celebratory' high five as if to say "haha well done"

I have a feeling she was a teacher/supervisor/helper, which is strange as I am 20, work full time, don't have any sort of teacher in my life and haven't been on any sort of summer camp for a good 4 years.

I didn't have any real connection with the person beforehand (excuse the pun) but after giving the high five, we sort of connected and it felt right. That is when I woke up from the dream. I didn't manage to work out who the person was or what her face looked like.


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