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Dream About Intimate Friend meanings

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Example: What does it mean to have dreams about a good friends wife?

I have been having intimate dreams about my friends wife, none have been explicit, mostly insinuations that we have done something more. However, I have had a dream where I kissed her intimately and the ramifications from the kiss played out to where all parties were angry. I don't have any type of feelings for his wife other than a friend, but it was a bit strange.

You have a subconscious attraction to her.

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind, which picks up on cues and clues that the conscious mind is in denial of. Basically, I believe that there are FOUR types of dreams: 1. symbolic dreams; 2. dreams that rehash the day's events; 3. messages from the subconscious that are straight messages and not symbolic, and finally, 4 psychic/premonition dreams or dreams that actually predict coming events.

I have had many psychic dreams. It is a gift. Those who do not or have not had them do not understand the gift.

Example: I have recurrent vivid sexual dreams about one of my guy friends, but I'm a virgin, what does it mean?

Example: What do intimate dreams mean?

like if u ahve obsessive compulsive disorder then you have intimate dreams...wat does that mean?

(my friend is telling me shes that way)

Example: What does this intimate dream mean?

Waking life: she is a year older and we are about to graduate high school, I have a crush on her, I am sure she likes me, we are close friends, her family really likes me. We are both virgins and waiting till marriage.

The Dream: our families are staying at a private beach in separate house, the families disappear and it is us nude in her house exploring and touching each others bodies in an intimate way then the dream skipped time and I was talking to my dad in our kitchen he was held at me saying things like "I thought you respected women more than this!" Then he hit me to the floor and the dream skipped back to me talking to her both fully clothed me apologizing to her and both being rather embarrassed around our families and ashamed. Then I woke up and swore that this had happened in real life I could remember the pain of my dad's first the embarrassment, shame, and warmth of her body. What in the world does this mean? And answers other than you just want sex, because I don't want it till I get married.

Example: What does this intimate dream mean?

I had a very intimate dream about my husbands friend and me that was pretty intense. I have never thought of him in such a way and to be honest never really paid much attention to him whenever he's around. Now when I reflect back on that dream its as If it actually happened and I'm worried this dream may have long lasting affects on me.

Anyone know much about dreams and what they mean?

Example: Dream about intimate with best friend?


i'm left all confused

i used to have a massive crush on my best female friend-shes very attractive in my eyes-find it hard not to crush on her

anyways-recently shes been ignoring me-found out that she contacted one of her ex's-cos she was still in love with them

anyways-my dream was waking up snuggled in bed with my tickling,holding and eventually kissing her-what does this mean?

i know she doesn't see me that way cos i've asked her-she says we're only best friends...

Example: What does it mean 2 dream about getting intimate with a friend that u dont think of in a intimate way?

I have had 2 different dreams that i was getting intimate with 2 of my female friends, but i dont like them as no more than a friend..

Example: What does my friends dream mean?

okay so my boyfriend had this dream where he was at my school (im 13 hes 14 and he lives in Atlanta) and he/me/me and him did something bad and both got sent to the principals office. So we were sitting there and i started to lean on him and he said that i was really hot, like when i touched him i was was really hot

does this mean anything? lol

Example: What does it mean if I keep having intimate-type dreams about an old friend?

Lately I've been having dreams about an old friend that I'm not really close to anymore. In the dreams there will be lots of feelings and stuff and I would get the feeling from certain actions in the dream that he was interested in me. And I felt as though I was too. Is this just a dream or is it trying to tell me something?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a deceased friend or family member?

Two years ago, my friend died and yesterday, I visited his grave. Last night, he came to me and told me that he was fine, he watches over all of us etc. etc. what does it mean?

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