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Dream About Invisible Stitches meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I had a boyfriend and for some reason, he got very angry (he was drunk) and he started throwing glasses at me and trying to hit me and yelling. He squeezed a glass in his hand and cut his hand badly. He needed stitches. Later, we were in bed and I said if you ever do that to me again, I am leaving you. No second chances this time.

I do not have a boyfriend nor do I want one like this. What does it mean?

this boy friend = desire

Projecting something that is not in reality shows sign of helpless conscience you may have. However, in your case, the invisible or non-existing boy friend may symbolize things you foresee in your life. No, it does not mean you can tell about your future. However, you may be feeling pressured (peer pressure?) about not having a boy friend. So, in your subconscious mind, this so called boy friend is basically you conscience of need and not needed. In other words, you may be feeling conflict about things you don't have right now. At the same time you wanted to experience what is like to be rejected and loved at the same time. That is why you release your feeling in dream.

Example: Excuse me--can you read and see if you like my poem?

Who Draws the Horizon?

I peer at the line where blue mountains plunge into a watercolor sky,
Where green desert seas swallow an amber disk of sun,
Where black-and-white waters and black-and-white lands shoulder a
Black-and-white moon and black-and-white clouds,
Where dreams lap onto reality like silver waves licking sand.
Who draws that many-sided line—
The horizon?

Could I find a knife to slice between oceans, rock, sky,
To segment the world like a blue and green slab of butter?
Could I find a needle to sew together the realms of here and there?
Could I pinch together what is near and far away?

Or could I loosen those invisible stitches of the world,
And pull apart earth and sky like two lovers from an embrace?
Could I simply peel off the horizon like a free length of string,
A strip of weak tape,
Like prying two lips open to glare into darkness?

Could I just hop onto clouds—the ones like mountains of snow?
O! Imagine dancing across them with an angel’s gold bare feet,
To scale those mile-high pillows and suck a drop of honey
From a glistening sun!

Could I grip fistfuls of sky and climb into space?
Could I run over and visit my dreams?
Climb up to heaven,
And gaze down at the globe like Zeus in his throne?

How can I pull out that tight band that means end?
How can I let dreams and visions mix with life and now?
Tell me how to shake off that belt
To put a limit to limit
And build a road to forever?

If I never will, who does?
Who draws the horizon?

Example: Dream about eyes and stitches?

To summarize, in my dream I had some kind of surgery where my eye got stitches. I was unconscious (in a dream?) for one of my eyes but I woke up and they said they had to do it while I was up. I refused, but ended up coming back because I 'needed' it. I don't know what it was for. My eyes didn't get sewn shut either, they were just 'stitched' with invisible string (maybe...)

I don't know how else to explain it. Does it mean something?

Example: What does the poem from The Invisible mean?

I was watching The Invisible and i wondered what the poem bassically meant that Nick Powell tried to read to his class. hey i only write the poems i dont enterpret!

Example: The Crucible Quotes?

I need key quotes from the following characters of the Crucible:
Reverend Hale
Reverend Parris
John Proctor


hey i was just searching for some questions to answer when a question just pop ed into my brain im not a big writer but im starting to love it and my fave. thing to write is poetry so i just wanted to know if your a writer your self and what poems/short stories/etc. you've written please post them here i'd love to read them

HERE are some of mine please feel free to give me feed back doesn't matter if its negative or positive feed back all feed back helps so i can improve my writing ^.^


I am a pack: that wont carry your burden
I am a river: that wont grant you passage
I am a candle: that wont light your way
I am a raft: that wont carry you to safety
I am vengeance

I am a tiger: that wants to be your friend
I am lion: that wants to soothe your pain
I am a snake: that wants to heal your wounds
I am a scorpion: that wants to see your smile
I am desire

I am a cannon: that wont protect your home
I am a spear: that wont come to your aid
I am a sword: that wont fight for you
I am a shield: that won’t defend
I am betrayal

Stealing beauty

It was just sitting there
It looked so lonely
It was a beautiful sight to behold
But it didn’t belong to me
But he didn’t deserve to own it
I did it should be me who wears that ring
It was so beautiful a silver ring with a deep blue sapphire set in the middle
It didn’t fit perfectly it was a little big
But I needed it… I wanted it…
So I took it
I wonder if he’ll miss it


I’m bored
Me to
I got this from my brother’s room
Want ta try
Hold on let me get a light
Hurry i'm so excited
I feel weird
Me to
No seriously
I know me to
My chest hurts
Yeah my heads dizzy
I don’t feel good
I do
I cant breath
Are you okay?


The waves were a sight to behold. They were huge around 7 feet tall and they were beautiful a dark blue color. They almost looked like a liquefied sapphire. I dove into the freezing waters headfirst without thinking. Straight into a wave 8 feet tall it was like looking up at a mountain. The wave crashed into me and I was bombarded on all sides. I lost my breath tried to grasp the air there was nothing but water. Flailing recklessly I tried to get to shore but the ocean wouldn’t allow it. Just then I felt earth soft sand and air…. I could breath again.

Dominic E, Di Silva

oh and thanks to JC for helping me think of this question! ^.^

Example: Is this childrens story I had to write for school good? Please rate and critique it. CAN YOU HELP ME TITLE IT?

I'm 14. This isn't my best because, well it's for children, and of course they wouldn't understand some of the bigger words I would've normally used. Please critique it, and rate it (1 lowest - 10 highest). If you think it's dumb or something please tell me, because I have to read it outloud to the class and I don't want to be embarrassed. Also, I need a title for it. THANKS

Copyright © 2009 The Last Harlequin

(The moral is - Everyone has a purpose, and it's not wrong to be differant.)

“Why can't I be like them,” I wondered, lifting my crackling, canvas face to the warmth of the sun. I liked the sun. It kept my face dry, when I couldn't control the tears.
Every day, the human children would race through the tall grasses on their way home from school. My blank eyes would gaze upon them. Constantly raking over the golden field, alert.
I admired the huge peach-colored sun as it sluggishly sank down behind the trees.

Soon, darkness had painted the sky. The moon hung full and proud, as if it were suspended by invisible wire. The stars glimmered and shone, and sparkled yet I felt alone, and in the dark. I was left to my thoughts, as the air chilled and the atmosphere grew dense.

I thought back to the previous day. Two children were running by, but when they came to me they stopped. A girl and a boy, I assumed they were brother and sister. They circled me curiously, eying my blank button eyes, and my wide, stitched grin. They laughed at my old, worn clothes. Making fun at the random patterns of the patches. And even so, my heart ached to be one of them. Ridiculing some other, helpless scarecrow in some other meadow.

Then the wind swept through, rustling my straw hair, and lurching my light body toward them. Their eyes widened, they started to back away hesitantly. They were afraid. I had scared them.
The sudden realization that I was nothing more than an alien, a freak, pricked my heart. If I even had one. I wanted more than anything to tear my arms off the beams they were tied to, and comfort them. But I was paralyzed and bound. And for what purpose? Did I even have one?

I sighed, and let my head loll to the side as I drifted off into unconsciousness. I dreamed happily. Running free through piles of honey-colored hay. Using my limbs. Playing with the same children that I'd frightened. Dancing in the sun. But these blissful fantasies were destroyed by the harsh shrieks and sharp, pecking pains that the greedy, soot-colored birds brought.

I opened my eyes. Three of them were tugging at my hat. Flailing their wings in an aggravated frenzy as they tried to perch on my arms. Apparently, I'd panicked them too. There was a faint voice in the distance. The crows sensed danger, and fled. They darted up towards the clear, blue sky like bullets.
It was the farmer. He came to my side, clapping me on the back, as we watched the birds get fade away. He knelt down to examine the crops that lay at my feet.
“Good work,” He smiled. “You saved them yet again.”
And then I finally understood my meaning. I wasn't made like them for a reason. I was intended to guard, and protect. I knew my purpose, and I realized that it was alright to be unlike the rest. I was okay with being different.

Example: Opinion on lyrics I wrote?

Hey guys :3 I would like some CONSTRUCTIVE critizism on these lyrics I wrote. They aren't happy by no means, it actually screams truth, but please do not give me s**t because they are not sunny and they are "depressing".

A beating heart
So easily able to break
A faint whisper in the air
Hoping somebody will be there
She watched the blood pour from her vein
Dreams of dancing in the rain
A teardrop falls and hits the ground
She closes her eyes and waits for a sound

Walking talking suicide
She's lost all track of time
Screaming inside her mind
Take me to another life

How much will it hurt today
Will somebody take my pain
Save me from this hell I'm in
Save me from my monster within

On the inside looking out
Behind the glass she tries to shout
A smiling world will never hear the screams
She slowly loses reality
Another day another scar
We just can't accept who we are
Another teardrop hits the ground
Opens her mouth but there's no sound

How much will it hurt today
Will somebody take my pain
Save me from this hell I'm in
Save me from my monster within

You never care
I'm invisible like I'm not there
Three new stitches torn apart
Three bullet shots straight to my heart
Another day another scar
We can't accept who we are
You can't accept who we are

How much will it hurt today
Will somebody take my pain
Save me from this hell I'm in
Save me
How much will it hurt today
Somebody take my pain
Save me from this hell I'm in
Save me from my monster within

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