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Dream About Invisible meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i have dreams of being alone in the rain. my family and friends leave me all by myself. i see cars, but then they disappear. then i found a skelton in a car at my school. what does my dream mean? anyone have similar dreams? tell me about it.

Okay one, the scenario.
Rainy, depressing, sad, etc. This might be a sign you're depressed.
2, Family and friends leave you all alone. This might mean that you feel lonely, feel left out.
3, cars, you feel that people are leaving you behind, like, you're invisible.
4, thats really fugging scary right there. Skeleton? Did someone die in your family or someone you know?
I'm gonna look on the internet...
Here you go.

"You can't get around the fact that bones are symbols of death. If you are dreaming about a skeleton it does not necessarily mean that you are dreaming about physical death. This is a good dream because it is telling you that you may need to begin "filling up" with feelings, adventures, work, or general enthusiasm for life. It may be that your style of living and relating to people has been "bare to the bone" and your soul can't take it any more! So, lighten up psychologically; eat the fruits of life and fatten up!"

Hey, that kind of works with what I just said, huh?

i think I must've answered one of your questions.

Example: What does my dream mean - being held by an invisible force?

...after falling asleep on the sofa I woke up at 2am...couldn't go straight back to sleep so went on the computer and eventually went to bed at 5am... I dreamt I was using the toilet downstairs and I looked up to see a furry rug moving across the ceiling. When I got up, I saw my daughter moving across the upstairs ceiling on her back. When I started to go up to her (I think I was calling her), I started to fall, blackness all around me and the intense feeling of an invisible force holding me still so I couldn't move but kept falling. I woke up sharply scared out of my wits... it was 7am but felt like I had been sleeping for only 10mins. What does this mean?

Example: A dream about a handsome man and an invisible demon. What could it mean?

so last night i dreamt that there was this huge tree with lots of low branches in my backyard. the tree looked very..should i say healthy? the leaves were really green and the bark and everything was in good condition..it was a good looking tree. the only thing was it was kinda short.. wasnt like a typical tree. meaning it wasnt tall and "up in the air". it was just short and the branches were spread out really wide apart.

Apparently in this dream it was customary for me to visit this tree everyday cus there was a really handsome man living in it..well he wasnt actually living in the tree, he was being held captive..he would just sit on the branches and he couldnt leave. It seemed as though i was friends with this man and i would always say to him that i would get him out of there (the tree).

So i went to visit him and i told him i would find a way to get him free. Then suddenly i saw his body life up and he just kept bouncing around fom branch to branch. i asked him what was going on and he said it was the demon and i couldnt see him cus hes invisible and right now hes laughing at me.

Fast forward to the next day (still in the same dream), i went back to the tree and the man told me that i should just give up on trying to get him free cus theres no way the demon was going to let him go.

Fast forward again (still in the same dream), i saw the same man from the tree at a fair. i told him how surprise i was to see him here and wanted to know how he got away. he said that this girl came with a golden cup that she had won as a prize and she gave it to the demon. Then the demon who was happy that he got this cup, released him from the tree and invited him to have dinner with his demon family (in hell or wherever). And apparently now the two ( the man and the demon) were "cool".

The man didnt seem at all bothered or distraught that he had been held captive in a tree by an invisible demon.

can someone help me figure this out. what the heck does this mean? and whats with the golden cup. Oh and the guy was VERY handsome. someone i would totally go for in real life..He had a striking resemblance to the actor joshua dallas.

Example: What does it mean to dream someone is invisible?

Okay, so i woke up from a nap about twenty minutes ago...long day. Anyway, my point is I need some help with the meaning of this dream I had. Well I'll get into detail a little more about my dream: So theirs this guy I know, hes kinda the guy I like...Well I had a dream he was invisible and he would go with me to places. But specifically in my dream I went to some kind of meeting at school and he was there, but he was invisible. So he was stalking me but in the funny joking around kinda way. Then we would laugh about it after. So basically when he was invisible we got to spend more time together. Does anyone have any idea what this dream might mean? I would really appreciate some help.

Example: What does my dream mean---invisible vs. visible worlds?

I had a dream in which there was the visible and invisible worlds. People could chose which one to live in. Those living in the invisible world had powers the ones in the invisible world couldn't. I chose the invisible world and my family was living in the visible world. I wonder what does this dream can mean? Thanks.

Example: What does a dream mean if you're invisible?

I always have dreams almot every night about this guy I had been talking to for about 7 months. We haven't been talking because supposedly he got a girlfriend. Always when I have dreams about him its just about me hanging out with him, simply us being together.
Anyways.. I had a dream that I had gone to his house (like most dreams). This time, he had a girlfriend there with him. But in the dream, I was invisible. He couldn't see me, until I went into the light and I came really close. It just trips me out that I have dreams about him still, and I wanna know what they mean. So mainly, what does it mean if you have a dream and you're invisible?

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about someone who thinks your invisible?

So i've had a crush on this guy since 3rd grade and now that we're in the same school again i spent the whole year crushing on him. He's in my thoughts my dreams i'm thinking about him 24/7. He's a grade older then me and we've never talked but he kind of knows who i am thanks to my friends. To get to the problem i have this fantisies before bed. Point is a couple days ago i felt like i didn't have a chance with him so i stopped having those fantasies about him. But last night he was in my dream.

So he was having this birthday party (this is the dream by the way) and i was in band practice and rushed in grabbed me by the hand and said come on! So i went to his house and it was like one of those crazy teen parties minus the beer. Then he surprised kissed me. Then me and my best friend were talking when i relized it was time for me to go home. He walked me home and we kissed some more.

What does it mean?

Example: Weird dream about being invisible! What does this mean?

Ok, so I've have dreams "kinda" similar to this one. But Something was different this time. I was in my room at my old house. It was painted pink and decorated the way it was when I was younger. There was a guy there and I don't know who he is in real life but I know in my dream he was suppose to be my boyfriend. He said something about kissing him, so I started to walk towards him to give him a kiss. But when I put my hand on his face he started to back up like he didn't want me near him. He looked over at my door and so I noticed that the door was open. So I walked up and closed it. I noticed he started to become more and more see through. I walked up to him to give him a kiss and he started to become invisible. I could feel him and I could touch him as if he was there but I couldn't see him. I closed my eyes for a second, got closer, and for maybe just a split second when I opened my eyes again I saw his face. But then I blinked and didn't see him again. I kissed him and I could feel him there but he was invisible. After a bit I could feel him a little less and then all of a sudden he was gone. I tried to feel for him but all I could feel was the wall. I was confused and sad. I just sat on the bed looking at the wall where we were standing and wondering what just happened. When I woke up I was just a little weirded out how real it was. I could see so much detail and feel his lips. I could smell things and feel things like it wasn't a dream. Can someone please tell me what this dream means. Thank you

Example: What does fighting and killing an invisible man who is attacking you in your dreams mean?

I had a strange dream last night… This invisible man was attaching me nonstop for a long time, then I finally killed him but was stilled scared he may still be alive but he never came back. He was actually dead my character was so traumatized that he thought he was going to come back at any moment. It turns out that at the end of this dream I change into a different character and the other character that I was dies, being so traumatize by the invisible man that was gone he killed himself in the end to get away.
Crazy dream or what? I would love to know if anyone knows anything about interpretation on this dream. I have come up with nothing…

Example: Invisible dream interpretation?

I have a crush on a guy, but have never actually talked to him. I had a dream where I was dating him, but he was invisible. What does that mean?

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